5 Reasons Why People Love Joel Courtney

Joel Courtney
Joel Courtney

Ready for rapid-fire? Ok so tell me, what is that thing about Joel Courtney you love most? His ‘oh-so-cute smile’, his acting ability, or his simplicity?

Well, I love it all. Joel Courtney seems like that boy-next-door we all know, minus the starry baggage.

Welcome to WatchTank, and today we are counting down our picks of the 5 reasons people love Joel Courtney.

Before we delve in, how about a bit of background check of this cutie star from the Kissing Booth trilogy?

Joel Courtneywas born on January 31, 1996, in Monterey, California. He started acting from the age of 15, with the portrayal of Joe Lamb in the 2011 release of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Super 8.

This was followed by Courtney essaying for the lead role of Tom Sawyer in the movie Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, which released in 2014 in Bulgaria.

However, the major reason of his fame, success, and recognition was garnered from his portrayal of Lee Flynn in the Netflix trilogy, The Kissing BoothThe Kissing Booth 2, and The Kissing Booth 3, slated for a 2021 release.

Can’t wait to see him in the third instalment. What about you?

With that intro, let’s now discuss the reasons why we love so much. Bet, you’ll start loving him more after this.

  • Always Been Vocal About Relationship

Contrary to other stars, who normally like to keep it a secret, Courtney has always been very vocal about his romantic life. He never shies away from posting pictures or posing in front of the media with his lady love. 

For the ones who don’t know, Joel is currently engaged to his fiancée and long-time girlfriend Mia Scholink. Scholink is a beauty business entrepreneur. The couple had known each other from the time they were youngsters. They started their dating phase in 2017, turning their friendship into a romantic relationship. Finally, in 2020 Valentine’s Day, they got engaged.

The couple was all over Instagram, celebrating their special moment of joy. They shared photos of the moment when Courtney popped the question on their Instagram handles.

Courtney wrote, ‘I like it, so I just had to go and put a ring on it’, followed by several hashtags and again wrote, “Stay tuned! Sooooooo much more to come!!!”

To this, Scholink replied with posts and photos of the couple showing off the bride-to-be’s beautiful engagement ring. She captioned it ‘ENGAGED to my best friend!!!? Can’t wait to marry you’.

While haters might term this as a publicity stunt, this showed the true joy, innocence, and honesty of a 24-year-old who wants everyone to know about this moment. Well, we can’t help but love him and gush over the cuteness.

What is your take on that?

4. Connecting with the Fandom

Joel Courtney started from a very young age. Thus, even after being successful, he doesn’t have a starry air hovering himself. He instead loves to interact with his fans and answering their questions. That’s sheer humility, right?

Do you know what the most exciting part is? Joel recently launched his YouTube channel. For him, this was one of the easiest ways to connect with his fandom. Through this channel, he is all ‘up-close- and personal’ with his fans. He chats with them, holds live sessions, answers their Q&As, and the most important thing; shares behind-the-scenes clips and pictures from The Kissing Booth. Did you like and subscribe to the channel?

So, you thought he was done? Well, not so soon. To treat his fans a bit more, and if you want more of him, just follow his Instagram handle, @joel_courtney. The account is followed by almost 4.2 million people.

3. Being Friends with the co-stars

That is a unique thing to do for a star of Courtney’s status. I mean, forget stars, even in real life do we actually keep tabs on the people with whom we have been friends for long?

Retaining friendship and holding on to it is an art, and Courtney is an artist. No wonder, we all long for a best friend like Lee Flynn (Courtney’s character in The Kissing Booth movie). Maybe he could portray this role so well due to this quality that he possesses.

Courtney has always been clear regarding his friendship with his co-star Joey King (Elle from The Kissing Booth), even beyond the shooting floors. In one of his interviews, Courtney also stated that he and Joey King became ‘the best of friends’ even after the shoot was over. We also can’t deny this fact as we get to see them appearing on each other’s Instagram profiles, frequently.

Also, Joey King commented on Joel’s engagement post, pouring in her best wishes for her ‘best friend’ and his fiancée. She wrote, ‘CAN’T WAIT TO BE THE RING BEARER!!!!!!!!!!! No but for real, I’m so happy for you two, you’re going to build the most beautiful life together. Cheers to your love’.

In addition, he also maintained a close friendship with his co-star Katherine McNamara from Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. He also maintained a cordial relationship with Don’t Let Me Go (2013), and Dear Eleanor (2016) co-star Isabelle Fuhrman.

Remembering your friends? Grab the phone and give them a call, right away.

2. Being Grounded Even After Tasting Success

Success is a hard-earned thing. However, achieving success and being grounded is more difficult, and people normally fail to maintain it. Overnight starry status becomes too much to handle for a majority of youngsters. The result, they start living in solitude and opt for the ultimate end.

Luckily, for our favourite star, the situation is not the same. Courtney knows how to keep himself grounded, and perhaps this is why we love him so much.  

After gaining immense success in the iconic movie Super 8, (2011), he starred in another movie titled The River Thief (2016). This movie holds a special significance in his career, to date, as it was produced and directed by his friends and the community members from Joel’s hometown. He was lucky to get almost his entire family on board for this project. His brother Josh, and sister Chantelle played significant roles in the film. Lucky Joel!

Now, before we state the final reason, we also have a few honorary mentions.

Working Hard to get a Role

Hard work to achieve success has been an integral part of Courtney’s life for a very long time. When he was 14, he travelled to LA to be with his brother, who was pursuing an acting career. While in LA, Joel decided to spend a month there, working hard, and auditioning for television commercials. He hoped to secure some pocket money in the process. To achieve something big, you have to start from somewhere.

Not a Pampered Kid

Joel was the youngest of all his siblings. He had two older brothers and an older sister. However, being the youngest member of the family, he had ample scope to be a spoilt brat and the pampered one. He didn’t turn out the way things usually go. He worked hard and paved his way towards success.

  1. The Boy Next Door Image

The fact that we all love Lee Flynn is much due to the reason why we relate to him. Joel, as Lee in The Kissing Booth is the cute boy from our neighbourhood, the protective friend we all would love to have, and the sibling we won’t mind sharing our room with. Somewhere down the line, Lee and Joel merge. Joel is a lot like Lee, his free-wild and down to earth nature, cute antics never seem like a star. Instead, he is the friend or confidante we would like to share our secrets with, have a hearty laugh, and the shoulder to lean on when we are sad.

The next time you are sad, just watch The Kissing Booth, and feel alive again with Lee. That works, right?

Honesty, humility, down to earth, and a great friend are a few of the reasons that we can’t have enough of Joel. Joel is a good-looking star and an excellent actor as well. Most importantly we wish that this 24-year-old never gets deprived of the qualities he has.

On that note, we end here. Did you find any other qualities to love Joel? Comment down below!

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