5 Reasons Why People Love Supernatural

You are browsing through Netflix yet cannot decide what to watch? You mind a suggestion?

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Netflix – Supernatural

Welcome to Watch Tank and today we are counting down our picks of the reasons why people have gone gaga over the seasons of ‘Supernatural’.

Of course, the next question is why of all things the ‘Supernatural’ show?

Well, for that, let us have a quick background check, all set?

With an IMDB rating of 8.4/10, ‘Supernatural’, the American dark-fantasy horror series, joined the 15-season club in 2019. This creation from Eric Kripke was first aired in 2005. The eleventh season of the television series made ‘Supernatural’ the longest running live action series in American television.

Initially, it was broadcasted on The WB (Warner Bros.) for the first year and then became The CW Network’s lineup. This TV show has often got criticism because of being long. However, the massive fandom of this television series have shunned all the critics. 

Still not convinced? Then here are the five reasons why people love this ongoing TV show.

5. A Plot with Blending Genres

Samantha Smith as
“Mary Winchester”

Horror, sci-fi or fantasy, crime or detective, Supernatural blends all these genres so effectively. The unique mix attracts people with varying interests, creating a large fan following. This also leads to the plot becoming discussion points among friends and family and means of connecting random people. The plot is also amazingly relatable, people rising out of their trouble and winning their battles. It shows the journey of a once happy family, The Winchesters, when Mary, the mother (played by Samantha Smith) is killed by a supernatural power. This is followed by their missing dad John (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) 22 years after their mother’s death. The family business turns topsy-turvy post troubles, showing how easily people can become heroes saving people.

4. Comic Relief

Supernatural Cast in Comicon

Too much drama and seriousness can always ruin the charm of a TV series and lose grasp of the audience. This is another area that was given good attention in Supernatural with significant comic relief. The series has been consistent in providing a comic relief to the audience for all the 15 seasons and 320 episodes. The brothers in the Winchester family, Sam (portrayed by Jared Padalecki) and Dean (portrayed by Jensen Ackles) are characters with a great sense of humour. They show their funny side when interacting with each other and with other characters. In addition to the funny sequence, there are numerous one-liners, especially from Dean, which just let us dissolve with laughter. Then there is the less funny , Angel Castiel (played by Misha Collins). In his endeavour to be less-humorous and angel-like, he’s super witty. This is shown in many instances like his understanding of pop culture or when he leaves a voice mail.

3. Amazing Soundtrack

One of the greatest aspects of this TV show is its soundtrack, which cannot skip the ears of the audience. The advantage of Dean being a rock fan is, the series is filled with tunes from AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica and others. Legendary and timeless rock classic like Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas and written by Kerry Livgren back in 1976 is the ending sound for every season. The song has grown from a score to a symbol and remains with the audience for long. Dean’s love for rock probably came from his father John, whose other son Sam went the other way and is annoyed by it, which comes as a bonus to Dean. How about The Road So Far (written by Robbie Thompson and Jay Gruska) – a great summary and reminder of the characters after breaks and showed in season premieres. Speaking of music, the background score with scary feelings also deserve special mention along with the songs. The music in this series has inevitably triggered the heart of audience along with their ears. It has created a stimulus that touches our soul and keeps us engrossed in the series. The action-packed sequences are accompanied by a music to match.

2. The Bromance

Actors – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

A relatable family is probably one of the most significant things that keeps fans glued to a TV show and Supernatural shows no different. The family, the relationship between the brothers definitely stands out. The lead characters in the series, Dean and Sam are brothers. Dean, the older one, is like a soldier and protective brother who would risk everything to keep Sam, his younger brother safe. Sam is the academician of the family, aspiring to be a lawyer,having studied at Stanford University. Like any other younger brother, he is annoying at times and hates it when Dean displays his passion for rock music (sounds academic right?). Irrespective of their traits, they are true brothers- brothers who will go to any length for each other. The super strong family bond acts as a glue for the show because people can draw from it in their own lives. Friendship is probably a must for any happy, sustainable relationship, and that becomes evident in Supernatural. Fans think of them as actual brothers because of the great off-screen friendship they share along with their wives and kids. A mix of different humane emotions with strong willpower coupled with insane bonding and chemistry is a definite plus making this show long lasting yet enjoyable.

Before we reveal the final reason, here are a few honorary mentions.

Supernatural as a Television Show, has Every Element

The writers of ‘Supernatural’ have formed a show packed with all the right elements. The show has been giving the audience a heart-wrenching effect with horror as the base, and a comic topping.

Show Suspended Due to the Global Pandemic

Due to the global  Covid-19 pandemic, the production of the series has been suspended. The decision was made bearing in mind the safety of the cast and crew.

1. Attractive and Good-Looking People Around

The Main Cast

Last but not least, looking at all the actors of the show, they are good-looking and stunning. While one can argue on this, we all like series with nice visuals particularly of the cast and Supernatural is definitely one of them. This is not limited to the lead actors Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) but all the cast as well. They are all great actors and have justified the roles so far The production team got an excellent casting crew that has giving longevity of the show.

The list ends here, people haven’t stopped showing their love even after a decade of the show.

It takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of fantasy yet keeps them glued to an intense family drama.

Was season fifteen’s 320th episode the last one? Or are there high hopes for another season? Only time can tell!

Did you find this useful? Did we miss out on any point? Do you have more to add? Comment down below.

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