5 Reasons Why People Love That 70s Show

Sitcoms – the perfect relief after a hard day at work, aren’t they?

Long before when Netflix gained its popularity, c had their audience glued to their seats, and is now celebrating its 22nd birthday.

Welcome to WatchTank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the five most significant reasons why people still love That 70s Show.

Could you decipher any single reason why people loved the show? Not really. The show’s freshness, the catchy-one liners, and various characters were reasons enough to love the show.

What’s your take on that?

Originally airing on Fox from 1998 to 2006, this popular Fox sitcom came to Netflix in 2011. In case you are not accustomed to binge-watching, log into Netflix and watch one episode.

The weird yet funny show would hook you, and temptations would be high to binge-watch all the eight seasons with 200 episodes.

But before that, we don’t mind discussing the top five reasons why people are such big fans of That 70s Show. Do we?

5. The rebel teen, Steven Hyde

Steven Hype portrayed by Danny Masterson
Steven Hyde portrayed by Danny Masterson

The show is extremely relatable to teenagers, and specifically to 90s kids because of its surroundings. It depicts a post-war 70s middle-class neighborhood in a desolate down of Wisconsin – the proclaimed cheese state!

The six teenagers who spend their time in a rough basement are the main characters of this show. Their challenges and adolescence problems are so relatable that viewers feel they’re looking back on their own childhoods!

But today we are concentrating on only two of them. Guess who?

First off, is the rebel of the gang, Steven Hyde (portrayed by Danny Masterson). He is Eric Forman’s (portrayed by Topher Grace) best friend, and gradually evolved to be his adopted brother. He has this blend of being tough and unemotional outside, while deep down, he cares deeply for the people in his circle he is close to. Steven’s one-liners, especially about the government, are to die for. The illegitimate son of William Barnett (played by Tim Reid) and Edna Hyde (played by Katey Sagal) evolves from a ‘less intelligent’ guy to ‘street smart’, and finally becomes actually intelligent.

A witty, blunt, and sarcastic guy who is skeptical about things and government in a post-war situation gradually becoming more mature. Aren’t all of us accustomed to this transition? 

From emotional teenagers to matured adults, all of us have dealt with this.

4. The nerd in the house, Eric Forman

Eric Forman portrayed by Topher Grace
Eric Forman portrayed by Topher Grace

Perfectly balancing his best friend, Eric Forman is the nice, geeky and clumsy guy. Eric appeared in the seven seasons and then left to teach in Africa. For the last season, he appeared as a guest in the finale, but remained mentioned by his friends at least once in every episode before then.

The seven seasons play witness to Eric’s relationship with Donna Pinciotti (portrayed by Laura Prepon), who happens to be his next-door neighbor. Didn’t we all wish for that once in a while? After all, who would not want to have such an admirable next-door neighbor?

Their relationship evolved in a very organic and beautiful way that complemented Eric’s geekiness with Donna’s feminist characteristics. Like a true geek American teen, Eric has a huge love for Star Wars. See. Another common trait!

This came out naturally for Topher Grace as he is a huge fan of Star Wars in real life. A perfect match between the actor and actual character made Eric more adorable, natural, and relatable. With all the others being super funny and cracking jokes, Eric seemed to balance that part out with being the least funny, but most nerdy, character.

Fans probably (or didn’t!) missed his pathetic jokes in the last season. However, Eric has the determination and courage to stand up to anyone including his father, Red Forman, who is a strict war-veteran. All these aspects make Eric so relatable and a character probably existing in every friend group!

3. Alcohol and Kitty Forman

Kitty Forman portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp
Kitty Forman portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp

Another primary character from the show is Eric’s mother, Kitty Forman (portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp). Her relationship with her son and his friends is very relatable.

She has a stressful relationship with Laurie (played by Lisa Robin Kelly for season 1-5 and Christina More for season 6) and is over-protective about Eric.

Aren’t all of us accustomed to our overprotective moms?

In general, Kitty is a great character and a caring mom, found in every household, but, like many people in that era, she has a difficult relationship with alcohol and cigarettes.

A no-bullshit character with a penchant for pithy comebacks, Kitty knows how to balance her own needs for alcohol with prioritizing her family’s needs. Her bond with her husband, Red, is amazing, given that they are completely opposite characters.

To conclude about Kitty, who can explain the importance of social drinking better than her? Whether it is celebrating or using alcohol as means of disclosing information, she has been the forefront in this regard in That 70s Show.

2. Fez’s love life

Fez portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama
Fez portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama

A character adding to the diversity of the show is Fez (played by Wilmer Valderrama). Both funny and a bit satirical, his full name remains unknown to the audience. As such, he is called Fez, a version of the acronym FES, which stands for Foreign Exchange Student.

What country is he from? Nobody knows! His native place is referenced constantly but never mentioned explicitly. There have been references that he could speak Dutch, and his country won a war against Britain, which led some people to believe it might refer to Indonesia?

He becomes unique in his way of interacting with the opposite gender. The more he desires and gets horny, the less attention he gets from girls! However, he evolves and is shown to get better with flirting as the show progresses. His constant endeavor of flirting with Donna and Jackie (played by Mila Kunis) mostly goes in vain – especially since both girls of the group are spoken for!

Jackie is that pretty and spoiled girl in that group who has managed to date three out of the four guys in the group – Steven, Fez, and Kelso (played by Ashton Kutcher). Fez’s flirting with Jackie only gets answered in the last season when they become a couple. Fez’s out-of-control nature often makes him out to be pervert, such as hiding in a closet watching Donna and Eric having sex.

Though perverted and creepy sometimes, the horniest member in the group is attractive, charming, and sweet, nonetheless.

Were they interesting? We have a lot more surprises ready!

Michael Kelso

Michael Kelso portrayed by Ashton Kutcher
Michael Kelso portrayed by Ashton Kutcher

Who can forget the pretty yet dumb boy in the group, Michael Kelso (played by Ashton Kutcher)? The series takes the audience through the journey of Michael starting as an idiot, getting through life by the virtue of his innate good looks, and eventually becoming an adult of his prowess when he shifted to Chicago in the final season.

An unhealthy relationship with his female counterpart, Jackie, led him to go through multiple breakups, which probably helped him cross the bridge from adolescence to maturity. With all the imperfections and journey towards adulthood, Michael is like every teenager ever.

Guest stars

For a show running through almost a decade, That 70s Show, never lacked surprises. You might need to re-watch to count the number of guest stars showing appearances in the show. Lindsay Lohan starred as a customer in Fez’s beauty salon. Mellissa Joan Hart and her friend went on a double date with Fez and Hyde. Of course, the most memorable guest star was the young Dwayne, ‘The Rock’, Johnson playing Rocky Johnson, a wrestler. There were even so much more to name! Guess you’ll just have to watch and see!

1. ‘The Circle’

The infamous ‘circle’ is an integral part of their friendship and bonding. The shot became the signature of the show.

It was a classic show cinematography with the camera panning and stopping at the person whenever they spoke. Always sitting in a circle, mostly in Eric’s basement, this shot usually signified they were smoking pot. Could you comprehend that?

A wide-angle lens coupled with thick smoke cloud and coughing lead to the notion they are under the influence of marijuana, although never explicitly mentioned, or shown. Eventually, it showed their bonding with no egos and hierarchies – a perfect atmosphere to let go of troubles and chill with closed ones.

The circle became an integral part of the series, as a symbol of hope, happiness, and unconditional friendship that the setting was used to show credits in the season finale.

That 70s show weaved nostalgia for the time along with the portrayal of characters that reflected their lives. It seemed that all the characters were known to the viewers for a long time. With that, it’s quite obvious why people love this show to date.

On that note, we end here. Did you like all the facts? Which one did you think was the best? Let us know in the comment section below.

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