Top 11 4th Wall Breaks In Gaming

As of 2020, games are not just about playing and winning. There are backstories and plots that gamers find interesting and engaging. This is where the world of fantasy begins where the characters are not mono-dimensional, but are rather attributed personalities. Welcome to Watch Tank and have a look at top 11 4th wall breaks … Read more

Top 10 D&D Magical Items

Dungeon and Dragons (D&D) is a popular board game where roleplaying is used. This game requires an elaborate process of planning, keeping in mind the story and the adventure it will take you through, with the inclusion of dragons to explore the world. What makes this game even more special and exciting is the magical … Read more

Most Powerful Finishing Moves in Media

Action electrifies us and gets us to sit on the edges of our seats. Fight scenes are no more a matter of personal choice, as more and more folks are appreciating fighting and combat scenes in the media. Welcome to Watch Tank, and today we’ll take a look at top 13 powerful finishing moves in … Read more