Top 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About The Old Guard

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Welcome to WatchTank and today we are counting down picks to reveal the top ten surprising things we bet you didn’t know about the action movie Old Guard.

This one had its release in Netflix and received the #1 spot which makes it safe to assume its popularity in “streaming” box-office.

While movie theatres closed their doors with the lockdown around the globe, Netflix has reported 16 million new sign-ups in April.

With movies releasing in Netflix and other rival streaming services, it is interesting to speculate the business it would have gained with its release in theatres!!

Interestingly, this would-be Netflix’s original psychological thriller and action movie starring names like Nia Long and Omar Epps.

But hey! This one is a spoiler alert and be sure to get all of the intriguing details.

With the facts above in mind, now let’s delve a bit deeper into the movie and get ourselves acquainted to some of the intriguing events that made The Old Guard movie unique, along with its name.

10. Team effort is a prime thing

Team building and hard work are the factors behind the construction of a perfect piece of art. This thought prevails behind the making of this movie also. This movie is an adaption of a graphic novel of the same name by Eiser-winning writer Greg Ruchka (author of Wonder Woman) and Leandro Fernandez (comic book artist from Argentina providing art for movies listing Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, and many more). – a great team to provide a great story!

9. A female-led action movie

KiKi Layne plays Nile Freeman who is in the U.S. Marine and the much-proclaimed low-key star of this story. She is a black woman who has grown up in modern America and her rise to immortality is the prime

factor that puts the story into motion. Also, it is through her eyes that we get to learn the various rules of this world.

The Old Guard is an action film featuring Charlize Theron. Hence it falls into that category of being a rare, female-led action film directed by a black woman, Gina Prince-Bythewood (director of Love and Basketball). Thus, again bringing up reference to ‘Black-lives matter!’

8. Charlize Theron is superb as usual

Now, a word or two about Charlize Theron. She stands incredibly amazing as the leader of the army, a sturdy woman who believes that what time leaves behind as memories are more important than what it steals. We cannot help but notice the guilt in her eyes for letting one of her oldest confidantes die in front of her. Truly, one of the best action movies by Charlize Theron.

7. A word or two about the director

Prince-Bythewood also becomes the first black woman to go for a comic book adaptation. This is an excellent achievement with nepotism still being an issue in the industry. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Prince stated that, “The things that I influenced, that I noticed, that I corrected, that I amplified, absolutely come from a black female lens”.

6. Vampires are good

What was the most exciting bit? Honestly, it was great to see “good” vampires teaming up to save and progress humanity- Charlize Theron’s character Andy and her team who constitute The Old Guard. A pharmaceutical company CEO wants to dissect and study them. Did this villain seem familiar? Yes, of course. We all remember Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter aka actor Harry Melling.

5. War and peace

It is not only violence which is being portrayed throughout the movie. Two of the men, Joe (Marwan Kenzari) and Nicky (Luca Marinelli) in the immortals’ group are a couple and “yes” an immortal couple (that’s some commitment there!). Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts) has betrayed fellow immortals because he simply wants to die. Tired of losing family and friends and unable to cope up with loneliness, he wants to embrace death and be at peace. Interestingly, the loneliness adds perspective in the age of COVID-19!

4. How old is Andy?

So, with all the immortals, what is the actual age of Andy? The movie never divulges her actual age, though. However, a good read of the comic highlights her age will be around 6732 years.

3. The betrayal from Booker

The betrayal from Booker is quite surprising as well as entertaining. Booker aka Sebastian Le Livre has been a French warrior who fought in the Napoleonic wars. This fact creates a great significance in the context of the name of the movie. Emperor Napolean’s Imperial Guard’s elite veterans were called the Old Guard whom French soldiers used to refer to as “Immortals”. It’s interesting to see the actual “Old Guard” in Napolean context betraying his team to just be mortal.

2. Socio-religious context

The navigation through religious and social contexts in history is excellent in this movie. A Muslim warrior found love in the same sex in the enemy war camp of Christian invaders. That’s the story of Joe and Nicky who found love in each other against all the odds and joins Andy’s team to fight injustice. While the same side and the opposite sex are the more accepted norms of relationship, opposite war side and same sex challenge the historical practices. Does Joe also seem familiar? We saw Kenzari in Disney’s Aladdin remake.

Before we step onto the finale, here a few honorable mentions.

Sturdy Fighters

The fighters shown here are not the usual sturdy people who continue with their jobs without facing any confrontations or being questioned about the type of work they do. This herd, and most importantly, Andy, who was involved with it right from the birth of humanity, are entirely aware of the fact that a day would emerge that would put an end to

their immortality. They would have to face the day when they would stop recovering but are not sure when and how would that happen.

A Life of Pain

Grief, pain, and sorrow have been their constant companions for centuries now. Booker made Nile aware of the fact that immortality also refers to letting go of the loved ones who are born finite. He then remembered the death of his youngest son, who passed away at the age of 42 due to cancer. Tears swell up in Booker’s eyes, and again, we are reminded that the Old Guard is the newest entrant to the list of movies, describing the invincible warriors who dread neither death nor disease.

1. The newest found star

One of the film’s lesser-known actress Dizzy, creates a great impression. Natasha Karam (Dizzy) is of French- Lebanese origin and Northern Irish heritage but started her screen career in London. The timescale of the movie is so high that flat screen presence also leads to a few years. Though she appeared in those last few years, her talent is evolving from a mere surprise to an expectation in the future.

The movie Old Guard is intriguing in the true sense of the term. It’s a movie dealing with compassion, action sequences, drama, emotions, and women empowerment. Are we missing any other highlights? Well, probably not. Moreover, the positive reviews and solid reactions by the audience are symbolic of the movie being a superior one.

If this triggered you off, then go and watch the movie and tell us if you like it.

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