Most Powerful Finishing Moves in Media

Action electrifies us and gets us to sit on the edges of our seats. Fight scenes are no more a matter of personal choice, as more and more folks are appreciating fighting and combat scenes in the media.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and today we’ll take a look at top 13 powerful finishing moves in media, including games.

The moves are listed in order with the most realistic ones at the top and then going all the way down to superpowers.

13: Goku’s Spirit Bomb – Dragon Ball Z

Goku, known to be one of the most powerful in the franchise, can bring upon his enemies this dangerous brightly lit sphere that will obliterate them to the last atom in their body. The Spirit Bomb is so powerful and dangerous that it can kill even the most formidable enemies. Raising his hands in the air, he summons this Dragon Ball Z equivalent of a super nuclear bomb, and the enemy is gone forever. Nothing of him remains. This is how Goku killed Freiza in one of the DBZ episodes.

12: Goku’s Kamehameha – Dragon Ball Z

Here we go! Another Dragon Ball Z death blow! Kamehameha is known to be one of the deadliest weapons in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. During a duel between Goku and Cell, Goku is assaulted by Cell in a series of unceasing power blast attacks as his friends Piccolo, and Krillin watch on! After Goku had enough of Cell’s attacks, he soars high in the sky, yells the furiously ‘Kamehameha’ and narrowly directs the super-powerful deadly blast of Kamehameha. In a moment’s notice, Cell’s body is shredded into pieces.

11: Saitama’s Serious Punch – One Punch Man

Popularly known as One Punch Man, Saitama is one of Japan’s iconic superheroes who are notable because of their signature finishing moves. This punch from one punch man is what they call the Serious Punch. No wonder this why Saitama is so powerful.

Saitama is usually a calm and laid-back ordinary guy, but test his limits, and he will destroy you in one punch.

A practice duel between Saitama and Genos is an excellent example of Saitama’s unbelievable abilities.

Genos scorches the ground, destroys mountains, violently unsettles the air, but Saitama shows him who’s the boss!

10: Leaping Spin Kick Batman

Batman is a deadly combination of agility and raw power. The villain’s henchmen never make it up to this killing machine. It’s not just the force, but the impressive technique that he uses to deliver it.

The Batman Leaping Spin kick is precisely what you will expect from an urban American superhero.

Batman’s neck-breaking spin kick is as much characteristic of his capabilities as his grappling hook gun.

9: Mad Max Finishing Moves – Mad Max 2015

Mad Max is one of the most widely played action games. In a post-apocalyptic world where danger lurks at every corner, our hero needs to finish the job, as violently as possible. In the 2015 game, Mad Max blocks punches and full arm attacks before they reach any closer to his body and then unleashes a violent force on them. This can be a series of deadly punches, a spine-breaking body slam, bashing their head or a simple but brutal neck twist. Mad Max goes indeed mad when threatened.

8: Kenshiro’s Hundred Pounding Fists and Kicks – Hokuto No Ken

Kenshiro is the kickass superhero of the Fist of the North Star series. When all attacks and defenses fail, Kenshiro unleashes death upon his enemies. This rapid succession of over a hundred fists and kicks on his enemy are more than sure to render them lifeless. But before our hero begins his full-frontal assault, he has a token line to say, “you are already dead”.

His signature finishing move is accompanied by his signature “ATATATATA” screech of fury and anger.

Forget surviving the fists; any mortal may die seeing Kenshiro angry.

7: Baraka’s Hack and Slash Mortal Kombat

Hack n’ Slash is the deadliest killing act perpetrated by the most lethal killer Baraka in Mortal Kombat. Baraka would be the master of Hack n’ Slash games, if we were to call them that.

Although Baraka has many brutal killing methods, the one that stands out the most is where he stabs his opponent’s head with the Tarkatan, a biological blade. He then pulls his brain and other organs out of his head.

Here’s an extra. Baraka also pulls away from the face of his opponent; gory and brutal!

6: The Big Show’s Chokeslam – WWE

Coming out of the animated world, we move to live-action. WWE, one of the largest wrestling shows, boasts of the gem called The Big Show.

As the name goes by, The Big Show chokes his opponent by thrust his hand on the opponent’s lower neck, lifts him and slams him on the ground, hence Chokeslam!

The Big Show has done this so many times; it has been recognized as his signature finishing move. WWE has been going on for a couple of decades, and the Big Show has used this finishing move a countless number of times.

5: John Morrison’s Starship Pain – WWE

WWE presents one more giant who leaves his opponent incapacitated to deliver any further attack. John Morrison’s Starship Pain sends down shivers in his opponents’ spines.

In this finishing move, John jumps on one corner of the ring with his legs spread out and then takes a backflip on the opponent, who is, of course, fallen defeated close to the ring’s corner.

No wonder, since John has slain many WWE wrestlers with Starship Pain, it has become so popular.

4: Madness Goes Airborne – WWE

Yes, we know that this is the third one in a row from the WWE franchise, but this one really takes the cake!

Madness goes airborne – WWE is a common, yet dangerous move that can incapacitate an opponent for days.

In this finishing move, the wrestler stands on the edge of the ring while the exhausted opponent is fallen, followed by a backflip jump and ultimately landing on the defeated one with full force.

It is easily the deadliest because the wrestler falls with full force and with his total body weight on the other guy.

3: Bruce Lee’s Death Jump Enter the Dragon

Enter The Dragon movie is one of Bruce Lee’s most popular and finest. In the film, Bruce Lee’s character resorts to the death jump when challenged for a duel by O’Hara.

In the beginning, O’Hara is all cocky to intimidate Bruce Lee. However, soon he learns the way of the ‘dragon’ when he is not able even to touch Bruce, but gets in return beaten to the brow.

Finally, O’Hara tries to play dirty by attacking Bruce Lee with broken bottles, and then Bruce shows no mercy. Bruce death jjumps on O’Hara to end him forever.

2: Yuri Boyka’s Finishing Move The Undisputed

We probably should have named this flip and kick. This is one of the finest finishing moves in Boyka movies. When Boyka comes out, as they say, as an undisputed champion in the ring, there is still one left who will challenge Boyka to pay with his life.

Called as Koshmar The Nightmare, this fresh out of prison savage faces Boyka agile and lethal kicks to the legs, followed by quick punches and then the final delivering spin kick.

The kick is so hard that Koshmar falls out of the fighting ring right in front of the audience.

1: Tony Jaa’s Elbow Assault and Knee Drop – Ong Bak

The Ong Bak movie is rife with coolest fight scenes and thanks to Tony Jaa, the movie has gained a name among popular martial art films.

In one of the scenes, Tony Jaa, while fighting a stubborn opponent, goes for his deadliest move, the elbow assault. Rooted in Muay Thai, the elbow assault directly strikes the opponent on the head or shoulders.

The knee drop is even brutal when Tony directly jumps down on his enemy on his knees.

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