5 Reasons Why People Love Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker is a rising star, with more to him than what people know. Jonathan has worked in various TV series and movies and has reprised roles that have been somewhat popular. 

Today, he plays a major role of a protagonist in a TV series after years of being in the shadows.

Welcome to Watch Tank and here are 5 reasons why people love Jonathan Tucker:

5. Jonathan Tucker is A Family Man

Jonathan is not just a prolific and hard-working actor, first and foremost he is a family man. He is married to Tara Tucker, who is the daughter of Pulitzer Prize winner Laiquat Ahamed, an economic historian. They got married on 16th June 2012 and welcomed a set of twins born on 15th May 2019. Jonathan Tucker is usually a busy actor, playing significant on-screen roles. However, despite his busy schedule he takes time off for his family. 

Actor - Jonathan Tucker
Actor – Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker was born in Boston to Maggie Moss and Paul Hayes Tucker, who was an art professor at the University of Massachusetts. His paternal grandad was ambassador and historian Carlton J. H. Hayes. His father is of Irish Catholic ancestry, while his mother is Jewish. Jonathan grew in a stable family, which could be attributed to why he is such an accomplished figure in the entertainment industry.

If you have a brief look at his family background, you can see that his parents, his grandfather and even his wife’s family are full of academics and corporate professionals. Despite having no background in the entertainment industry, Jonathan made it to Hollywood and has successfully carved a place for himself. Maybe, his kids might one day follow their father’s path.

4. Lending A Voice

This may not be a big deal for those who are not gamers, but those who are deep into gaming, and have played the game ‘Call of Duty: WW2’ perhaps know his distinct voice and character as Private Zussman. 

Call of Duty is known for its challenging and at times tough gameplays. However, only true gamers would appreciate the excitement of having game characters being voiced by voice actors. Jonathan Tucker, who is not a professional voice actor did a phenomenal job as Private Zussman in the game. The role of Zussman is significant as a recurring character and is often seen in the game along with the protagonist, Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels.

During the auditions for the voice of First-Class Private Robert Zussman, many voice actors were auditioned, some of them having worked in similar projects before as well. However, Jonathan Tucker was considered as the one with the right mix of pitch and tone that suited the role of Private Robert Zussman.

Given that Jonathan Tucker did a decent job in voicing private Robert Zussman, do you think that he should do more voice acting? Let us know in the comments below.

3. Has Been Nominated for Awards:

It is not an absolute necessity as a prolific actor to win several awards, especially the Oscars. It is your acting that shows what you are built of. 

Jonathan Tucker has won  major awards so far for his amazing performances in several films. He has won:

Argosy Award:

This is one of Russia’s most significant movie awards. In the year 2003, he won the Argosy Award in the Dubrovnik International Film Festival.

Young Artist Awards:

In 2000, he was nominated for the Young Artist Award for the category of best performance in the TV film (which is also known as Pilot – Leading Young Actor.) for the Mr. Music released in 1998.

Young Hollywood Awards:

This is the latest award that he won, straight after 5 years. The Young Hollywood Award is one of the most coveted awards for those who have just entered the entertainment industry, including TV series. He won the award in the category ofStandout Performance.

Do you think that there is a lot of real talent that goes unacknowledged in the entertainment industry? Let us know in the comments.

2. He Is A Brilliant Actor:

Having started his acting career in the year 1994, Jonathan Tucker has proved himself in various supporting roles. And having done such roles, he is now finally making a dent in a leading role. 

He began his career with ‘Botte di Natale’ in 1994, followed by ‘If Two by Sea’ and ‘Sleepers’ in 1996, before his noteworthy role as Tim Weiner in ‘The Virgin Suicides’ in 1999.

The 2000 comedy film ‘100 Girls’ was a fun watch, where he reprised the role of Matthew. A year later, he was seen in the film ‘The Deep End’ with Tilda Swinton and Josh Lucas. The film was also shown at the Sundance festival. He also acted in the 2003 remake of the 1974, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ produced by Michael Bay and directed by ‘Marcus Nispel’.

He also got an opportunity to play alongside big names such as Bruce Willis and Ben Foster for the film ‘Hostage’ in the year 2005. The film was about a family that is taken hostage by a criminal called Dennis Cooper with his accomplice Mars. He has worked twice under director Paul Haggis’; once for the film ‘Valley of Elah’ as Tommy Lee Jones’s son, a soldier, who gets emotionally scarred from the war in Iraq and then in the NBC TV series ‘The Black Donnellys’ in the role of Tom Donnelly.

It’s not only his roles in films and TV series that are noteworthy, but also the fact that he is also a humanitarian. He has created a funding organization called the ‘Pegasus Fund.’ This non-profit organization funds top performing students from underprivileged communities by funding their education, sending them to summer camps that will help them prepare for new environments.

He is also a ‘Boston Red Sox’ and ‘New England Patriots’ fan when it comes to sports. However, not much is known further about his love for sports, we only know of this information.

1. Transformation for ‘Kingdom’

Jonathan Tucker, in his latest series ‘Kingdom’ plays the role of a kickboxer. It was in this role, that Jonathan went from 10 to 1000, showing what he was truly capable of doing. He was at his maximum, training like a gym crazy guy. Result? Jonathan not only has a slim and jacked-up body with visible abs, but also has arms and legs that are muscle packed and fat free.

Actor - Jonathan Tucker
Actor – Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan is a rapidly rising star and is currently set to make big waves in the world of entertainment series. However, it is only a matter of time before he finally moves up the ladder and becomes a movie star. What do you like most about him? Let us know in the comments section.

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