The 8 Worst Adaptations by Netflix

Netflix, whose initial business was selling DVD’s, has now moved towards filming its content called ‘Netflix Originals.’ They have also made a lot of adaptations over the years. However, not every Netflix adaptation was a success. Do you remember any of those worst Netflix adaptations? 

Today Watch Tank takes you through the top 8 worst adaptations by Netflix: 

8. Special Correspondents 

Australian actor and comedian Eric Bana and English comedian, actor, director, and writer Ricky Gervais
Australian actor and comedian Eric Bana and English comedian, actor, director, and writer Ricky Gervais

‘Special Correspondents’ is a British-Canadian-American satirical comedy film that was rated 17 per cent by Rotten Tomatoes. The film revolves around a radio journalist and his technician who fake their kidnapping during a rebel uprising in South America. The film, starring Ricky Gervais, who is also the director, as well as Eric Bana, Vera Farmiga and  Kevin Pollak in lead roles.  According to critics, the feeble writing and the characters makes ‘Special Correspondents’ an unsuccessful creation by Ricky Gervais. There were also reviews which said that ‘Special Correspondents’ does not showcase the director’s versatile to the fullest and is quite slow, which makes it boring for the viewers. 

 7. How it Ends 

American action thriller - How It Ends
American action thriller – How It Ends

The 2018 American action thriller directed by David M. Rosenthal is a mildly effective thriller that leaves the audience dangling in the end, and is poorly executed. The film, starring Theo James, Kat Graham and Forest Whitaker, tells the story of a man named Will who leaves his pregnant partner in Seattle and travels to meet her father in Chicago to ask for her hand in marriage. The film builds up, using an excellent conservation of action and balancing well the tension and explosive confrontations of the film, creating a thrilling atmosphere. However, it then promptly throws that all away in the last minutes of the film by giving no resolution, explanation, or climax of the events in any way. Even though the actors gave  superb performances, the frustrating storyline made the whole movie sloggy. 

6. The Outsider 

Action crime thriller - The Outsider
Action crime thriller – The Outsider

Directed by Martin Zandvliet, this 2018 action thriller revolves around an American POW who stays in Japan and enters his way towards rituals and hardships of yakuza to become a member of the crime organisation. Even though the film revolves around the world of yakuza, it lacks the real power of it. Emile Hirsch, Jared Leto and Kippei Shiina plays the lead roles in this thriller. The film has a lot of excruciating silences punctuated by poorly illuminated indecipherable actions. This film is a merger of a lot of gangster movies of America and Japan, thus making the script familiar and straight forward for the people. According to critics ‘The Outsider’ falls into the pit of boredom and Jared Leto’s acting falls much below Tom Cruise in ’The Last Samurai.’ The story proves to be clumsy and awkward. 

5. The Do-Over 

American actor, comedian Adam Sandler and American actor, stand-up comedian David Spade
American actor, comedian Adam Sandler and American actor, stand-up comedian David Spade

The 2016 movie, starring Adam Sandler, Paula Patton and David Spade, was not a hit among the masses. The ‘Do-Over’ is the sequel to the 2002 masterpiece ’Eight Crazy Nights’. it starts off right where that film ended, where the grandma is lying dead on the ground in the streets of Moscow. This American buddy action comedy film revolves around how the life of a bank manger changes when he meets his old friend. The two guys then fake their death and start over again only to find that the people around them are pretending to be in much bigger trouble than they could think of. This movie was rated below average by all the movie critics around the world. Being a typical Adan Sandler movie, it has some gross-out humour which seems out of place. The ‘Do-Over’ isn’t Sandler at his best! 

4. Tau 

Science fiction thriller film - TAU
Science fiction thriller film – TAU

According to some movie critics, ‘Tau’ is a wannabe-thriller about artificial intelligence with a little wit of its own. The 2018 science fiction thriller, directed by Federico D’Alessandro, revolves around a woman named Julia, who tries to hack a computer program after she gets trapped inside a house. Even though ‘Tau’ starts with a promising start it lacks the flick and cleverness of the Artificial Intelligence. The Oscar winner Gary Oldman, has loaned his voice for the Artificial Intelligence , and he does not do justice to it. As the audience is expecting a psychological thriller, they will be disappointed by the lack of thoughts the director has put into it. This film had the potential to be the bes,t but the final version seems like an incomplete version of itself, especially the end where Julia doesn’t have the answer for the AI nor does the script. 

3. Secret Obsession 

American psychological thriller movie - Secret Obsession
American psychological thriller movie – Secret Obsession

The movie plotline is pretty much predictable because it is not as such of a psychological thriller as the storyline suggests. This 2019 movie, directed by Peter Sullivan, tells the story of how Jennifer is recuperating from trauma, remaining in danger as she returns to a life she doesn’t remember. Even by watching the trailer you can guess what to expect from the film. The film is quite similar to the psychological thriller ‘Before I go to Sleep’ staring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth, which was based on a book of the same name. Thus, ‘Secret Obsession’ lacked originality and suspense in it and appears to be a bit more repetitive and hard to believe.  

2. The Week Of 

 American comedy film - The Week Of
American comedy film – The Week Of

This 2018 American comedy film, directed by Robert Smigel, revolves around two fathers with entirely different personalities coming together to celebrate the wedding of their children. ‘The Week Of’ also doesn’t follow the default Happy Madison script’ in which the main character being rich and famous ( for example in the movies, ’Jack and Jill’, ’Just Go With It’) or the main character being a loser who meets a woman who he is attracted to (movies like ’Happy Gilmore’, ’Pixels’). Instead, in this movie, Adam Sandler’s character is  a normal dad, with a dysfunctional family, and Chris Rock plays the rich and famous character. As per the critics, even though the movie suggests promise in further collaborations between Sandler and Robert Smigel,  its shopworn premise and listless execution aren’t enough to recommend it. ‘The Week Of’ lacks fresh humour and is executed with little panache, as well as a an unsophisticated manner. 

Before we move on to number 1, here are two Netflix adaptations which require  special mentions. 

  • The Ridiculous 6 
American western action comedy film - The Ridiculous 6
American western action comedy film – The Ridiculous 6

Again an Adam Sandler movie! This 2015 American Western action comedy film revolves around White Knife, who is an orphan raised by Native Americans. Later on, he finds out that five of the outlaws are actually his half-brothers, and together they set out to save their father. The film has a lot of slapstick violence and the humour is constantly lowbrow. 

  • The True Memoirs of an International Assassin 
American action comedy film - The True Memoirs of an International Assassin
American action comedy film – The True Memoirs of an International Assassin

This 2016 American action comedy film, directed by Jeff Waldom, does not make  people laugh enough. The film needs a more believable script, a good story and some nicer characters. The film tells the story of an author who is mistaken for  an assassin, after his novel gets published as a true story. 

1. Naked 

American comedy film - Naked
American comedy film – Naked

The remake of the Swedish film, ‘Naked’, this American comedy film directed by Michale Tiddes, has been rated 0 per cent by the movie critics, Rotten Tomatoes. The film revolves around Rob Anderson with a little touch of  cold feet.He is forced to live his final moments before walking down the aisle over and over, until he can get it right. For a guy reliving the same moments of his life, again and again, ‘Naked’ is too boring to watch for and the script does not care about what is going in the real world. With the guy going through the same event over and over again is boring for the audience to watch, and because before the first half of the movie is over, the audience knows what to expect from ‘Naked.’   

These are some of the worst Netflix adaptations. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments. 

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