5 Reasons Why People Love Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

star war IV
star war IV

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Welcome to Watch Tank and today we are counting down picks for the 5 most important reasons why people still love Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope.

Many things have changed and evolved in the last six decades. However, certain things from earlier generations have remained rooted till date. Thus, instead of a generation gap, these things have become generation binders. Probably the greatest among those is the Star Wars series, with “Star Wars- The Rise of SkyWalker” being released in 2019.

It is worthy to recall how impactful Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) was, so, today we are taking a moment to understand what made people across generations love it.

Here are the 5 reasons we found. Give it a read:

5. Pioneer in the Movie Industry (Lights, Camera, Action like never)

Pioneer in the Movie Industry
Pioneer in the Movie Industry

Indeed, ‘Star Wars-A New Hope’ altered filmmaking in general. The speed at the which the movie progresses, the TIE fighters, degree of rotation of the movie’s crafts were all amazing and of course way ahead of its time. Director and writer George Lucas’ fascination with cars, racing, his vision of dogfight in outer space (as Lucas mentioned in The Making of Star Wars) was portrayed in a never-seen-before way. The space realities took the sci-fi genre to a new level and in the process remains believable to the audience as an art appreciated across time and space boundaries. In terms of camera, the movie brought an absolute revolution, the Dykstraflex – named after John Dykstra, is a computer programmable motion controlled camera system specifically developed for the complex special effects of the movie. The movie became the pioneer of the moving shoot methodology which gave future filmmakers enough food for thought.  Ben Burtt, sound designer of A New Hope,populated a massive list of sounds which he recorded personally. Organic and electronic sounds were blended in an innovative way producing effects fresh to the human ears. Guess where TIE fighter scream was made from, electronically stretched elephant bowl.

4. Grounded Science-Fiction Movie Genre

Star War Science Fiction Toy
Star War Science Fiction Toy

Prior to this movie, sci-fi movies, particularly with the alien world, had an out of the ordinary touch. They were incredibly perfect, away from the daily grievances of human world, something one can admire but difficult to achieve. A New Hope turned that notion on its head with really nothing clean and perfect. Droids broke down, and nothing was clean with grease and dust covering different areas. Rooted and grounded in reality, it helped the audience to connect and at the same time gave an out-of-the-world experience with the empire, galaxy and space travel. A New Hope was so humanly that there is a character for everyone, kids, teens, adults and older people. The movie revolutionized the toy industry with kids demanding for Star Wars toys which till date dominate the market. Princess Laila (portrayed by Carrie Fisher) was a tough female character and an epitome of women strength, becoming one of the first feminine role models for the new generation. Darth Vader (portrayed by David Prowse) also mesmerized all age groups and genders.

3. Lightsabers

Lightsabers use in Star War
Lightsabers use in Star War

Without A New Hope, we would not have been introduced to one of the coolest weapons in the movie industry- lightsabers. The Lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi Order along with their Sith counterparts, with both parties having the ability to use it in different combat situations. A 2008 survey of 2000 film fans rated the lightsaber to be film history’s most popular weapon. A lightsaber’s energy blade has the potential to cut, melt and burn through low resistance substances. Although  one might think, these are expensive props, a post from Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker, mentioned total cost added up to around $15. This including all the material costs as well as weird things like the handle from an old camera, calculator illuminator strip and pieces of t-strip. Every character had their lightsaber, which symbolized their level of skill, training and experience with the weapon. The introduction of the weapon by Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi (portrayed by Alec Guinness) to Luke Skywalker described this as the weapon of Jedi knight and an elegant weapon of a more civilized age. Indeed, this symbolized a new hope in every era appreciated by children across the last five decades.

2. The Twin Suns Shot

The Twin Suns Shot in Star War
The Twin Suns Shot in Star War

A New Hope’ also gave us an introduction to the binary sun and the desert planet Tatooine. The shot with Luke Skywalker gazing at the twin sunset went down in history as one of the greatest shots in Hollywood history. Coupled with John Williams’ amazing music score, this gave the perfect feel to any individual longing for adventure. The classic shot gives the required emotional punch along with the presence of simplicity, elegance and beauty. There are multiple speculations on the significance of this shot, and which shows the impact a simple and elegant shot can have over the audience. Some say it was like Robert Frost’s Road not taken split path situation. Luke has two options as he comes out of his kitchen a little frustrated (a worldly experience we all experience). Would he continue to live as he has been living in the desert beige colored Tatooine? Or take the route to the other sun to pursue an adventure-filled dream of finding a greater purpose in life? Thus, there is a call to a better future in life ushering a new hope which resonates with the audience as well.

Now, before we reveal the final reason, here are a few honorable mentions.

Star Wars is Timeless

As already mentioned, Star Wars has binded generations. People can relate to it irrespective of their age, even teaching life values and ways of dealing with the troubles.

The Propagation of Toys

The Star Wars toys became immensely popular and gave a great boost to the industry. People still recollect the competition they had with their friends. They laugh about how they envied their friends’ collection.

1. Introduction to The Force

May the force be with you”- we get introduced to this epic dialogue in A New Hope. While this specific dialogue was mentioned by General Dodonna (played by Alex McCrindle) before the Death Star battle, there were multiple variations like “The Force will be with you…always” or “Use the Force, Luke”. So, in general, the movie audience gets acquainted to the Force, which has become part of pop culture. It is almost after an hour in the movie that we get the first fathomable example of the powerful Force. This was when Lord Vader choked Admiral Motti (played by Richard LeParmentier) for questioning the power of the Force. The Force played tremendous importance for both Sith and Jedi monastic order which was very symbolic to our societal context. It was great to see world cinema’s greatest villain, Darth Vader and the guardians of peace and order knitted in one thread by the greater cosmic ubiquitous power- the Force. The two sides of the Force- the Dark Side and the Light Side connect to our physical world as the conflict between good and evil continues to impact the way we think, as one of the most lovable factors of the movie.

Diehard fans of the franchise (Star Wars) consider it as being bigger than anything else in life and have made the dialogues part of their everyday interactions. Many consider the first of the series Episode IV – A New Hope as the best movie ever made as ushering a new wave in the Hollywood industry.

On that note, we end here. Let us know your reasons of loving Star Wars Episode IV in the comment section below.

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