5 Reasons Why People Love Mad Men

Hollywood TV Series Mad men
Hollywood TV Series- Mad Men

Why should we tune into a show that ended five years ago? Because lockdown is still on, and it’s available on Netflix.
Just kidding! That is not the only reason to tune in, of course.
Welcome to WatchTank, and today we are discussing the reasons why people still binge-watch the show Mad Men.
Why do people still love this American period drama? Mad Men, as a television series, was created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate Television.
The series ran on the cable network AMC from 2007 to 2015 and lasted for seven seasons – a full ninety-two episodes. In the show, the fictional time frame lasted from March 1960 to November 1970.
The story of Mad Men revolved around the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. Later at the newly created firm of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, later renamed as Sterling Cooper & Partners.
The main character was the womanizing advertising executive Don Draper portrayed by Jon Hamm. The plot kept track of people in his personal and professional lives.
The series became interesting as it took a hold of the changing moods and social norms of the United States found during the 1960s and 70s.
So, feeling like watching it again? Before that, the reasons to watch it again (or for the first time)! Read on!

  1. The iconic characters
Cast and Crew of Mad Men
Cast and Crew of Mad Men

Shows are known for their interesting characters and storylines, and Mad Men is no exception. Even though it is set in New York during the 1960s, it still feels as fresh as if it depicted somewhere brand-new. We love to go back to the show for Don, Joan, Peggy, Roger, and all the others who made it a visual treat to watch.
Mad Men believed in the deep introspection of all its characters. I mean, we all know that the ‘Mad’ part was the short form of Madison. But, deep down somewhere, didn’t we all link it to insanity?
Can a real person be without insanity? Be it Don Draper’s alcohol issues, to Roger’s orgy phase, to the problems Betty faced as a mother, to Ginsberg’s actual insanity (remember him cutting off his nipple?), every character was a manifestation of a person having real problems. Yes, we believed in all that!
Even if Mad Men is set in the past, the characters and the specific issues they dealt with always felt relevant to present day.
Speaking of that, did you find any of the characters relevant to yourself?

  1. The dressing style
Style Mad Men
Style – Mad Men

The old life dressing charm was just too hot to handle. Didn’t you feel the same too?
I mean, I love watching period dramas for their costumes and dressing style. Mad Men was no exception.
It was the 1960s, after all. Men had an immense love for tailored suits and fell for women who dressed to show off her curves well. Remember, Christina Hendricks?
Now, that was a sexist thought! However, even after that, we are sure that Hendricks was the most gorgeous women we have ever met from that time.
These outfits the show graced up with gave us impactful insights into the life and fashion of those times, and how the evolution of fashion occurs gradually.
We might not have realized it, but it also foreshadowed events and the thoughts hovering around the characters’ minds, because the writers liked to play it subtle. What was your take on that?
The style was an integral part of the show. Be it Peggy’s yellow power color to Joan’s modest look when she wanted to be taken seriously, the concept always had a deep bonding with the development of characters – and always in the most surprising of places.
PS: The show might work as a good reference point while dressing up for the vintage themed party. What say?

  1. Dance amidst dialogues
Mad Men - (Peggy) Elisabeth Moss, (Don) Jon Hamm and (Joan) Christina Hendricks
Mad Men – (Peggy) Elisabeth Moss, (Don) Jon Hamm and (Joan) Christina Hendricks

Mad Men never left any stones unturned for keeping its viewers entertained. Be it the interesting twists, the catchy dialogues, or the dance numbers; the show had it all to get you glued to the seats.
Wait; what? Dance numbers amidst dialogues? Yes, that’s true. A series with such deep intense storylines needed some dance moves amidst the dialogues to break from its series of unfortunate events.
‘Mad Men’ had its share of dance numbers, and all of those were too good to miss out.
Whether it was Don and Peggy slow dance in ‘The Strategy’, or Ken, tap dancing in ‘The Crash’, the show had immense ability to rope in the fresh air of moves. The show had immense ability to cast joy and laughs in our hearts, in-between the sobs and dark phases.
It even took an edgy turn for sexy with Megan’s rendition of ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’.
Then, of course, we also had Robert Morse’s incredible number, ‘The Best Things in Life Are Free’, that got featured in the episode, ‘Waterloo’.
Care for a re-run only for the dance numbers? Go on!

  1. Never shied away from showing a shocking moment
Mad Men - John Hamm (Don Draper)
Mad Men – John Hamm (Don Draper)

‘Boring’ is the word absent from the dictionary of Mad Men. From a man slaughtering off his nipple to a secretary almost running over a man with a lawnmower, the show had its quota of gory moments, which were both shocking and surprising.
However, the shocking moments didn’t end there.. Want to learn more?
From the partners firing each other to Peggy’s little problem in the first season, ‘Mad Men’ succeeded well in keeping the show entertaining as well intriguing.
The character building and how they gradually developed was beautiful. The best part of the show was getting to witness the relationships flex, grow, and then fall apart.
Of course, the entire story at the backdrop of an ever-contentious ad agency makes it more exciting and engaging for the viewers to watch it.
If you want a demo of how exciting the show is, tune into the thrilling episode of, ‘Shut the Door. Have a Seat’ and see it yourself whether ‘Mad Men’ is boring or not.
Well, we won’t leave you without adding the honorary mentions.

2a. Every episode is shot like a short film
Each episode of the show had its specific theme and imagery and made sense on its way, irrespective of any overlying plotlines for the whole season. This made for the perfect viewing experience, especially since you wouldn’t get bored of seeing the same sub-plots hashed out repeatedly.

2b. Truthfulness prevails
The show was miles away from the quintessential pattern followed by the other television dramas. The thing you thought to be a scandal didn’t make any noise, whereas the part you overlooked had the major moments coming.

⦁ The ‘real-life’ behind the imagery

Mad Men Episode - The Beautiful Girls
Mad Men Episode – The Beautiful Girls

Set in the 1960s, sexism, and racism were a significant part of the society at that time. In addition, abusive marriages were on a rise, with struggles to achieve in the workplace, illegitimate pregnancy, divorce, and children dealing with complications.

‘Mad Men’ not only portrayed life, but also carved its characters with humanity. It gave them actual lives that continued throughout the series, and a big reason, people loved it to date.
For instance, who would have known that the naive new girl, Peggy, would become such a confident and successful copy chief, or the sexy, and objectified Joan would emerge as one of the firms’ richest partners?
See, now you have characters that reflect real-life, thus even more reasons to watch it.

Mad Men successfully created its characters, and each of them knew that who they were, who they are, and what they did to reach there. People could relate to it, and thus it was critically acclaimed for its writing, acting, directing visual style, and historical authenticity. No wonder the show became the recipient of sixteen Emmys and five Golden Globes awards.

With that, we end here. Did you come across any more reasons to love the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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