Top 10 Most Incredible Things Done By Timothy Omundson 

The American entertainment industry is filled with talent. There are countless talented and energetic entertainers in the industry, and many of them just go unnoticed. Fortunately, there are some who are discovered later on in their careers, and only then do their acting career soar sky high.  

Timothy Omundson is an accomplished actor who was discovered later in his career in the American entertainment industry, just like Bryan Cranston was when he killed it with Breaking Bad. 

Welcome to Watch Tank, and here are top 10 most incredible things done by Timothy Omundson: 

Number 10: Supported Himself Doing Odd Jobs 

Odd career was taken by Timothy Omundson
Odd career was taken by Timothy Omundson

Is that one of the earliest roles that he played in a TV series or a film? No. He worked as a hot tar roofer despite already being an actor during his college years. Timothy Omundson, who was working as an actor for theater plays, had to support himself financially. This was during a time in his life when he had to contend with doing odd jobs before he could land his first stint as an actor. Apparently, by his own admission, he worked as a hot tar roofer at one point in time. 

Number 9: He Is a Talented Actor

Award-winning actor - Timothy Omundson
Award-winning actor – Timothy Omundson

Timothy Omundson has reprised several roles in movies and TV series alike. He has been a great supporting actor and, as a result, has certainly gained some fame. Although he hasn’t won any significant awards just yet, he has been discovered as a natural talent. As a result, he is moving beyond the conventional supporting roles he would normally get. 

He also won the James and Noony Doolittle Award and USC’s Jack Nicholson Award for his outstanding performance in films and TV series. And he didn’t stop there. He kept delivering exceptional performances for several TV series and movies. 

Number 8: Played an Amazing Role in This Is Us 

This Is Us is an American family drama that tells the story of a couple and their neighbor Gregory. What is so special about his role as Gregory in This Is Us is that the character also suffers from a stroke and fortunately recovers. This plotline in the series runs parallel to what Timothy went through in real life. In 2017, he suffered a major stroke and had a near brush with death. However, since he survived, he decided to tell his story through the character of Gregory. 

Number 7: Formally Trained for Acting 

Formal acting training of Timothy
Formal acting training of Timothy

Timothy knew what he had to do with his life, and he decided to go for formal training in acting during high school and college. While he was in high school, he was involved in various theater plays. When he joined college, his primary focus was on acting. During the summer, he joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he learned many professional acting techniques. 

Soon after he finished college, he began looking for work in the entertainment industry, and started with small roles in American sitcoms and TV series. 

Number 6: Lent Voice For Video Games

Lending one’s voice to video games is not something that actors would usually do. In fact, TV series artists are not known to use their voice in video games since they mostly go for professional voice actors. However, Timothy decided otherwise and lent his voice to a couple of excellent video games. He voiced the character Nathan Zachary for the game Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge as well as Aric Jorgan for the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. He has also lent his voice to several small characters in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. 

Number 5: Cain in Supernatural 

Timothy Omundson also made a mark in the show titled Supernatural as Cain. While Dean and Sam were slaying monsters and tackling ghosts and other paranormal entities, Cain made his presence known to the duo fighting in the supernatural realm.  

Timothy’s acting and overall performance were so convincing that the writers had considered making the character permanent. However, this plan was unfortunately canceled. Imagine how the series would have had panned out if Cain was made a permanent figure and if Timothy was given the role? It would have been no less than superb. 

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Number 4: Brief Appearance in the Psyche movie 

Psyche is an American movie, though it is not as popular. Timothy Omundson got to play a role in the film, and he injected some of his positivity and freshness to it. If sources are to be believed, the main actors in the movie were no less than impressed with the versatility of Timothy’s acting and liked his overall persona. He also did a cameo for Psyche 2. Let us hope that Timothy gets more TV and screen time so that he can progress in his career. 

Number 3: Sang for Galavant 

Galavant is a historical musical series that features several songs based on characters and events. Omundson, who was very eager to work in the series, also offered to lend his voice to the TV series. In fact, he has sung many songs in it.  

Nowadays, more and more actors and actresses are honing additional talents, and actors like Timothy make good examples of themselves in developing their artistry in different ways. 

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Number 2: He Became a Debate Champion 

Timothy Omundson debate champion
Timothy Omundson debate champion

Speaking of multi-talented, it is not just in the arts where Timothy is flourishing, but also in dialectics. When he was a child, he held the record of winning the Washington State Debate Champion Award in the Dramatic Champion Category twice. 

However, his life took a turn for the worst. He had a sudden stroke in 2017, which he fortunately survived. Thankfully, we still have him around delivering awesome roles. 

Timothy at present lives with his wife and two daughters in California, and has been doing well since the debilitating stroke in 2017. 

Number 1: Began His Career at a Very Young Age 

Early start of Timothy’s career
Early start of Timothy’s career

Although he never was a child actor, he began playing for theater and high school drama at the age of 12. He gained his formal training from the Seattle Children’s Theater, and soon after, he took further interest in pursuing acting as career. This decision helped Timothy tremendously in starting his career as a full-fledged actor. 

We don’t have exact information on how he performed at these theaters, but we can certainly say that his performance must have been no less than impressive. It is the result of this guy’s sheer determination, hard work, and talent that made him what he is today. 

Although Timothy Omundson is not a widely-known name yet, you can still bet safely on him that he will eventually do something big in the coming years. Maybe he will play the lead in a series similar to Breaking Bad.  

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