Top 10 Things You Never Knew About Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead at the Comic-Con
Mary Elizabeth Winstead at the Comic-Con

Remember the film Live Free or Die Hard

Then you must also remember Lucy Gennero-McClane. The role of Lucy was played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She has also done critically-acclaimed performance as an alcoholic struggling with temperance in the Sundance drama Smashed. The American actress has done several roles since 1997. 

Today at Watch Tank we take you through the Top 10 things You Never Knew About Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

10. An Award Winner 

Mary Elizabeth at Scream 2007 Awards
Mary Elizabeth at the Scream 2007 Awards

Yes, she has also won awards in her career. Can you guess for what role she could have won that award? 

The first award Mary won was for her film Bobby, for which she won the Hollywood Film Festival Award for Best Ensemble Cast, in 2006. In 2013, she also won the Dallas International Film Festival Shining Star Award for Best Actress for her role in Smashed

Over the years, she has been nominated for different kinds of roles for which she has only won quite a few.  

The most recent one that Mary won was for her role in 10 Cloverfield Lane. She received the Saturn Award for Best Actress for the part of Michelle. 

Did you watch 10 Cloverfield Lane

9. Final Destination 3 

Do you remember who was the last to die in the Final Destination 3? 

Well, it was Wendy Christensen- a high school graduate  whose part was played by Mary Winstead. The death was due to a run over at high speed by the runaway subway train.  

This 2006 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wong is the third instalment in the Final Destination film series.  

Did you have a near-death experience before? 

Well, Mary did claim that she never had any kind of near-death experience, except for her drives in Los Angeles.  

8. Band Girl and Singer 

Everyone loves singing. Some are bathroom singers whereas some dare to sing in front of an audience.  

Well, for Mary Elizabeth, she has a beautiful, God-gifted voice. Other than her excellent acting skills, Mary has proven her worth in singing.  

In 2012, Mary established a band with Dan the Automator called ‘Got a Girl’. During an interview, Mary did mention that she intended to start a band if being an actor was not successful for her. 

Also, during the shoot of Death Proof, Mary sang an acappella version of ‘Baby It’s You’ when the director Quentin Tarantino requested of her. The entire crew was amazed by her singing skills and supported her to continue her singing but she ignored it then. 

An amazing and singing actress – that is what Mary Elizabeth Winstead is all about. 

7. Victim of 2014 Celebrity Pictures Hack 

Actress Mary Elizabeth in front of the press
Actress Mary Elizabeth in a press release

Do you remember the 2014 Celebrity Pictures Hack?  

2014 Celebrity Pictures Hack was when over 500 photographs of several celebrities were made public when they have leaked on the Internet and some of these photos included nudity. 

The pictures included Jennifer Lawrence, Kae Upton, Kaley Cuoco and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

Yes, you heard that right! 

Mary was also one of the victims of the iCloud leak and she later   confirmed the authenticity of the photos. However, actress and singers like Ariana Grande and Yvonne Strahovski denied the photos’ authenticity. 

6. Fast Food Girl 

Who doesn’t like fast food? 

Mary Elizabeth is a significant fan of fast foods. Her go-to destination for fast foods are spots in North Carolina where you can get fatty foods.  

However, if you see the gorgeous actress, you can’t imagine her eating fast foods and that is because she is tall, and she is a ballet pro.  

Since a very young age, Mary has trained in ballet, and later on, she shifted towards kickboxing which saved her from unusual obesity. She studied dance at a Joffrey Ballet summer program in Chicago and wanted to pursue ballet as a profession. She has also appeared in local ballet productions. But her height made her leave ballet during her teenage years. 

Well, Mary did prove that for getting rid of obesity, exercise does help. 

5. Was married to Riley Stearns 

In 2010, Mary married her love since the age of 18, Riley Stearns.  

Do you know who Riley Stearns is? 

Riley Stearns is an American filmmaker who made his debut with the film, Faults. Mary has starred and produced in Stearns’ first feature film. 

However, they both are no longer married. 

Mary had announced her separation during early 2017. The reason might be because she was in a relationship with the Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, who she  met on the set of Fargo

4. Three Music Videos 

As discussed above, Mary had a passion for singing. During an interview with a magazine in 2012, Mary said that she was collaborating with Dan the Automator and made a plan to release a music album. 

After that, ‘Got a Girl’ released their first demo album “You & Me” on May 21, 2013. Later an album titled I Love You but I Must Drive Off This Cliff No, was released in 2014. Also, the first single, “Did We Live Too Fast” was also premiered in the same year. 

Did you listen to any of these songs? 

Then try remembering the lyrics: 

Did we live too fast in this fantasy? 

Sandcastles were the walls we made 

Did we live too fast in this fantasy? 

It tangles, and it drifts away

3. Television and Film Balance 

It is not just in films that Mary have left her trademark. 

 Mary has performed in several television series like the U.S. remake of the French drama series The Returned. 

Remember IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang? 

Mary had made a guest appearance in the series wearing an A-Line skirt and pointy black boots. 

Winstead also played a role in John Krasinski’s small-scale dramedy The Hollars, where she acted as the ex-girlfriend of Krasinski’s struggling New York City graphic novelist. 

Also, in 2019, it was announced that Winstead also voiced for the Netflix adult-oriented animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots

2. Homeschooled

Do you like being home-schooled or lie to not go to school? 

Well, most of us prefer going to school rather than staying at home. For Mary, she was home-schooled through most of  high school because she had turned to acting. This was when Mary saw that she can’t continue ballet as her profession due to her height. 

During an interview, Mary says, “I understood pretty early on that I was already too tall by the time I was 13. You know, your body has to stay that way for your entire life and it’s pretty hard on your muscles and your bones.” This is the main reason why she quit ballet which was her initial career choice. 

One’s career is what everyone thinks of. Let’s check on the special mentions of Mary’s career before moving onto number one. 

Scream Queen roles 

Mary did play a lot of Scream Queen roles in her career, which includes her parts in The Thing (2011), Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) and 10 Cloverfield Lane. 

Do you know what Scream Queen roles are? 

It simply means Mary has played roles in a lot of horror or psychological horror-thriller films.  

Mary Elizabeth has also played in the supernatural horror film Final Destination 3, the slasher film Black Christmas and the exploitation horror film Death Proof. You can safely say she can be called the Scream Queen. 

Acting Background 

Mary’s parents are not related to Hollywood or any other movie industry. But she has a bit of acting in her blood. It is from her grandfather’s side. 

Her grandfather is the cousin of actress Ava Gardner.  

You know, the   lead actress in John Huston’s The Night of the Iguana? 

In the movie, Ava won the 1964 Best Actress Award from both Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award. 

Now for the most awaited one. 

1. Self-obsessed 

If asked what would you prefer- Drinks or People, what would you choose? 

Many of us might end up saying drinks. But for Mary, it is all about people. During an interview, Mary says, “…doing stuff at home with people I really love.” 

That clearly shows her love for people. Mary is also a self-obsessed person who loves to spend time with her family.  

Well, that might be the main reason why she opted for celebrating her graduation on a cruise with friends, rather than working for the film A Cinderella Story. 

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is not a familiar name amongst the masses, but we do remember her role in Final Destination 3, Black Christmas and many more. Do let us know in the comments how you liked the article. 

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