Top 10 Most Incredible Things Done by Gustaf Skarsgard

Amazing actors and actresses have left a significant marks in public memory. However, there are some who operate under the shadows. Gustaf Skarsgard or ‘Loki’ from the show, ‘Vikings’, is one such gem who has mostly flown under the radar of fame and popularity. 

Welcome to Watch Tank and here are 10 most incredible things done by Gustaf Skarsgard. 

Number 10: Had taken professional horse riding and fencing lessons in childhood

Swedish actor - Gustaf Skarsgard
Swedish actor – Gustaf Skarsgard

At an age when boys play sports like football or other ordinary field games, Gustaf was mesmerized with the folklore character Robin Hood. This inspired him to take lessons in horse riding and fencing, which are known to be complicated even for adults. Gustaf took the challenge and completed his training. He attributes this inclination mostly to being, what he calls,  an escapism nerd.  Perhaps, learning these sports inculcated a sense of adventure that helped them craft his character in ‘Vikings’. 

Number 9: Directed a short film – ‘People of No Significance’ in 2011

Swedish novel -  People with no Significance
Swedish novel – People with no Significance

Apart from being an impressive actor, Gustaf is also a director, albeit not a full-time director. Gustaf  directed a film called ‘People with no Significance.’ The movie is a thought-provoking one which was applauded by critics for its deep meanings of an individual in a society. The film tells the story of Magnus, an ordinary man who doesn’t wish to become anyone in a world that continually expects performance and achievements. 

Do you think Gustaf should direct films more often and offer his perspective on things? Let us know in the comments below! 

Number 8: Multi-dimensional personality of Merlin in ‘Cursed’ 

Merlin - a wizard who is known to advise Kings and Queens
Merlin – a wizard who is known to advise Kings and Queens

The ‘Cursed’ series is a fantasy series streamed on Netflix about a young sorceress named Nimue, who is looking for a mighty ancient sword.  

The character called Merlin ,played by Gustaf, has layers of darkness that attribute multi-dimensionality to the character. Gustaf’s acting so phenomenal, that it was able to garner the attention of Netflix executives and they announced that they are apparently in the process of deciding whether to give Merlin his own series. This would also include Merlin’s journey with the sword Excalibur when he was a warrior. However, there is no information beyond that at this time. 

This essentially goes on to show, that even as a side character, Gustaf’s presence can do wonders to a web series. 

Number 7: He has won awards for some of his notable films

Gustaf Skarsgard at the 48th Guldbagge Awards in Stockholm, 2013
Gustaf Skarsgard at the 48th Guldbagge Awards in Stockholm, 2013

Gustaf is not your everyday generic actor. When this charming guy does a role, he puts his whole self into it. As a result of his prolific acting, some of the Swedish movies he was seen in have received awards. Such films include ‘Evil’ (2003), ‘The Way Back’ (2010), ‘Patrick’, ‘age 1.5’, ‘Iscariot’ and ‘Kon Tiki’ (2012). 

Most noteworthy one was the 2003 movie ‘Evil’, based on domestic violence as well as bullying. In the film, Gustaf Skarsgard played the role of Otto Silverhielm, a sadistic bully who tortures the protagonist. In the iconic 2010 movie ‘The Way Back’, starring Colin Farrell, Gustaf impressively played the role of a Polish artist sent to a Soviet concentration camp, which covers a journey spanning half the world from Siberia to China, Tibet and then finally to India, from where he is sent back to his home in Poland. 

Image Credits: IMDB 

Number 6: An Ocean Ambassador for Green Peace NZ 

Ocean Ambassador - Gustav Skarsgard
Ocean Ambassador – Gustav Skarsgard

It’s always motivating to see someone who cares. Gustaf Skarsgar,, apart from being a skilled actor, is also a compassionate human being. He has been delegated the responsibility as an Ocean Ambassador by the world-renowned nature protection group, Green Peace. One such instance that Gustaf talks about was when the Green Peace ship had anchored at Paradise Harbor, and  he saw the mesmerizing sight of the majestic Antarctic whales. Gustaf’s experience with the wildlife of Antarctic has been enough to evoke inspiration in young people to take up the cause for the environment. Good going there Gustaf; we are proud of you! 

Number 5: Impressive Acting at An Early Age: 

Gustaf Skarsgard from the movie Prima Ballerina
Gustaf Skarsgard from the movie Prima Ballerina

Gustaf began his acting career at an early age and since then, has never stopped short of delivering an impressive performance. Is movies like ‘Tacknamn Coq Rouge’, ‘Prima Ballerina’, ‘Sommaren’ and ‘Euroboy.’ Although he did not play the lead role in the films, his acting skills were quickly recognized and came into the public eye. Also, thanks to his father Stellen Skarsgard, who is himself an actor, Gustaf could refine his work with experience. Thanks to Gustaf’s current performances, now these beautiful Swedish language films are coming to the limelight today. 

Number 4: Thor Beach Triathlon 

Gustaf Skarsgard in 2019 Thor Beach Triathlon
Gustaf Skarsgard in 2019 Thor Beach Triathlon

Known as Denmark’s toughest triathlon, the Thor Beach Triathlon was graced by the presence of Gustaf Skarsgard in 2019. This is not the first time that the actor has taken part in a physical fitness competition. Gustaf has been training and participating in races for years. However, what makes his participation in this triathlon significant is its popularity. The actor communicated his decision to participate in this triathlon through Twitter. He also stated that his involvement was a sort of tribute to his popular TV series ‘Vikings’, because the location, the feel of the place and especially the name gave him the ‘Viking’ like vibes. 

Number 3: Participated in drug abuser’s online chat forums for his film ‘Iscariot’ 

Iscariot - Two brothers one debt
Iscariot – Two brothers one debt

If you like Gustaf and are looking for reasons to be his full-fledged fan, you should watch the 2008 crime-thriller ‘Iscariot.’ ‘Iscariot’ is the story of a drug addict and drug peddler, Adam, who falls into a debt trap. Although his doctor brother has sworn never to involve himself with his affairs, he is drawn into this battle against debt collectors, thus endangering the life of his family too.  

Gustaf’s learning efforts to get into the character of a drug abuser involved joining an online forum used by drug addicts, since he cannot get into drugs, could he? Or maybe Floki will be ready to do that! 

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Number 2: Playing the role of Floki in ‘Vikings’ 

Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki from historical drama TV series Vikings
Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki from historical drama TV series Vikings

The historical drama TV series has been a hit world over, thanks to the excellent acting and  direction. While Rollo rolls down with his pagan army on his Christian foes, his most trustworthy, albeit weird and somewhat crazy trusted man is always by his side. Floki, played by Gustaf, is a boat builder and is also a hard-core Norseman who hates the new religion. Gustaf Skarsgard has executed Floki’s role naturally and authentically, which has gained him accolades from viewers and critics. 

Before we go to the number 1 on the list, here are some honourable mentions. 

  • Performing in the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm.  

After attending the Teaterhogskolan in Stockholm, Gustaf joined the Royal Dramatic Theatre and performed several plays by internationally recognized authors such as Shakespeare, Chekhov and  Soderberg. 

  • He takes his characters seriously. 

Now comes the question, who wouldn’t? But Gustaf takes it all the way to a new level. Gustaf has been known in the Swedish film industry to get so engaged in his roles that he becomes “more than convincing”. He took that same flame of passion for acting in ‘Vikings.’ 

Number 1: Started his acting career at the age of 9 

Gustaf Skarsgard from Swedish thriller film  Tacknamn Coq Rogue
Gustaf Skarsgard from Swedish thriller film Tacknamn Coq Rogue

One of the reasons that Gustaf Skarsgard is so successful is because of his early entry into the world of acting. ‘Tacknamn Coq Rogue’ was Gustaf’s first stint as an actor where he played a minor role of a boy. Surprisingly, his father Stellen Skarsgard played the part of the protagonist who is a member of a Swedish noble family, and is trained by the CIA and Navy Seals. 

Gustaf, as a child actor, hardly showed any anxiety or nervousness while being filmed. Guess, the talent is in his blood. 


Gustaf Skarsgard has done many roles where he has perfectly played the role and done justice to his characters. With the ‘Vikings’ being an essential game-changer in his career, we can hope that we will now be able to see him in more prominent roles. If you agree with our list, please comment in the comment section below and please subscribe to our channel.