Top 10 Most Incredible Things Done by Lily James

All of us fantasized about being Cinderella as a kid. But there is one lucky lady who got to live out the dream. Any guesses on the name? 

I mean, of course, we don’t mean that she lived like Cinderella in real life, but rather, starred in the movie. Now, does it make guessing easier? 

Yes, we are talking about the Cinderella girl Lily James.  

Welcome to Watch Tank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the top ten most incredible things done by Lily James.   

For both the television and movie industry, Lily James has emerged as the star, showing her acting prowess across various genres.  

Born on 5th April 1989, in Esher, Surrey, she started her career with the British television series Just William (2010). This was followed by her supporting role in the period drama series Downton Abbey (2012–2015). Her major break in the films was when she portrayed the title role in a Disney’s fantasy film, Cinderella (2015). 

But there’s more to this British beauty than that. Interested to know more?  

James went on to play Natasha Rostova in the period television series War & Peace (2016), and took on pivotal roles for several films, including the action flick Baby Driver (2017), the war drama Darkest Hour (2017), the period drama The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018), of course, our personal favourite, the musical Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018), and lastly, the rom-com Yesterday (2019). 

Lily James is on her way to becoming one of the greatest stars, and there’s no denying that. So, don’t you want to listen to more incredible things about her? Here they are. 

Number 10: Adopted stage name to enter the world of showbiz 

Lily James a mind-blowing actress
Lily James a mind-blowing actress

Lily is a mind-blowing actress, and we don’t deny that, but do you know the story behind her name? Yes, this might sound strange, but Lily James is not her real name.  

Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson is her birth name. While that is difficult to pronounce and is quite a mouthful, Lily thought of using a stage name when she entered the world of showbiz. Opting for her stage name goes back to a different story.  

Lily’s father, James Thomson, died of cancer in 2008. She chose her father’s given name as her stage name when she realized that there was another actress by the name of Lily Thomson.  

That was a sweet gesture. Or should I say a heart-warming tribute to her deceased father? 

Number 9:  Acting is in DNA 

Remarkable acting skills in the bloodline
Remarkable acting skills in the bloodline

It seems that acting has chosen Lily James rather than the other way around. She wouldn’t have fit in any other profession for sure. 

Want to know why? Acting skills are in her DNA, literally. For those unaware, Lily is the granddaughter of Helen Horton, who was a popular actress from long ago. She has more than 70 movie credits to her name and a career that spanned over more than six decades. Horton’s remarkable movies include Alien (1979) and Superman III (1983). 

We are sure that James will continue to follow in the family legacy and keep up the good work.

Number 8: Lily’s most notable work  

Lily James in the drama series, Downtown Abbey
Lily James in the drama series, Downtown Abbey

Even if Lily’s Hollywood stint is not yet very long, we have to accept that she has shut all the haters’ mouths with her recent splash.  

That would include her portrayal of Lady Rose MacClare in the British television series Downtown Abbey. Even you agree to it, right? 

James entered the show at the beginning of the third season, and to this day, she is still a regular part of the show. At this point, neither she nor the makers have given any indication of her leaving the show.  

Why fix something that isn’t broken? 

Number 7: Initially auditioned to play one of the evil stepsisters  

Lily James taking the role in the revamped Disney Cinderella
Lily James taking the role in the revamped Disney Cinderella

Lily as Cinderella is not a new thing for her fans. However, were you also aware that initially, she had auditioned for the role of one of the wicked step sisters?  

This is what you call luck! The makers thought that a girl with beautiful blonde locks would look much better if she steps into the lead role. Not to mention that she didn’t disappoint in her performance, and the rest, as they say, is history.  

Thus, don’t you think drama and dynamics have been a major part of Lily’s career from the beginning? 

Number 6: Mother and daughter with a seven-year age difference 

In the movie Cinderella, Lily’s onscreen mother was portrayed by Hayley Atwell, who is also from Britain.  

If you have watched the movie, did you notice that they were only seven years apart? Well, yes, Atwell is older than Lily by only seven years. While this might not be a significant discovery, the fact that this difference didn’t reflect on screen is a big deal. Because of the professionalism and talent of both actresses who were able to create the needed chemistry between a mother and daughter, it is surely something that is noteworthy. I am sure the next time you watch the movie, you’ll ponder on this fact.  

Also, FYI, did you know that Atwell and James share birth dates? Amazing coincidence! 

Number 5: Changing to an American accent 

Lily James incredibly adapted to her every acting role
Lily James incredibly adapted to her every acting role

Actors are known for their adaptation to the characters that they portray. Lily has an immense talent for shifting from one character to another at a fast pace. Up for more info? 

After a year of graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Lily James already bagged a role in the hugely successful Downton Abbey. This was a world-famous series, where she portrayed the posh, aristocratic, and rebellious British Lady Rose.  

Right after this, she portrayed an American waitress in the critically acclaimed box office hit Baby Driver. For this role, she had to work hard and learn to speak with an American accent. She certainly nailed it!   

A story also goes that during the film’s whole shoot, she avoided speaking to the director, who was British because she wanted to stay near people only with the American accent. 

Kudos to the dedicated lady! 

Number 4: The royal touch 

Apart from playing the character of Lady Rose, Lily James also had a real-life encounter with royalty.   

Rumour has it that since 2014, she’s been dating Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Really? Though that piece news isn’t at all true, she’s actually dating Matt Smith, the charming British actor who portrayed Prince Philip in the TV series The Crown. This one is true and can vouch for that. 

The two met on the shoot of the horror/comedy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. There were rumours that the couple got engaged because Lily attended the BAFTA Awards wearing a big diamond ring on her finger. However, she dismissed the rumour later on, saying that it was just any other ring that she wore. 

It’s hard to ignore her very royal demeanour and the connections she has to royalty.  

Number 3: The charity work 

The saying goes that tragedies in life teach you to be more emphatic. Lily is an example of this.  

Lily is passionate about working for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and is a patron of the North London branch. Her father spent years raising money for the charity after the Motor Neurone Disease claimed his brother’s life. Now, Lily has taken over and raises funds in honour of her dad and uncle. 

That’s something incredible! 

Number 2: The face of Burberry

Lily James takes on luxury brands
Lily James takes on luxury brands

It is good to have exposure to various things, and Lily thought the same. Apart from acting, Lily James became the face of Burberry fragrances and co-starred with Siena Miller on the company’s Christmas campaign.  

The campaign was a three-minute film on the Tale of Thomas Burberry that re-told the story of the company’s founder, Thomas Burberry, the creator of the iconic trench coat. 

Did you miss out on that? Have a look at the ad some time.  

So, you thought that was all? Well, there’s more to explore about Lily James. 

Losing the denim jacket  

Lily’s mother passed on an old Levi’s denim jacket to her. She lost it on a flight and was devastated. As per Lily, she could have never found out anything similar with quite the same cool and faded look. 

Morning workouts  

For Lily, morning workouts are the best. Her pro-tip is to drag herself out of bed, even if it means rolling out and doing sit-ups. But once she gets started on the work out, it’s not bad at all. 

We have another secret to reveal about Lily. Check the point below. 

Number 1: Talented singer 

Singer-actress Lily James
Singer-actress Lily James

The young lady has more feathers in her cap. Apart from films, television series, and theatre, Lily James is a talented singer.  

Remember the song A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella? That was her voice. Yes, we loved that! 

Lily James has won hearts onscreen with her immensely talented performances, and offscreen with her social works and charity. We need more people like her in the entertainment industry. 

With that, this comes to an end. Do share your thoughts, reviews, and facts in the comments below.