Top 10 Most Incredible Things Done by Lily Newmark

IMDb listed her facial features as ‘red hair’, ‘full lips’, and ‘large hazel eyes’- any guesses who the actress is?  

Well, a clue for you all: A young star, hard to miss on the screen. Now anyone?!  

By now if you have guessed about whom we are talking, then you are a true fan. 

Welcome to WatchTank and today we are counting down picks to describe the ten most incredible things done by Lily Newmark.  

Her fans fondly remember Lily as Ruthie in the quirky Netflix series ‘Sex Education’, or as Pym, the young lady with magical powers in the period drama ‘Cursed’.  This twenty-six years’ old London-based actress had already  indulged in the sweet taste of success.  

Born as a British-American and raised in London, Lily’s fondness for acting and performances took a lift off at the age of fourteen while she was into designing costumes for the National Youth Theatre. After toiling hard for two years with the Albany Theatre Company in Deptford, she then joined the National Youth Theatre as an actress. 

Wow! If that wasn’t intriguing enough, then here are a few more incredible wonders done by this young actor.  

10. Lily’s initial days:

Lily Newmark - a rising young star
Lily Newmark – a rising young star

Even after getting enrolled in the youth theatre and being a part of their plays, Newmark never thought that this would be her goal. Acting as a profession was never her choice. Instead, she had almost joined theology to further her studies. However, fate had a role to play here, and she thought that she wouldn’t be  her happiest self.  Thus, we got a chance to witness a very talented actor. Lucky us, right?! 

9. The way Lily reacted to the scripts for the first time:

The fantasy world of ‘Cursed’ was too familiar for her. How?! 

Well, Lily had pursued her dreams of working in fantasy for a long while watching movies like the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series when she was a teenager. However, playing the character Pym also had its share of disappointment. While portraying this role, she wanted to do a combat scene which is, unfortunately, missing from this season of the series.

8. The plans for Lockdown

Cultivating creativity despite lockdown
Cultivating creativity despite lockdown

This lockdown scenario has been hard-hitting for everybody. But Lily had her plans. Want to know what they are?  

For an actor, she describes this situation to be “strange but not too unfamiliar”. She thinks that actors need to adjust themselves to conditions where they would find themselves not doing any work for an extensive period. However, she has taken to the art of cooking to enhance her creativity and has aimed for its perfection.  

On a funnier note, she also states  plans for  making a retirement home for her cat from some old boxes as his back legs were not working well.  

7. The road not taken:

Lily’s pursuit for isolation and solitude
Lily’s pursuit for isolation and solitude

Newmark had plans of shifting to LA or New York if she had started ten years ago. Wait, what?! 

 However, she is happy to be in London. She has quite a few  projects in the pipeline and coincidentally, one of them also deals with isolation and solitude, which she thinks would be in sync with the prevailing scenario worldwide and loved by the people.  

6. Lily’s reflection from her real life:

Lily playing a bullied teen in Deborah Heywood’s high school drama Pin Cushion
Lily playing a bullied teen in Deborah Heywood’s high school drama Pin Cushion

Lily’s role as a bullied teenager in Deborah Heywood’s high school drama ‘Pin Cushion’ (2019) was quite a reflection of her personal character and the experiences she had while growing up. The whole story seemed quite familiar and wasn’t at all hard for her to relate to it. She admits having a lot of friction with the girls she went to school with and the trouble she faced while fitting in. Now, that reminds me, how many of you got bullied in school? 

5. The funny thought:

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Lily has fond memories of reading the script of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ where she thought this was a character from  ‘Oliver Twist’. Quite literally, Lily has made up to the galaxy but has no plans of stopping there.  

4. Lily’s credits:

Lily Newmark pursuance and Dream chasing
Lily Newmark pursuance and Dream chasing

During her graduation from the East 15 Acting School which was four years back, this young bundle of talent summed up fifteen credits which added to the part in NBC’s Emerald City that she grabbed while she was still studying. 

3. When Lily made everybody laugh: 

The actress hunts for an opportunity to make people laugh, which she thinks is tricky. Lily remembers making people laugh all the time as a child but the antics became much more difficult once she was all grown up. To her, children appear  much funnier due to their honesty. She always hopes for a comic character to portray on stage. If she is lucky enough to grab one, that would be a win for her.  

2. Newmark’s early days:

Yesterdays of Lily Newmark
Yesterdays of Lily Newmark

Interested about her early years?  

Before starting as an actress, Lily was born in London and was one of five children born to former MP and campaigner of homelessness, Brooks Newmark and the artist Lucy Keegan. Laughingly, she puts that she wanted to become the Prime Minister and was a serious gymnist, but had to leave it back in the sixth grade.  

Now, let’s discuss a few honorable mentions for Lily Newmark.  

Apart from ‘Sex Education’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Pin Cushion’, she was also spotted in ‘Temple’ and ‘Les Misérables’, the UK film and Nick Hornby’s adaptation of Juliet, ‘Naked’, and ‘Misbehaviour’, set on the backdrop of the 1970 Miss World competition. She even had a small but significant role in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.  

She got nominated as the Best Promising Newcomer in the British Independent Film Award.  

Lily idolizes Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand for their versatile performances and their lives off-camera.  But surprisingly, Newmark also hopes to learn from the works of star Danny DeVito as she  considers him to be an absolute genius.  

Newmark never fails to admit that her mother saw the potentiality in her and encouraged her to join  drama school. To quote her, the drama school was “therapy from unqualified therapists” and remembers how much hard work she had to put in to leave behind the baggage of teenage anxieties. Furthermore, she added that “They really break you down to your absolute base level. You have to completely let go of your ego, which is virtually impossible. I really learned how not to be afraid of people and to be open to new experiences.”

Personal life of Lily Newmark
Personal life of Lily Newmark

1. Newmark’s tryst with stardom:

With more shows and appearances come great fame and stardom, and Newmark is aware of the fact. Lily has her Instagram account. Yet, she is aware that majority of young actors undergo this social media pressure as they are idolized and thus, they need to be in constant touch with their fans to make their presence be felt. However, to her, this is harmful as any misconduct on the part of the celebrity would face criticism.  So, the thing of prime importance is to uphold the thoughts and beliefs that are fruitful. But even stars should get a second chance as they are also going through the learning process.  

Newmark reveals  her self-obsession with the camera. She loves being in front of the camera and is committed to bringing the best to her fans. However, talking of self-criticisms, she thinks she needs some more self-belief as sometimes the thought of quitting hits hard.  

We wish this young and rising star all the best to shine bright in all of her future projects to come. We do hope to see more of her in the days ahead.  

So, did you find this insightful? Which are your favorite Lily Newmark scenes or shows? Do you have more to add to this list? Or, do you have something to say about Lily Newark as a model?