5 Reasons Why People Love Modern Family

Modern Family Full Cast
Modern Family Full Cast

Do you know what a mockumentary is all about?

You must have seen Modern Family. It is one of the best examples of a mockumentary. To date, the American Family sitcom has run for eleven seasons, a story revolving around Jay Pritchett and his family in suburban Los Angeles. Which includes his second wife, her son, their son, and his two adult children, their husbands and children.

Today at Watch Tank, we take you through the 5 reasons why people love Modern Family.

5. Social Issues

The show has never forgotten to speak about any social issues happening in the world. Issues such as gay marriages and the difficulty of couples in adopting a child, have all been addressed on the show. This makes the show relatable for most of its audience. Considering that just after a year of Mitchell and Cameron on screen marriage, gay marriages was legalized in the US, it makes the show even more interesting to its viewers.

That’s the reason why we love Modern Family, they never forget to connect with our day-to-day activities and family issues.

As Jay Pritchett says in the series, ” I’ve always seen life as a series of doors. Sometimes you get to choose the door you go through, sometimes you don’t get that choice. But you still gotta walkthrough. So, you can either go kicking and screaming or walk through with your head held high.”

4. The Heart is Important

How close are you with your family?

Modern Family showed us what it means to have a big heart. It is important to support and provide a helping hand for each other. Family is all about unity and being selfish won’t work. There are times when we tend to forget our families, but they make sure that everyone stays close.

“It’s scary to let people see the real you, even when they are your own family. But aren’t they the ones we should be least worried about? The ones who will love us without judging, forgive our faults, celebrate our imperfections, maybe even encourage us to let our true selves shine through,” this is what Gloria Pritchett said in the series.

The script of the series is super smart and very edgy and has a leaning into the heart of the story. The comedy in the series is a bit snarky, mean and catty. It also has a different taste or route from the other sitcoms of its genre. Everyone in the family is so different, and there were so many ways to mix and match the characters. This is one of the main reasons why people love Modern Family.

3. The Script

The show creators, Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan find ways to bring out fun and original idea every day. The scripts teach us a lot about life and how we need to deal with the problematic situations.

The show does create a lot of ridiculous conflicts or impossible scenarios, which might seem fictional in the beginning but in the end, we get to appreciate that it is grounded in realistic everyday situations.

Do you remember any lines which portray the beauty of the script?

“What qualifies someone as a hero? Obviously, a hero has to be someone we respect. A person we look up to. A person who is generous of spirit. Who’s willing to grow and learn. Maybe it’s the person you love most in the world. Or the guy who makes the most out of life no matter what anyone thinks. For me, though, my hero is my family, because of who we are together.” by Manny Delgado.

These lines clearly depict the beauty and creativity of the scriptwriters. The imagination with which the whole series is written, from misunderstandings, bad neighbours, lies going wrong, or confrontations between characters clearly depicts the events that transpire in our everyday lives.

The Pritchett family isn’t perfect and indeed no family is perfect. They have their own ups and downs, humour and arguments that go along with the script. The best part of the show is that Modern Family is inspired by the real-life experiences from the writers, cast, and crew of the show.

2. Beautiful Moral

Remember any sublime moral of the script?

All the episodes of the series end with a beautiful moral which could be easily deduced. The show did even seem to suggest that “outside-the-box” may be the most peaceful place to be. Perhaps, this is because the family is not like any traditional family that you normally know.

Every character is known for their different passions. For example, Cam loves music, Phil often recollects on his days as a cheerleader and Alex, who is a bookworm, secretly plays in a band because she loves it. Claire is the perfect example of perfect imperfection. She is known for making mistakes all the time, and even though she’s seen as an obsessive character who strives for flawlessness, she has her moments as well.

None of the characters have any resemble with one another.

As Cameron Tucker says, “There are dreamers, and there are realists in this world. You’d think the dreamers would find the dreamers, and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not, the opposite is true. You see, the idealists need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists, well, without the dreamers, they might never get off the ground.”

Before we tell you about the most lovable thing about Modern Family, let’s take you through some other adorable factors of the series.

  • Laughable one

Do you remember any episode which didn’t have any humour in it?

All the episodes are hilarious and fun to watch. There are 250 episodes in total, yet no comedy in the series have ever been repeated. That’s how beautiful and intelligent the scriptwriters are, they come up with new comic materials every time.

Remember when Phil tried to be the cool dad and saying, “I’m a cool dad. That’s my thang. I’m hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: oh my god, WTF: why the face?”

  • Modern and Traditional Family Values

The series is a perfect blend of modern and traditional family values. Since the beginning, you can see how a 65-year-old Jay Pritchett marries a girl half his age and lives with her. There is no uncomfortable situation for the viewers, preventing them from watching the series.

What is your favourite part of the series?

However, the family has their own cultural values and heritage, which reflects how true they have been to their beliefs.

Now let’s see the most lovable fact of the series.

1. Great Characters

What do you love most about the sitcom?

Preferably, the characters. You can’t find such a dynamic or all-rounders in any family.

The series is made for everyone, from kids to parents, and even grandparents, anyone can watch the series and relate to at one of the show’s characters. The series is so engaging that it invites you to be part of it and enjoy or even cry with them.

The constant conflict and love that an ordinary family shares in the real world are perfectly depicted in the series. The immature nature of the kids is very relatable. From babies and children to teenagers and adults, we see and witness their growth as the series progresses.

Sitcoms like Friends or Big Bang Theory connect with the people, and Modern Family is one of them. That is the main reason why these sitcoms have lasted for more than a decade.

As Gloria Pritchett said, “Family is Family. Whether it’s the one you start out with… the one you end up with… or the Family, you gain along the way.”

These are some of the reasons why everyone loves Modern Family. Do let us know in the comments, why you love Modern Family so much.

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