Top 10 Things You Never Knew About Family Guy

Family Guy, the American animated sitcom, is created by Seth MacFarlane and was first aired on January 31, 1999. To date, there have been 349 episodes of Family Guy and 18 seasons. Lately, Fox productions confirmed that they will be renewing the nineteenth season of the series. Family Guy has won three awards and has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Annie Awards. 

Welcome to Watch Tank! Let’s talk about the Top 10 Things You Never Knew About Family Guy. 

Family guy characters using a golden suit
Family Guy Series

10. Original Lois 

Family Guy has been inspired by a lot of T.V. shows and serials. There has been a lot of changes in the series since it’s inception. The prominent ones being the voice actors, animation, and themes.  

But do you know that one thing which has not changed in the show? 

The iconic red hairdo of Lois! It was also changed in the beginning. The pilot episode of the series shows Lois in a blonde hairstyle. Many might not remember it because it was only in the first episode. For the rest of the series of Family Guy, we see her in the same hair as always. 

Even in one of season 11 episodes, we can see that Lios comes in a blonde wig to catch Peter sleeping with a phone sex operator, which was actually Lois.  

9. Peter Feeding Tom Selleck 

What is your favorite fan-moment in Family Guy? 

There are a lot of fun moments in the animated series. But according to Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy is amongst the Top 100 Cartoons list in his mind.  

His favorite scene in the series is the post-apocalyptic Da Boom, where, amongst their scarred hell, Lois remembers about how much food they wasted. The scene then cuts away to Peter trying to feed grains, Tom Selleck, on T.V. Magnum P.I., and Selleck himself. It clearly is one of the writers’ favorites, so it’s not surprising to hear MacFarlane’s funniest scene involves him. 

8. Brian Griffin or his voice 

Who doesn’t love the voice of Brian? And who doesn’t know that it was actually voiced by the creator Seth MacFarlane? 

Many times when you hear Brian speak, you could understand that the voice is by Seth. Sometimes, Seth tries to change his voice tone when he talks to the characters in the show.  

Brian is the dog who creates chaos in the crazy house. He is placed as the voice of reason in this fantastic house. MacFarlane’s own voice and observations come through the family dog’s character. He talks about his own left-leaning political views, and his rationality through this friendly dog, Brian. Brian even acts as the voice of the audience in most cases.  

7. Quahog is real 

Do you think that Quahog is a real town? 

Imagine the people’s situation in Quahog if it’s real? 

The people of Rhode Island towns feel that there is something that the fictional Quahog has following the geological situations around their surroundings. There is a coastline in some episodes, which is similar to the Cranston and Providence.  

Quahog is very much similar to the real-life Cranston because the creators wanted people to have some sort of connection with the real world. The location itself has its own inside jokes and all, which is used in the Family Guy. 

Grafitti on New York
Grafitti of Family Guy

6. “What the hell …?” 

It is the most common word said in the entire series of Family Guy. 

In Lois’ nasally tones, you could hear her say in many episodes.  

However, did you know there is a misconception that the word is being used in each episode? 

Sometimes, it has been misreported that the phrase is used in every episode, which is not the case. For instance, in Season 3, From Method To Madness episode, the word doesn’t appear at all. 

But why do you need to say, “What the hell?” 

5. Peter Griffin’s voice 

Do you know the origin story of Peter Griffin? 

The patriarch of the Griffin family and main character of Family Guy was born of modest beginnings.  

But, there is actually a lovely story behind Peter’s voice. 

Peter’s voice is actually based on a guard who was working at the university MacFarlane attended. MacFarlane and his friends used to laugh at the way the security guard spoke. 

He had a Rhode Island accent, which is loud and hilarious. The unique accent has been in MacFarlane’s minds, and that’s why he used it for the lead character’s voice in his series, Family Man. 

The voice has been the show’s trademark, and the people were amazed to find that Seth MacFarlane actually voiced for all the main characters- Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, and Stewie Griffin. 

4. Death as the main character 

When the show was created initially, Seth thought of making Death a daily character.  

Death was actually voiced by Norm MacDonald and thought of making Death a running joke. Death is a profound concept that can lead to a lot of in-depth meaning and was not shown in the series throughout. 

Later on, in the show, we hear Adam Carolla’s voice in place of Norm. 

Do you think that Death in a family show would do justice to the show? Won’t it make the show more serious? 

That might be the reason why the creator might have dropped the idea for a regular Death in the series. 

3. Stoner of the Year 

The Family Guy was watched by a variety of people internationally. The show has showcased a lot of issues that affect the everyday lives of the people. It has featured a lot of the worldly problems as well.  

There was one episode that showcased Brian using marijuana. It was made to portray the legalization of drugs. Everyone in the town was high every time, and the law is eventually overturned. 

Even in the same episode, there is a song named “Bag of Weed,” sung by Brian and Stewie. 

Did you know that this gave Brian a new name? 

 In the series, we find that Brian acts as advocacy on the legalization of marijuana. High Times actually named Brian the “Stoner of the Year” for 2009 after the episode. 

2. William H. Macy in the series 

A lot of people have auditioned for the voice of Brian. Seth MacFarlane voices most of the denizens of Quahog. He is the one who has voiced almost all the characters initially. Even the audience felt that Dr. Hartman, Carter Pewterschmidt, and Seamus’ are all identical.  

Also, the family has a lot of similar voice for Ted and Peter.  

But did you know that William H. Macy has auditioned for the show during the initial stages? 

Yes, adding a big name to the show is an excellent thing that you can get. But no one knows why William didn’t get that part. 

With so many explanations of the series, let’s check on the other facts about the show. 

Seth- 911 victim  

Who doesn’t remember the 2001 9/11 attack? It was one of the worst attacks to date. The United Airlines Flight 11, one of the planes flew into the World Trade Center that day.  

Seth MacFarlane would actually have been one of the victims of the 9/11 attack. He was supposed to fly in the United Airlines Flight 11, but Seth couldn’t fly due to some hangover issues. He missed the flight, which means he missed being one of the victims of the 911 attack. 

That was a great escape from him. 

Carrie Fisher part of the show 

We all know Peter’s aggressive and sexually suggestive boss, Angela, but did you feel that you have already heard Angela’s voice? 

It was done by Carrie Fisher! Yes, the Star Wars actress was the voice behind the boss.  

The primary role of the boss in the show was to portray how the sexual harassment that takes place in an office. When Carrie died, the show actually put a tribute to the actress by airing two episodes that she had already recorded. 

Let’s check what awaits us in number one. 

1. Canceling the series 

Family Guy was one of the most viewed and popular comedy T.V. shows in history. It was so after the second season, the Fox Network decided to cancel Family Guy. 

What do you think will be the viewers’ reaction who are in love with the Family Guy? 

Everyone loved this show. Later on, Fox did agree to telecast the third season of Family Guy. Still, with a condition- it should be aired with series like Friends and Survivor, which are the audiences’ favorite.  

This affects the show’s ratings because there were no advertisements made on the fact that they are going to change the show timings.  

This left to the show’s cancellation, and people thought it was actually the end of the most favorite show of the decade.  

Later on, Adult Swim, the late-night Cartoon Network channel, purchased the show’s rights, aired on the Network from 2002 to 2005. After that, the show was given a separate time slot by the Fox Network. 

With almost 300 plus episodes, Family Guy is a famous series. People are waiting for the next season. Tell us more about the series in the comments below.