Top 10 Most Incredible Things Done by Alexis Knapp

We have a galaxy of stars surrounding us. They have mesmerized us with their charms, gained our praises for their work, and have eased their way into our fantasies.  

What are your thoughts on that? 

However, only a handful of stars can make a mark within a short span of time by their limited work.  

One such star is Alexis Knapp. Do you feel the same about her?  

Welcome to Watch Tank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the ten most incredible things done by Hollywood star Alexis Knapp.  

All of us have known her for her flawless beauty and confident smile. Is that all? Don’t we want more of her? 

Of course, we do. Alexis Merizalde Knapp was born on July 31, 1989 in Avonmore, Pennsylvania to Marjorie and Bradford Elwood Knapp. Her younger years were spent in the Outer Banks of North Carolina before she left for Los Angeles at the age of 18.  

Knapp is an American actress, who gained much recognition for her role as Stacie Conrad in the Pitch Perfect film series (2012–2017). Apart from this, she has also played a role reprisal of Alexis in the party film Project X (2012), as well as her role in season one of the TBS comedy Ground Floor. 

Knapp’s stint in showbiz is not quite long; however, that doesn’t stop her from being an incredible person. All set to know her more? Here we go! 

Number 10: Not very popular in high school 

Alexis Knapp’s from basic to fab stunning transformation
Alexis Knapp’s from basic to fab stunning transformation

Do we even buy that? I mean, she is such a combination of beauty and talent, but wasn’t even popular in high school? Yes, Knapp confirms that she wasn’t the most popular kid in high school. She was not even the hot chick in town.  

Knapp has gone through a lot of transformations through the years. She revamped her look, channelled her inner confidence, and has turned into the stunning beauty she is now. That’s what you call a transformation! 

Number 9: Became a single mother at the age of twenty-one  

 Knapp’s single mother role at the age of twenty-one
Knapp’s single mother role at the age of twenty-one

While the rest of the twenty-one year olds are trying to sort out their lives, Knapp became a mother at this age. Unbelievable, right? 

Alexis Knapp acquired much media attention with her high-profile relationship with Ryan Phillippe, which ended in November 2010. Right after their breakup, Knapp realized that she was pregnant. In July 2011, Knapp gave birth to her first child, a girl named Kailani Merizalde or ‘Kai’ Knapp.  

People are split up about whether Phillipe knew about her pregnancy. Good thing, though, that he was present during the baby’s birth. 

Motherhood is a bold step for a young girl of twenty-one. 

Number 8: Knapp is self-professed tomboy 

Alex Knapp free-spirited and fearless childhood made her successful
Alex Knapp free-spirited and fearless childhood made her successful

That wasn’t at all expected! Such a sensuous, mesmerizingly beautiful, pretty-faced lady, but she says she’s a tomboy?  

Hard to believe, but yes, it’s true! In the words of Knapp, she was raised with three brothers. Not having a sister in her early years of growing up turned her into a tomboy. She became bold, fearless, and possessed all the boyish traits. She thinks her wavelength matches with that of boys more. She is the quintessential guys girl.  

Her daring nature and indomitable spirit have been a part of her every venture, and that is why she became successful, regardless of how long she has made it big.  

Do you remember your growing up years? How were they? 

Number 7: Host of an internet series 

Alexis Knapp in “Project Lore”
Alexis Knapp in “Project Lore”

Alexis Knapp wanted to try out various mediums after moving to Los Angeles. In 2008, she started hosting a popular internet video series named Project Lore. This show was all about the videogame World of Warcraft. 

The show became an instant hit, and she reached the heights of popularity. She also explored modelling before proceeding to the world of acting.  

We can assume that Alexis has been moving in different directions in her career to keep herself busy and do something fruitful, thus keeping media radar and public attention on her.  

At this juncture, it would be hard to tell what she will be doing doing next.  

Can you make a wild guess?  

Number 6: Her work and career  

Knapp didn’t have a considerably long stay in Hollywood yet. She appeared in small background roles in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief as Aphrodite Girl #9, and in Couples Retreat as a Dance Academy Girl. 

In 2012, Knapp got her major break in the movies after landing her first big role as Alexis in Project X and Stacie Conrad in the superhit film Pitch Perfect. She reprised her role in the franchise’s sequel released in 2015, and made a brief cameo in the 2017 sequel of the sane franchise.  

Knapp also appeared in the pilot episode of ABC’s short-lived series Super Fun Night, which was written and starred by her Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson. Knapp also starred in the Tom Vaughan directed film So Undercover as Taylor Jaffe, and as Melissa in the independent short film Wracked.  

Her career might still be short, but she has done notable works within this timeframe, winning hearts and praises from people. That’s what matters the most.  

Number 5: The failures  

Rise and fall in the life of Alexis Knapp
Rise and fall in the life of Alexis Knapp

If success comes, how can failure be left behind? Would you agree? This saying is certainly true for everybody, including Alexis Knapp. She has been a considerable part of many successful projects but has also seen hard days.  

Alexis had a role in TBS’ Ground Floor, where she portrayed Tori, a party girl who is sleep deprived, so she catches up on her sleep at work the next day. For some reason unknown, her character was removed from the series before the second season.  

Knapp was also cast in the first production by Lifetime titled Cinnamon Girl. However, this series would never see the light of day.  

More than humiliation, it hurts for a star to have prepared for a role, only for all her hard work to go in vain. Rejection at work is tough to deal with, but Knapp didn’t lose her calm even once.  

How do you react to rejections and failures?  

Number 4: It’s party time!  

Alexis Knapp has her favourites when it comes to clubbing and partying. She loves hip-hop tunes, including Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West.  

When in the mood to chill at home, she’s more resigned to music from Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Radiohead, and DJ Shadow. This list also includes a lot of classical music. 

Alexis Knapp loves variation. On that note, what’s on your list of music that you groove to? 

Number 3: Born with a forgiving nature 

When told to self-asses, Knapp considers herself to be pretty forgiving. She completely ignores how some people were so evil to her in the past. 

She once said, “Then I think, ‘Wait a minute. Don’t let them get you.’ Then I hit ‘ignore’ on Facebook.”  

That was pretty cool! 

Number 2: Alexis wants to be known for more than just her looks 

Dazzling actress: Alexis Knapp
Dazzling actress: Alexis Knapp

To be honest, looks are the most essential element an actor needs to stay competitive in showbiz. While some women solely depend on that, we have a few exceptions. 

Alexis Knapp belongs to this group of women with substance. More than just her looks, she wants people to know her more, and she wants to be recognized for her acting.  

That was an honest and genuine confession. What can you say? 

Apart from the facts above, were you aware of these?  

Peace amidst chaos 

Everyone has their ways of seeking peace. For Knapp, she thought that she had already found mental peace and serenity amidst the chaos. 

That was a deep thought! What is your idea of peace? 

Knapp finds snakes sick 

Knapp thinks that the snakes are creepy and sick. She’s not alone in this, as many people feel the same way.

Number 1: Social media still loves her more 

Alexis Knapp as a social media sweetheart
Alexis Knapp as a social media sweetheart

Social Media can make or break a person’s career in these present times. Until and unless you claim your social media presence, your popularity can dwindle away from the public eye.  

Alexis’ career has hit a tough patch in the recent past. Her screen presence has significantly lessened.  

Still, Knapp has continued to receive love and affection from her fans on social media. Nothing has changed for her in the social media arena, and that’s proven just by looking at her Instagram following.   

Do you follow her page too? 

Alexis Knapp is a great actor and a woman of substance. She is matured for her age, has explored much in her career, and is happy with her daughter who is much like her best friend. We wish her good luck and hope to see an increase in her screen presence in the days to come. 

We end here. How did you like this list? Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comments section below.