5 Surprising Things Done by Katheryn Winnick

Not all talent is found in Hollywood. There are some unparalleled gems, in the TV industry as well. Although it might take some time, once they are discovered, they are loved, cherished and celebrated by all.

‘Vikings’ has been a chest full of treasures and has given us gems like Gustaf Skarsgård and Travis Fimmel. That’s not all, we have Katheryn Winnick a unique, multi-talented package with a lot of facets and qualities. She wears many caps that go beyond acting, no wonder she has gained so much fandom.

Welcome to Watch Tank and here are 5 surprising things done by Katheryn Winnick.

5. Acted in Call of Duty

Katheryn Winnick 5. Acted in Call of Duty
Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn played the role of Marie in the game Call of Duty: WWII. Marie is one of the key characters in the game, enhancing the gaming experience. Katheryn’s role was so convincing and impressive that many said it was the reason why they liked the game. Katheryn plays the role of a brilliant engineer and tactician Marie, a playable character in the game. She has also been compared to Milla Jovovich’s character Alice in the movie and game franchise Resident Evil.

Call of Duty is one of the most popular and record-breaking computer games and not just over the last decade but the even in the 2010s. The game has seen several of its versions released, and gamers have played and enjoyed them a lot.

Call of Duty 2 is perhaps the most popular version of the game because of its great plot and backstory, which makes the game even more fun to play.

4. Acted as a Director

Katheryn Winnick is a multi-talented and multi-faceted entertainment personality who with various skillset. Apart from being an accomplished actress, she is also a producer and a director. Having worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, she has developed the skills and the knack for directing and production.

Currently, she is working on the Wu Assassins, a martial arts action-fiction series available on Netflix, for which she was going to be partially producing. However, due to other responsibilities she had to give up the idea of the latter, settling for the role of “Christine Gavin” who is an undercover cop from the San Francisco Police Department, investigating one of the villains.

However, for one of the episodes of ‘The Vikings’ titled ‘Valhalla Can Wait,’ she directed the episode and also played a part in it. ‘Valhalla Can Wait’ is the 8th episode from season 6, with the story haven progressed well ahead since Athelstan’s death. The episode was very dramatic, with plans of a Scandinavian invasion and an attack by the Rus on a Norse village. Also, Oleg of Novgorod states his mission to invade Norway. The episode was quite interesting as it showed the contact between Rus (medieval Russians) and the Norse.

If you are an avid ‘Vikings’ fan, what did you think about the episode ‘Valhalla Can Wait’? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

3. She Used to Train in Martial Arts

Katheryn Winnick Train in Martial Arts
Actress Katheryn Winnick

It may come as a surprise to you, but Katheryn is a trained martial artist. She is slim, flexible and can seriously kick some ass. Before she fully ventured into the entertainment industry, she used to train people in martial arts. On various occasions, she has shown her tendency to fight for real by demonstrating kicks and punches, in the air, of course. Katheryn utilized her formal martial arts training quite well, helping the fight choreographers to create fight scenes.

Her fighting style is more in tune with Eastern Martial arts namely, Karate and Taekwondo, but we guess she may quite as well do some Krav Maga. Katheryn doesn’t tie herself to one martial form, but is rather flexible in switching between different forms.

By the age of 21, yes 21, she had already established 3 martial art schools of her own. We can say that she has been teaching many the fine art of ‘ass-kickery’ for many years.

She landed her first role in her first stint in the entertainment industry, good for her.

Image Credits: https://taekwondo.fandom.com/wiki/Katheryn_Winnick

If not for her acting career, do you think she would have gone on to become one of the best martial artists of the world? Leave your comments below.

2. Studied Acting in William Esper Studio

Katheryn Winnick Studied Acting in William Esper Studio

The William Esper Studio is one the most popular dance and entertainment studios in New York. The William Esper Studio is considered as one of nation’s most well-known, having churned out a number of great actors. Although acting comes to her naturally as a talent, Katheryn decided to refine her craft, since she wanted to act as a professional actress.

She acted in numerous films and world renowned TV series. Vikings apart, she also played various roles in a couple of movies.

Before we go for our number 1 pick, here are some of our honorable mentions.

She Has a Third Degree Black Belt

As at the mere age of 13, she had gained her black belt. According to the belt grading system of Karate, she is a second Dan black belt which is very high and almost close to becoming a master. And not just Karate, she is also trained in Taekwondo in which she won a Third Dan black belt.

Kicked out of a Summer Camp

Yeah, that’s right. Once she was kicked out of summer camp while she was 14 for making noise and ruckus on the camp, showing a disregard for the camp rules. As a result, she was asked to take a hike and leave the camp.

1. Lived in A Buddhist Temple

Katheryn, given her devotion to martial arts, has also been known to have some attachment to Eastern philosophy. It may come as a great surprise, but Katheryn spent some time in a Buddhist Temple outside of Seoul, South Korea. While she was there, she studied Buddhist philosophy and did some meditative practices in order to gain a deeper understanding of her own mind.

Although it is not required of martial artists to study any philosophy, especially Buddhist, Confucian or Taoist philosophies, high-level martial artists particularly grand masters have stated that it was the study of Eastern philosophies that helped them achieve and master their respective martial arts.

Although we don’t have enough idea about this, Katheryn, while her tenure as a student in the Buddhist Temple, might have studied some form of meditation, which must have helped her nail the role of Lagertha in Viking. If you observe this, you might have noticed that Katheryn played Lagertha’s role with precision and calm. Guess what? Maybe she gets that calmness and ability to focus from her martial arts training and meditation. After all, training in these disciplines never goes wasted.

Katheryn Winnck is indeed a kickass babe of Ukrainian descent. Do you think she should have been cast in ‘Resident Evil’ franchise instead of Milla Jovovich? Seems like that could be a great idea. Isn’t it? Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with it us.