Top 10 things You Never Knew About the Twilight Saga: New Moon

Fantasy movies have their special fanbase.  

The CGI based visual effects, the larger-than-life sets, and the various creatures created by the graphics. Which one are your favourites? 

The Twilight franchise was one such movie that had a huge impact on the audience. People still can’t get over the love story of Edward and Bella. But today, we are discussing the second installment of the movie, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. 

Welcome to WatchTank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the top ten hidden facts you never knew about The Twilight Saga: New Moon. 

Edward and Bella’s eternal love, Edward leaving Bella for her safety, Bella’s depression, and Jacob entering as the confidante give us that feeling of nostalgia. Remembering those times? Nostalgia hit hard! 

Speaking of facts, The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the second movie of the franchise. Directed by Chris Weitz, this was released in 2009 and became the sequel to the 2008 release The Twilight. New Moon stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black. 

That was a quick recap. Ready for the main thing now? Here are the facts. Read, enjoy, and feel amazed! 

10. Eye colour changes by computer  

Brown eyes of Bella Swan
Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga

Making a film based on a novel involves looking after every single small detail. That includes paying attention to the actor’s hair colour, eye colour, the costumes, and other similar details.  

Do you remember any such details from the New Moon? Think aloud! Okay, here’s a small hint. The change is related to Bella. Now?! 

Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan, is naturally green-eyed. As per the book, Bella was brown-eyed, at least before entering her vampiric state! (wasn’t that eerie?) 

Stewart was awesome in her role, but the contact lenses weren’t. As per sources, during a rain sequence in the New Moonthe water entered the lenses, and it became irritating for her to carry on acting. She couldn’t wear them, and thus her eyes had to be re-coloured during the film’s post-production.  

That was costly and time consuming, but was all worth it for the sake of the movie’s success. Did you notice her eye colour? If not, please pay special attention to it the next time.

9. The original cast for New Moon 

Mexicn productor and actor diego luna
Actor Diego Luna in the Ambulante Festival

Many times, directors think of some actors while in the process of writing the script. If these actors agree to be part of a show, then well and good, but if the actors don’t, someone else becomes lucky.  

New Moon also had a similar story. Can you guess the characters? Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale was almost selected to portray the character of Jane of the Volturi before it ultimately went to Dakota Fanning. Before Michael Sheen gave the final nod of approval to play Aro, both Diego Luna (Rouge One, Milk) and Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian, The Punisher) were the actors shortlisted for such a significant role.   

The actors worked well in their respective roles, but on second thought, imagine how the movie would be with its original casting? Think about it! 

8. Anna Kendrick’s improvisation skills 

Anna Kendrick improvisation skills
Anna Kendrick and Twilight actors on a premiere

Anna Kendrick was already a rising star in 2008, but her stint in the Twilight franchise brought her to major heights in the limelight, and we don’t deny that. 

The makers of New Moon were aware of Kendrick’s positive reputation of having strong improvisation skills. New Moon’s director allowed Kendrick to do her bit of improvisation for the movie.  

Remember the scene where she and Stewart were leaving the movie theatre while discussing zombie films? Well, all the dialogues in that scene was improvised.

7. No eyebrow waxing for the lead actor  

Robert Pattinson eyebrows on Edward Cullen
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

The Twilight saga received a lot of feedback for how Edward and other vampires were portrayed in a feminine way.  

After the Twilight movie, both the makers and Robert Pattinson felt that the audience was partially right regarding the physical appearance of the vampires since they all had overly-waxed eyebrows.  

So, while filming New Moon, the actor rejected the idea of waxed eyebrows, and he wanted to avoid the pain of waxing as well.  As a result, we get caterpillar eyebrowed Edward for New Moon.  

Waxed or not waxed, we loved Edward the vampire. Perhaps, he is the most handsome vampire ever. What do you say? 

Lucky Bella! 

6. Jacob’s “wolf-camp” united 

Wolves actors for Twilight Saga
Jacob’s Wolf Tribe

Can you imagine turning into wolves and then staying united with the pack? Extremely unreal, I know! 

But this is how the actors from Jacob’s tribe, and Jacob himself, explained the role during the making of New Moon. One of the major additions to New Moon was the pack of werewolves that Jacob and the rest of his tribe would turn into. While a majority of the shoot was done using CGI, the actors had to get deep into the characters skin (wolf’s skin to be precise!) and remain unified as a pack.   

To make this work, the actors who portrayed the roles of the members of the Quileute tribe went to a “wolf camp” together. In case you are wondering what on earth that is, then let me tell you that it was done so that the actors would form a close bond with each other and make them feel like they were actually a part of the close-knit and supportive group of wolves.  

Director Chris Weitz conceived the idea, and we can’t help praising him for this. 

Are you also a part of any kind of “wolf camp”?

5. Jane wanted to be near Bella  

dakota fanning in the premiere of New Moon movie
Dakota Fanning in a red carpet

I hope you know that I didn’t mean that literally, right?! 

Dakota Fanning, who portrayed Jane in New Moon, was one of the biggest Volturis according to the script. However, apart from the script and the movie, Fanning had another reason for taking on this role.

Any guesses on that? By that time, both Stewart and Fanning had been finalized for the then-upcoming biopic The Runawayswhich featured a story on an all-girl punk band.  

Fanning thought that being casted together for a movie would mean a great opportunity to build rapport just before the start of the new movie. She signed on to New Moon to spend more time with Stewart on-screen and off-screen to strengthen their bond. In this way, she thought they would be reprising their future roles as Joan Jett and Cherie Curie better. 

Clever girl!  

4. Red is the new colour 

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome
St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

We might not notice this, but filmmakers usually put a lot of thought into choosing colours for a particular movie. After working on mostly soothing colours in the Twilight, director Chris Weitz opted for something dark, deep, and intense in this franchise. 

Talking of visual display, New Moon not only presented a whole lot of gold-like hues, but the colour red played a significant part in the movie.  

As per the New Moon’s DVD commentary, red was deliberately downplayed or muted for most parts of the film and was saved for the scenes in Italy, where there was an explosion of vibrant red. The red colour which is attached to the home base of the vampires needs no specific mention. But strikingly beautiful are the red robes in the Italy scene. 

Can you remember the importance of colour for any other movie? 

3. The shooting was moved from Portland to Vancouver 

Vancouver set for Twilight movie
Vancouver – Canada

The first installment, Twilight was filmed in Portland, Oregon, for its geographical similarity to Forks. But for New Moon, the entire shooting unit was moved to Vancouver, which became a challenge in itself. Twilight was shot in existing buildings and real-life locations, which was now over 300 miles away. The filmmakers had to think of something creative. 

The makers found a new school to stand in place for Forks High School. With that, they used a green screen to recreate the exterior of the Portland high school, where Twilight was filmed. Along with this, several other buildings and rooms were built from the ground in parking lots, to match their look from Twilight.  Many a time, the Blu-ray version of Twilight worked as a visual guide for the set designers. 

That’s creativity! 

2. Movie edited in the back-seat of a car 

This was a hilarious trivia from the movie. Computers have made our lives easier, offering the convenience of working from anywhere.  

New Moon’s editor Peter Lambert took advantage of this. He edited a large chunk of the movie while sitting in the backseat of the car that took him to and from the set of both New Moon and 2008’s release Body of Lies, where he was working as an assistant editor. 

Multitasking with a twist! What do you say about that?

The vampires are here to reveal more about the movie. Sit back, stay calm, and listen! 

  • Different wig for different movies 

Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen, donned a different wig for New Moon than the one she wore in Twilight (2008). She also had to trim her hair to fit it under the wig. 

  • The favourite from the series 

When asked about his favourite book from the series, Robert Pattinson said that his was New Moon. New Moon was awesome. But we still have one left. Read on!

1. Jamie Campbell Bower was almost Edward 

This one is a big inside story. Actor Jamie Campbell Bower could have gotten his big break by reprising the role of Edward in Twilight. But the makers had other plans, and the rest is history. However, the makers remembered Bower and called him back to play Caius in the later instalments of the series.  

Thank God for the makers because we loved each actor in their respective roles. Isn’t that right? 

The makers faced a lot of challenges during the shoot. But all the troubles and pain were worth it after witnessing the record-breaking success of New Moon. We loved all the movies of the series and won’t mind watching it all over again.  

With that, we end here. How were the facts? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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