5 Surprising Things Done by Sandra Bullock

We all have our Hollywood crushes. And to be honest, Hollywood hunks and chicks are worth drooling over. Sandra Bullock used to be, and maybe still is, the Hollywood crush of many. This beauty has definitely aged well so it is certainly no wonder why she still has many devoted fans and followers.

And it’s not just her beauty, but also her intelligence and her talent that attract so much attention and love from her fans. In her more than a twenty-year career as a Hollywood actress, she has not only won multiple awards but also gained a lot of accolades from film critics as well.

Sandra Bullock, on a red carpet movie premiere, The Heat
Sandra Bullock, on a red carpet movie premiere, The Heat

Sandra Bullock has starred in several memorable movies such as ‘The Demolition Man’, ‘Speed’ and ‘Miss Congeniality’ to name a few. Her role as a policewoman of future Los Angeles, tied by frivolous laws in 2032 is well-known. In the movie ‘Miss Congeniality too, she plays the role of a policewoman. Her role in the film ‘Speed’ is no short of praiseworthy where she plays the role of a petrified bus traveler.

Over the years she has mesmerized us and also surprised us.

Welcome to Watch Tank and here are 5 surprising things done by Sandra Bullock:

5. Stage Debut at The Age Of 5

Sandra Bullock was not new to acting when she made her debut in Hollywood in the 1980s. When she was a little girl, she used to live with her family in Austria. It was by the age of 5 that she made her stage debut. Although Sandra doesn’t remember many of the details of her stage debut, we can somewhat tell that this was the actual starting point of her career. It was here that Sandra Bullock, as an actress, began to take form. Till the age of 12, she was traveling throughout Europe with her family. At 12 she came back to her home country. When she was a student at East Carolina College, she acted in several dramas and was hence professionally trained before she made her debut in Hollywood.

As a result of her exposure to acting and dramatics, and due to living in Europe, she was used to speaking German, not just outside her home, but even at her home. To date, she still speaks fluent German as a result of her exposure to the language during her formative years. Also, the fact that her mother was a German opera singer helped her get a grip on the language early.

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4. Dropped Out of College

Now you may ask, how could this be worth praise or surprising. Well, she dropped out of East Carolina University in order to pursue her acting dream. Given that she has always been fond of acting, partly because her mother was an opera singer which gave her a look at the background of the entertainment industry, she always had acted in the back of her mind. Shockingly, she was just three credits short of graduating from her college. Despite this, she quickly moved to New York and began working as a bartender to support her dream of becoming an actress.

Let’s imagine what if the decision would have had flipped 180? This would have made her consider it as the worst decision of her life! But hey! As they say, hard work beats all odds. She kept this lesson with her during her years of struggle. And we are sure that her decision to drop out of college must have consistently reminded her of the great gamble she had played with her career and her life as a whole.

Fortunately, the plan worked out well for her, and Hollywood got one of its finest actresses. Thanks to her hard work, before and after her success, she is a highly accomplished personality today.

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3. Started Her Own Production Company

In 1995, she started her own production company called Fortis Films. The name is a Greek word for “strength”. When asked the reason behind this

decision, she said she wanted to have more control over the production process. This was the stage where she was making a transition from mere acting to project development. We guess her initial estimate for the success of her production house must have been doubtful. However, she trod carefully and accepted projects that would be well-removed from the generic films being pumped out during the 90s and early 2000s.

Some of the most notable films from Fortis Films were ‘Practical Magic’, ‘Miss Congeniality and ‘Two Weeks’ Notice’. She also helped launch the George Lopez show, where Hispanic actors and actresses share their experiences. As of 2014, she is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

It is no surprise that most of the movies that she has produced have been successful and made a significant dent at the box office. Most of her films have grossed $5 billion at the box office. As a result, she is the world’s 35th wealthiest celebrity.

2. Worked Odd Jobs

As told earlier, Sandra Bullock was doing the job of a bartender in New York after she dropped out of college to pursue a career in acting. While working as a bartender, she might have had many second thoughts about her decision to leave college and start pursuing her passion. However, with the focus she had on her true passion, she didn’t budge so easily and fought on despite her hardships. After years of hard work supporting herself to pursue her dreams, we finally got to witness her at her pinnacle.

However, it wasn’t just working as a bartender that could be counted as an odd job. She also worked odd jobs at other places, such as a coat checker and a cocktail waitress.

At a glance, we can say that she has worked hard enough to get where she is and no wonder she is grounded and humble despite her major achievements.

Before we unveil the number one surprising thing she has done in her lifetime, here are some honorable mentions.

  • She adopted a child

It was in 2012 when she adopted the 5-year-old Louis from Louisiana. Hollywood celebrities adopting kids from underprivileged backgrounds is not new. However, when she was undergoing the process of separation from Jesse James, her longtime partner, she adopted Louis, and in her own words, her whole world changed. She had become a single mother, and she was loaded with businesses to manage. Nevertheless, she handled it well and like a champ.

Hello Magazine - Sandra Bullock presents baby Louis
Hello Magazine – Sandra Bullock presents baby Louis
  • She runs multiple businesses

Sandra Bullock must be one of America’s prolific businesswomen. She handles multiple businesses such as a restaurant named Bess Bistro, and a bakery chain called Walton’s Fancy and Staple. Plus, she also owns luxurious apartments in the US that she rents out regularly.

1. She Is A Generous Donor

We can call her the $1 million woman. Every time there has been a catastrophe around the world such as the 2004 Tsunami or Hurricane Katrina, she has donated around $1 million to charity. Having come from a very humble background and has worked hard to get where she is, she knows the pain and suffering brought by disasters.

With no further doubt, Sandra Bullock is a woman of substance and can be an inspiration to countless young women who want to go out there and achieve their dreams. If you agree with our list, please let us know in the comment section below.

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