Top 10 things You Never Knew About Skyfall

Agent 007’s 23rd mission is what the movie Skyfall is all about. The movie celebrated the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and elevated the series to “Dark Knight” levels. The movie is one of the most famous of the James Bond series and received the most Oscar nominations of any Bond film. This … Read more

The 8 Worst Adaptations by Netflix

Netflix, whose initial business was selling DVD’s, has now moved towards filming its content called ‘Netflix Originals.’ They have also made a lot of adaptations over the years. However, not every Netflix adaptation was a success. Do you remember any of those worst Netflix adaptations?  Today Watch Tank takes you through the top 8 worst … Read more

5 Reasons Why People Love Modern Family

Do you know what a mockumentary is all about? You must have seen Modern Family. It is one of the best examples of a mockumentary. To date, the American Family sitcom has run for eleven seasons, a story revolving around Jay Pritchett and his family in suburban Los Angeles. Which includes his second wife, her … Read more

5 Reasons Why People Love Iron Man 3

Are you an Iron Man fan? Then you might remember the latest Iron Man 3 which the last in the franchise. The movie released in 2013 is about how Tony Stark grapples with the repercussions of the events surrounding “The Avengers” as well as a national terrorism campaign led by the mysterious Mandarin. The movie … Read more

5 Reasons Why People Love Dakota Fanning

We love our stars and celebs. They are what we aspire and think we could have been. The glam, the shine and the sparkling life of stars are what most of us love. Especially actresses, who are adored for their beauty, elegance and the way they carry themselves with sophisticated femininity coupled with confidence. Marilyn … Read more

5 Reasons Why People Love Community

We love Community, so? I mean, we all love our communities. What’s so new about that? Ok then, let’s expand a bit. We love the American sitcom ‘Community’. That’s clearer, right? Welcome to Watch Tank and today we are counting down our picks to discuss the five essential reasons why people still love the show … Read more

5 Movies That Had Fantastic Trailers but Didn’t Do Well

Trailers are a kind of an advertisement for movies, briefly showcasing the storyline and with the aim of attracting audience to the. It is like a marketing strategy for movies. However, sometimes the trailers are way better than the actual movie, leaving audiences with the feeling of haven wasted their time and money. Today at … Read more

5 Celebrities That Have Criminal Records

Celebrities are just like you and me. They go to parties, they get married, they have normal personal issues, they have double dates, some like burgers more than sandwiches. They have their flaws and can make terrible mistakes. Yes, for some their actions have landed them in prison. Some of them did what they did … Read more

10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Modern Family

Modern Family is a family sitcom which ended in 2020 after successfully running 11 seasons. The sitcom changed the way families are seen. They questioned the stereotypical idea of the family, but also showed how the idea of a perfect family could be different from the ones we thought of. The show also won an … Read more

10 Things You Can Learn from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

 Indy, as he is known fondly, has been kicking the ass of the bad guys for years. Indiana Jones has been a successful phenomenon over the years, with so many successful deliveries.  Thanks to Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones has become a legend who plays the role of the said hero. Ancient temples, rituals, spirits, and … Read more