5 Surprising Things Done by Genesis Rodriguez

The American entertainment industry is full of talented and fun-to-work-with actors and actresses. The industry has benefited immensely from the contributions of these artists. One such talented artist is a Latina girl in the town, Genesis Rodriguez.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, she is one of the fastest rising stars in American entertainment and has a very bright prospect for her career in the field. Being a Latina, as she once said, has its own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s go further and know more about her.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and here are five surprising things that are done by Genesis Rodriguez.

5. Worked in Spanish Telenovelas

For those of you who don’t know what these are, telenovelas are Spanish TV dramas, or soap operas, which are mostly watched by families of Hispanic or Latin American origin. They are especially popular with women.

Genesis Rodriguez has acted in a number of telenovelas and gained some fame in the Latin world. As a result of her working in those telenovelas, she is known not just in Mexico but also in other Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. However, she is also popular in the United States because the country has a large Spanish-speaking Hispanic population that watches these Spanish TV dramas.

When she talks about these Spanish TV dramas, she talks very vividly and gives a lot of visual impressions. For example, when once she was asked about how she felt about acting in these dramas, she replied by saying that they were crazy and fun!

She said that since the Hispanic audience loved melodrama, she pointed out that at one moment, she would hate one character, and the next day she would be in love with them.

This goes to show the significant difference between English language shows versus Hispanic shows. While the former is in order with each

episode logically connected with the next one and all about gradual development, Spanish TV shows are wildly unpredictable and fun.

4. Spoke about Latinas in Hollywood

Hollywood is as diverse as America. What used to be a bastion of “white entertainment” has now Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics working in the industry. However, despite the increased diversity and improved condition of people of color in the industry, some of them feel left out and not included, especially because of their race and gender.

Genesis Rodriguez has been vocal about what she thinks about the tribulations and problems women and colored actors face in the entertainment field. She has also spoken more specifically about the challenges Hispanic women face in the American entertainment landscape.

According to her, Latinas, just like any other colored minority in the US, have troubles when it comes to casting and opportunities. The issue they face is two-pronged, with one being their race and the other being their gender. This two-way prejudice sometimes makes them kill their dreams to work in the entertainment industry.

And even if they get the opportunity, they have to contend with getting stuck in stereotypical roles such as a vamp or only as a side character kept for the eye candy and increasing the “sexual value” of the show.

Do you think that the minorities in the US still have to face discrimination in a very subtle yet real manner? Let us know what your thoughts are on the issue in the comments section below.

3. Has worked in English TV shows

Genesis Rodriguez, being the talented actress that she is, has worked extensively in Spanish TV dramas, or telenovelas as they are known in the Hispanic world. However, despite experiencing so much success from Spanish TV in the Americas, she chose to also move into working with the English-speaking entertainment media in the United States. Why? Because she can.

Yes! That’s the reason. Or to put it in another way, she wanted to experience a change in what she was doing, and what could have been the best way to do that but working in the English TV series – a type of formatted shows that were so much more different than what she was currently working with?

However, some people have wondered why such a seasoned Hispanic actress who found her final destination in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry would leave such a successful placement for the finicky world of English-speaking and white male-dominated entertainment.

Genesis Rodriguez for Complex Magazine
Genesis Rodriguez for Complex Magazine

Although she has delved deeper into these details, the core reason appears to be that she wanted to “diversify her acting portfolio”, which is a completely fair reason. It’s something that many actors do, often branching out from comedy to drama roles or from serious positions to lighthearted and fun characters.

She has been working in the entertainment business since 1994 and has come a long way since then. And to be honest, she still has got miles to cross before she lands a major role in a Hollywood movie.

2. Speaks for A Cause

We have seen actors and actresses talk about social and health problems. Genesis Rodriguez has not fallen behind, taking up such issues and communicating that to the public. Apparently, she has decided to talk about melanoma, a skin disease that affects several women. It was L’Oréal, the French beauty product maker, with whom she collaborated to come up with this plan.

Her initiative bore fruits, and more and more women began talking about this skin disease. Her campaign highlighting the condition was partially successful, and in some way or the other, women responded positively. However, her not being much popular didn’t make a large difference.

On the other hand, critics said that this was possibly a publicity stunt to get the actress more attention. And this is how the paparazzi receives its feed from various sources to create gossip.

Now whether it was real and sincere is not known. What is known though is that her campaign has spread some awareness about the skin problem, which is a value we cannot remove her from.

Do you believe that the movie and TV celebs take up causes as publicity stunts or as a sincere gesture of caring for society? Let us know in the comments below.

Before we move to our next one, we would like to add a trivia point that Genesis Rodriguez most likely must be monolingual during her childhood. Given that she was born in a very Hispanic area, there is a high possibility that she must be able to speak only Spanish.

1. Her Oscar Film

BIG HERO 6 THE SERIES - The cast and creative team of Disney Channel's hit series "Big Hero 6 The Series"
BIG HERO 6 THE SERIES – The cast and creative team of Disney Channel’s hit series “Big Hero 6 The Series”

Before you presume that we are going to tell you she’s an Oscar-winning director, hold your horses. Genesis Rodriguez worked with James Cromwell in the film ‘Big Hero 6’. The film won an Oscar for an animated movie. As she said, if sources are to be believed, she said that this was a confidence-boosting experience for her. In the film, she played Honey Lemon, a chemistry enthusiast at the fictional ‘San Fransokyo University.’

The movie was a hit and was one of the most famous animation movies. Although the voice acting position was very ordinary and not so significant by an extensive means, the role was, as she said, a confidence booster. As she will move up the ladder doing more films, we are sure that she will gain even more confidence to work in new movies and break barriers.

Let’s expect that if we were to talk about her after 4 to 5 years, she would have enough ammo of experiences to talk about. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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