5 Reasons Why People Love Dakota Fanning

We love our stars and celebs. They are what we aspire and think we could have been. The glam, the shine and the sparkling life of stars are what most of us love. Especially actresses, who are adored for their beauty, elegance and the way they carry themselves with sophisticated femininity coupled with confidence. Marilyn … Read more

5 Surprising Things Done by Marin Ireland

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Top 10 Things You Never Knew About Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Remember the film Live Free or Die Hard?  Then you must also remember Lucy Gennero-McClane. The role of Lucy was played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She has also done critically-acclaimed performance as an alcoholic struggling with temperance in the Sundance drama Smashed. The American actress has done several roles since 1997.   Today at Watch Tank we take you through the Top … Read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress

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