Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Watch Tumbbad

Tumbbad is about an ancient goddess whose womb is the world. Her son, Haster an ancient treasure and a deadly prisoner must to be fed regularly. Tumbbad is an exploration of many things, but giving a new look to Indian cinema remains the first one. Tumbbad promises potential in Indian cinema and kindles hope.

Hey guys, welcome back to Watch Tank. Today we are counting down our top 9 reasons why you should watch Tumbbad.

9. Historical Horror

Tumbbad, a mythological film directed by Rahi Anil Barve and shot by Pankaj Kumar, is based on the stories of Marathi horror writer Narayan Dharap. This historical horror narrative revolves around three generations of a Brahmin family. The plot digs deep into a boy who grows up obsessed with the temple’s treasure. As he grows up, he finds a way, coin by coin, to get deeper into the forbidden abyss. This theme of greed is wrapped around other underlying issues of gender roles, class structure and how the characters deal with both real and metaphorical demons.

8. Great Imagery

The story unfolds itself in a village called Tumbbad in Maharashtra. The imagery is within rain, dark, gloomy atmosphere, and lanterns. These lanterns are carried forward and help to fulfil the protagonist’s journey into the depths of Greed. The greed that takes you down a leg of the chain into an array of volcanic structures that can genuinely scare you. The portrayal of desire is not just seen in one man but is followed generation after generation. It is this nature that engulfs the lives of the characters as they become hollower each day, with love and laughter fading away. In fact, Vinayak’s son is trained from the beginning, how to steal the coin from the statue of Haster, even before he knows what he was getting into.

7. Rural India

To validate so many intermingling themes, the film backs it with a setting of fear in a rustic waada . It is set in pre-independent India. The background develops along with the character. The sense of rural India is followed to its core as we get a detailed viewing of the rich cultural nuances. From the vehicles to the vibrant market place, the movie takes you on a surprising horror journey. The film also takes us through a journey of horror, a classic horror, where we go past the sins committed by a family which has been passed down the generations.

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6. Character Development

This film doesn’t follow the conventional protagonist since it is through the journey of human flaws in each step. The actions of each character are layered by the underlying greed and the sins they are a part off. All the characters are fascinating, unique and influence the plot the way it is, where each one of them blend well with a story that unfolds. While all the characters give a path- breaking performance, no individual character runs the plot. It is an amalgamation of good, bad, faulty, hypocritical, and horrifying characters that makes the film the way it is. It is the strength of these characters that makes us believe in the world of Tumbbad.

5. Gold Coins and Rainfall

There is some constant imagery seen throughout the film that draws the plot forward. While you look forward to it, you will find your head continuously reckoning the outcome in the long run and questioning things like what will happen when Vinayak grows old? The gold coins and rainfall are both considered as indicators of outcome. Rain indicates abundance. Hence, every time it rains, the predators come out. It is in Tumbbad, the protagonist is the predator who pounces on the gold coin. This consistency is both a life-giver and life taker.

4. Concept of Independence

The concept of independence is another constant in the movie. Be it the political independence from the British rule to the young boy who fights for his independence from his mother. He does choose to do whatever he wants out of both rebellious nature and greed.

3. Superb Visuals

Pankaj Kumar is the man behind the visuals. He has craftily added surprise elements to hit the visual senses of the audience. Visually the film is very appealing. It has an amalgamation of genres like fantasy, horror and social period. Wide-angle shots have been used to cover the rain-drenched village, shallow lakes, and dimly lit dungeons. Such visual graphics are not commonly seen in Indian cinema. Contradictory colours are used brilliantly in the film. Red, crimson, and rustic colours are used against the shades of grey and green as we move from home decor to the natural world and the image of the mansion itself. The visuals bring out emotions, elevating the cinematic experience one cannot afford to miss out on.

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2. Brilliant Music Score

To add on to the images and to support the cinematic experience, the film is backed by some brilliant music. Some of them refuse to leave your mind. The music blends well with each changing atmosphere, from aggression to mystery and to heart-thumping crescendos; none can escape the viewer’s attention.

Before we come to the end of this video here are some fun facts about the movie.

  • Do you know what Tumbbad has in common with Assassin’s Creed & Hitman? Any guesses? Well, it is Jesper Kyd. Yes, you read that right. The legendary composer, Jesper has brilliantly composed music for this film as well.
  • The first draft of the film was made in 1996 and the movie has been dubbed many times.
  • Tumbbad was selected to be premiered in the critics’ week section of the 75th Venice International Film Festival. The film was also screened at the 2018 Fantastic Fest.
  • If you haven’t watched the movie yet, watch it right away as a sequel has been planned by Shah to be released soon.

1. Authentic to the Core

Interestingly enough, the localites of Tumbbad believe that ancient treasure is buried underground, hence, the film was shot on the same location for the authenticity of the movie. It is indeed a proud moment for the Indian film industry. The movies will lead you to self-reflect, the need to want more and destroy everything that surrounds us. It will leave you with some reflective questions such as, do we always think about the end goal without thinking about the path we take? Do all of us have a Haster inside us?

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