Top 10 things You Never Knew About Skyfall

Agent 007’s 23rd mission is what the movie Skyfall is all about. The movie celebrated the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and elevated the series to “Dark Knight” levels. The movie is one of the most famous of the James Bond series and received the most Oscar nominations of any Bond film. This James Bond film has been rewatched several times as well. But even then, are you sure that you know everything about the Skyfall? 

Welcome to Watch Tank! Let’s have a look at the Top 10 things You Never Knew About Skyfall. 

10. Cinematography 

Skyfall is the first ever Bond film to receive an Academy Award nomination for cinematography, and it is well deserved. The list of beautiful shots includes the opening scene where Bond walks down a hall out of focus. It slowly moves into focus and into the light right at the last second, unveiling his very alert eyes. The shot is really magnificent! 

And it’s not just that scene, but there are several other scenes like the action sequences, which are very appealing and shot in all the right angles, providing the audience with a more fantastic visual. 

Roger Deakins has done a brilliant job in cinematography, capturing such beauty and grace through the camera lens, which is so rare in an action movie.  

Any other shots that pop up in your mind when talking about memorable Skyfall scenes? 

9. Sales Boost 

James Bond movies are also about the Bond girls. Before the production of every film, there is a huge discussion on who will the next bond girl be. This, bond girl scenes are what people can’t wait to see. 

Remember the scene where Eve, aka Moneypenny, gives Agent 007 a shave? 

According to online retailers, that scene became so popular that it increased the sales of the cut-throat razor by 405 percent! 

Who doesn’t want to be like Bond after all? We all do. Sometimes, advertising a product is cleverly achieved through movie features such as this one. 

Daniel Craig actin like James Bond in Skyfall movie
Daniel Craig at red carpet in Berlin

8. Adele’s love 

The most memorable thing about Skyfall is the theme song, which gave goosebumps to many, including those who haven’t even watched the film yet. Adele’s voice and the lyrics have done wonders for the soundtrack, and we can’t imagine a more perfect voice for the song than hers. 

Did you have goosebumps or did you cry after hearing it? 

When Daniel Craig first heard Adele’s Skyfall theme song, he said, “I cried! From the opening bars, I knew instantly. The voice kicked in, and it was precisely what I’d wanted from the beginning. It just got better and better because it suited the movie. In fact, the more of the film we made, the more it worked.” 

7. Breaking into Your Home 

Imagine James Bond breaking into your home? That would be the last thing anyone would ever expect, but in the film, Bond actually broke into his boss M’s house more than once! 

The first time was in Casino Royale, which is Craig’s debut film. The second time was in Skyfall. 

But the least expected part is that, in this movie, Bond returned from the dead. That is why we see M shooting him on the head. Thank goodness she didn’t think it was his ghost! 

6. Coca Cola 

There is a scene in Skyfall where motorbikes are used in the stunts, and the crazy thing about it is that Coca Cola was poured on the streets. 

Yeah, you heard that right! 

Why did they use Coca Cola anyway? 

The fizzed drink was used to create significant friction on the streets. 

Usually, all the James Bond movies make sure that they advertise some kind of a product. Even though Coca Cola is not blatantly advertised in the series, this fun fact can create an awareness that Coca Cola is perfect for slippery roads. 

Now, people might start buying the products not to drink, but to avoid accidents.  Isn’t that interesting? 

5. Ending Scene 

In the ending scene, we find that Agent 007 had to protect his ancestral home from invaders. 

He didn’t have any kind of guns at that point, so Bond used a booby trap. The scene is quite similar to the Home Alone movie where Kevin McCallister sets up booby traps to prevent robbers from entering his home. 

The director made sure that a stark similarity can be seen in both the shots. Haven’t you seen the scene from Home Alone? Then go see it. You might understand the similarity. Also, two of the sound managers in Skyfall also worked in the Home Alone film. 

4. Bond Villain 

James Bond movies are also known for their villains. They are the ones who strengthen the plot. Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva clearly had that evil motive and is featured as an ex-MI6 operative-turned-cyberterrorist.  

Javier actually became the second James Bond villain to receive an Academy Award for his role in the film. 

Do you know who received the first award?  

It was Christopher Walken for his role in A View to a Kill. Even though the film was not liked by critics worldwide, it received a lot of appreciation for Christopher’s portrayal of his villainous character. 

3. F*** Word 

Usually, kids and teenagers are part of the many kinds of people who watch James Bond films. In fact, a majority of the audience consists of them. 

So, the directors of the James Bond franchise made sure that no cuss words are used. However, Skyfall appears to be the first Bond movie to use the F*** word.  

It is not Agent 007 who uses the curse words, but rather, his boss M. The film authorities have made sure that they use the F*** Word for once in the films if they want to. 

Does it make any significant change to the film? It doesn’t actually. Whether there are cuss words or not, the fact that it is still a James Bond film is what matters most. 

James Bond 007 Skyfall
007 image of presentation

2. China 

The James Bond film shows a few Bond franchise first.  

For instance, this is the first time you will find Agent 007 drinking a beer and him appearing in the IMAX for the first time. This was also the first time they shot scenes in China. This was to show that James was away from his hometown. 

Also, the license to kill was not available in China. 

Worth mentioning is also the fact that  

Skyfall is the second Bond film to show the attack on MI6 Headquarters, and it is the second longest Bond film ever. 

Before we proceed to the top one pick, let’s have a look at some other special facts related to the Skyfall. 

  • Olympics Opening Ceremony 

A prominent advertisement for the Bond film was during the 2012 London Olympics. Daniel Craig was asked by Queen Elizabeth II to be with her during the opening ceremony of the Olympics as James Bond.  

Craig played the role of Agent 007 on guard duty. He met the Queen and accompanied her to the stadium on a helicopter. Once they got there, acting doubles of both the Queen and Craig jump from the helicopter to make an iconic James Bond entry like he always does in his films. 

Who else is the best option for a celebrity or personality to promote the film? 

  • Staying in Shape 

Daniel Craig was 44 years old when he was given the role of James Bond in Skyfall. The actor had trouble playing the stunts, so he had to make sure that he stayed in shape. Daniel started doing physical training six months before filming to keep in shape. Daniel wanted to make sure that he did all his stunts by himself, so he even worked out during shoot days. 

Imagine the workout program of the 44-year-old actor? That speaks a lot of his dedication to the film! 

Let’s have a look at Number 001! 

1. New Q 

This is the first Bond film for Ben Whishaw. He is the latest actor who explains all the new weapons and technologies to Bond. He comes in as the character Q. 

There is a special fact about this Q. Do you know what it is? 

This was the first time that Q was younger than James Bond. This younger character was inspired by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the young and energetic minds of this generation.  

Whishaw is the fourth actor to play the role of Q. 

With so many descriptions, fun facts, and spoilers about the James Bond Film, Skyfall, do watch it and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.