The Avengers vs. Justice League – Who Would Win?

There is always an argument regarding DC and Marvel comics. During the movie ‘Avengers: EndGame’, they proved that Marvel has the best superheroes and villains. However, sometimes the Justice League are overpowering when it comes to the movies and superheroes. At the box office, the Avengers go better compared to Justice League, but on page, it is just the opposite. 

Who is your favourite, the Avengers or the Justice League? 

Today at Watch Tank, we will take a sneak peek into who will win the war: is it The Avengers or the Justice League? Let’s have a look. 

Tactical moves 

The Avengers and the Justice League both have intellectuals who are enigmatic. Both of the sides have superheroes who  have not just intelligence, but also have high power. 

Now when it comes to muscular power and defeating opponents, who do you think will win? 

Well, it has been said no one can beat Batman of the Justice League. He has immense power and great intellect. His detective skills are way too  outstanding compared to any other Superhero, because he always comes up with plans to defeat his opponents. When you recall all the Batman movies, you will understand why. For example, in 2000, comic book ‘JLA: Tower of Babel’, all the Avengers were in the mercy of Batman. This clearly proves his strength! 

The Best Superhero Team 

The  Avengers and Justice League
The Avengers and Justice League

Now that’s quite a tough decision! Both Avengers and Justice League are better in one way or the other. However, with just a hairline difference, we say that it would be the Justice League. 

Let’s explain why! 

Both of the teams have a significant impact on their individual stories. The Avengers have a powerful legacy, but Justice League is the most dominant team of all. They have some of the most considerable powers which include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern. All the Superheroes had to fight with some of the greatest villains of history. However, somewhere down the line, the Justice League has always been the best.  

Great Inborn Strength 

 Barry Allen as The Flash
Barry Allen as The Flash

When it comes to innate or inherent power, again the winner is Justice League. The Superhero that tops the chart is none other than Flash. The speed of Flash is so high that he can give goosebumps to our Avenger stars. 

Just to note, every Superhero is excellent, but somehow Flash has more intrinsic power that  can’t be compared  with anyone else.  

Avengers also have Superheroes like Scarlet Witch and Thor, who are just below Flash. It is just that the speed and resistance which Flash possesses that is not partof any other Superhero. 

Prominent External Powers 


So, after a long wait, this one goes to the Avengers. Iron Man tops the list in this group. He has a great intellect and being a proficient engineer, his suit gives him superhuman strength.  

Do you why Batman was not mentioned in this? 

Batman ranks second in the list. It is just because he lacks the regenerative life support which Iron Man has. Being a scientist and an engineer, Iron Man knows how to control or increase his powers to an extreme and has done it several times in the Avenger movies, as well. Batman’s biggest weakness is understanding the limits. He goes to the extreme to protect anyone possible, even though he understands the reality and in the way ends up harming someone important. 

Has the Strongest Backup 

Again with just a small difference Justice League wins! 

Justice League has friends who come from all over the world and the future. as well. Even though Avengers have a great backup, but has been said earlier, they required the help of Batman in the comic series ‘JLA: Tower of Babel.’ 

Silver Surfer is amongst the dominant characters in the Avengers backup, but somehow cannot beat Justice League. They have aid from several planets like Apokolips and New Genesis.  

Eminent Supervillains 

Darkseid of Justice League
Darkseid of Justice League

Darkseid of Justice League wins this round! 

Darkseid, who is worshipped as the “God of Evil” has the supreme power. She is considered as Justice League’s worst enemy and the biggest enemy of New Genesis. He tries to turn every ne to his side.  

Avengers also have great enemies like Doctor Doom, who made his debut in the movie ‘Fantastic Four.’ He also serves as the most significant antagonist in the serie,s Avengers and Spiderman. 

Exceptional Victories 

The winner is yet again- Justice League! 

The fight with the White Martians was the greatest fight in Justice League history. In the first scene of Grand Morisson’s ‘JLA’, we get to see the White Martians who were calling themselves the hyper clan. During the battle with them, Batman was seen handling four of the villains at the same time. This shows the true manpower of Batman. Then there was the one where the Justice League heroes went against Lex Luthor and Brainiac. This epic war was not only the most significant war in JLA history but also the most important war for Flash. In this war, Flash got to showcase his greatest strength in front of the world. 

Do you know why we chose it? 

Well, because even in the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ which was one of the greatest battles, Thanos won it, because he got all the six infinity stones. Later, he killed himself, so specifically, there is no proper winner in that version.  

Avengers vs Justice League 

There have been many fan-based comics and fictions that were released to show who would win if they fight against each other. 

Now by the above instance, you can predict who the winner is! 

Well, it will be the Justice League. 

 In 1979, DC and Marvel planned to co-write a script with both the Superhero teams together. They planned for a time travel script, but had to cancel it due to some editorial disputes. Though Justice League has advantages in a lot of areas, however, when it comes to technological advancements, no one can beat the Iron Man.  

However, for the Justice League, they have Superman and Batman in hand. When it comes to Superman, he is indestructible; thus, it is quite difficult to stop him, but Thor can be a good competition for him in that regards.  

Justice League also has a wild card option, and that is Wonder Women, who can keep a very good fight and can handle at least two enemies at once. Wonder Women and Superman have strengths that can’t be broken down by anyone.  

Even on the Avengers side, they have Hulk, who is the strongest one. Also, Black Widow can give a good fight to Black Canary, because Widow is more flexible and acrobatic than Canary. However, Ant- Man can give a good headache to Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. 

The main advantage of DC heroes is that they rely a lot on their inborn talents or something that they received after death.  

Justice League covers all the aspects of being a Superhero, except for magic. Everyone is expecting to see a clash between both the teams.  

Well, who do you think will gain victory, if they come face to face? Do let us know in the comments. 

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