Top 10 Things You Never Knew About Brad Pitt

Hollywood has no dearth of hunks and chicks. Hollywood is not just an entertainment hub of the world, but is also the place to feast the eyes! George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Mila Jovovich and many others are beloved by Hollywood fans for their looks and their magnetic personalities. 

If Hollywood is a ‘fight club’, then Brad Pitt is its undisputed champion. He has acted in so many different roles, that he is one of the most beloved and popular actors in the industry. He is also one of the highest-grossing actors in the film industry.  

Welcome to Watch Tank and here are top 10 things you never knew about Brad Pitt. 

The most famous couple of Hollywood
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

10. He Had a Crush on Costar Angeline Jolie: 

While we are growing up, many of us have a star crush. However, even stars can have crushes on other stars. During the earlier stages of putting together the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, the director cast Brad Pitt against Nicole Kidman as the protagonist pair. However, their lack of chemistry was soon discovered, and Brad decided to drop out of the project. However, as soon as he knew that they were bringing in Angelina Jolie, he got ready for his role, and while the film was in process, he developed a crush on Angelina Jolie. 

9. Rejected For the Protagonist’s Role in ‘Heathers’: 

The film ‘Heathers’ is a story of a sociopath guy who courts young women and becomes their dream boyfriend for the first few weeks and then later becomes their living nightmare. Although Brad volunteered for this role initially, he was not given the role since his looks did not fit the personality type for the movie. Instead, the makers cast Christian Slater for the role. The reason was later revealed that Brad Pitt’s blonde hair and blue eyes made him more like a ‘chocolate boy’ than an evil sociopath. 

Can repeated rejections make one bitter and rightfully so? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

8. A Charitable Personality: 

Brad Pitt, along being a rich guy blessed with looks, health and wealth, feels that he must do as much as he can to share his success with others. He has participated in many charitable works during disasters such as the 2004 Asian tsunami and hurricane Katrina, to name a few. He also donates to charitable organizations, both  well-known, as well those that are not very much known. One of the most notable  charity causes he was engaged in was the charitable work he did in South Africa to stop the AIDS epidemic. 

7. Sued a Major Jewel Maker: 

For his wedding with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt had ordered a jewelry maker to make a unique wedding ring, and also lay down conditions that the company would not use the design for general sales or to any other customer. However, the company made a major error when they not only began selling the ring but also advertised the ring as ‘Brad and Angelina’s Wedding Ring’ on their website. Soon the design and the ring product became popular. This inflamed Brad Pitt, and he ended up suing the company. 

Do you know any other celebrities who sued some company for breaking their contract? Let us know in the comments. 

Members from the cast of the Warner Brother's movie "Ocean's 11"
Members from the cast of the Warner Brother’s movie “Ocean’s 11” actors Brad Pitt (left), Matt Damon, and George Clooney.

6. Angered George Clooney: 

In in the early 90’s, a film named ‘Thelma and Louise’ became famous for being a thriller and a BFF travel comedy at the same time. In the movie, a role for a thief who steals from the traveling friend duo was to be given to George Clooney, and he was almost chosen for the role. However, the casting team realized that Brad Pitt would make r a better choice for the movie role.  

This decision angered Clooney since he was a seasoned and experienced actor, unlike Brad Pitt, who was a new entrant in the industry at the time.

5. Tore His Achilles Tendon: 

Very surprisingly, this happened when he was playing Achilles in the movie ‘Troy.’ That’s a sad coincidence indeed. For a while, he was not able to play his role in the movie and as a result, he was given a short break by his director. 

4. Used to Sell Fast Food: 

During his years of struggle, Brad Pitt used to sell fast food for a takeaway restaurant before he was a star. This was during his teenage years that he did this, in order to make some money for himself. Also, he used to be a limousine driver, when he used to pick and drop call girls from one place to another. Brad experienced a lot of struggles in his younger years merely to meet his ends meet. However, he did not give up and continued to pursue his passion. Of course, it can be said that his good looks gave him an advantage. However, most of the people applying in Hollywood have good looks. So the competition levels up there and it’s a cut throat struggle all over again. 

3. Dropped Out of College: 

Sounds familiar! Does it not? Brad Pitt made his way to  university successfully. However, when he was just two weeks short of graduating, he dropped out of college. The reason was that he wanted to pursue his career in acting. The courses at the university were completely unrelated to his dream job. So, he collected all the money he had had, those few hundred dollars, and seton his way all the way to Los Angeles, California. Little did he know, this was one of the best decisions in his life. With his personality, charm and acting skills, he didn’t need any degree to build his career. 

2. A Dweeb in School: 

Believe it or not, Brad Pitt was a total dweeb in school, where he was more interested in studies and other nerdy activities than in sports. In fact, he was also shorter than his classmates. He was rejected several times when he applied for the school sports teams. He then took another dweeb rejects like himself, formed their own sports team and asked his father to coach them.  

Before we unveil our number 1 pick, here are some of the honorable mentions. 

House encroached by a fan: 

Once Brad’s house was intruded by a fan who tried his clothes, perhaps because she wanted to see if he could look better than in his wear. For hours, she hid in his closet before the house alarm rang, and she was discovered.  

Some of his adverts are banned in Malaysia: 

Yes, you heard that right. Brad Pitt looks so hunky and macho that some of his adverts are banned in Malaysia. The reason? According to the government, the local women get attracted to him and fantasize about him, which is enough ground to ban Brad’s adverts in the country. 

Brad Pitt using a black suit and with a huge smile
Brad Pitt Smile

1. Real Mental Hospital: 

During the making of the film, ’12 Monkeys’ Brad did go to a real mental hospital to get deep into his character, so he could understand how a real lunatic would behave. Hats off to Brad for showing so much dedication to his character. No wonder the film was a hit and performed well at the box office. Thanks to the efforts by everyone in the team, the movie was a success, but a special thanks goes to Brad Pitt for his convincing role. 

Brad Pitt is not just an accomplished actor, but also a legend because he has a powerful work ethic and creative acting methods. This guy was a nerd in high school, but who would have known that he was going to become a Hollywood heartthrob. So these were our top 10 picks and whether you agree with our list or not, just leave a comment in the comments section below.