5 Reasons Why People Love Dakota Fanning

Simple and Elegant Dakota Fanning
Actress Dakota Fanning

We love our stars and celebs. They are what we aspire and think we could have been. The glam, the shine and the sparkling life of stars are what most of us love. Especially actresses, who are adored for their beauty, elegance and the way they carry themselves with sophisticated femininity coupled with confidence. Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Bullock, Brooke Shields and many others have been eulogized as fashion divas as well as beauty queens with a fantastic mix of hot and cold.

Especially child actors and actresses, they are loved in North America to the point of being touted as future super-celebs. Dakota Fanning used to be one such child actress. She is known for her role in films such as ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ‘War of The Worlds’. Although not making it big as a major celebrity, she is still loved by many today.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and here are 5 reasons why people love Dakota Fanning.

5. Low Key and Simple

Dakota Fanning, unlike other Hollywood actresses, is not so much into the glam and shine. She keeps most of her personal life under the wraps. She doesn’t like to advertise most of what she has been doing, particularly on Instagram or Facebook. However, she offers a few glimpses here and there. Right from entering adolescence, she has been successful in keeping herself away from the public limelight. However, there have been a few controversies, though. For example, a popular but now banned perfume brand in the UK had an advert cancelled, where she was holding the perfume bottle between her legs. The advert was deemed inappropriate and sexual, as it was banned by the British censors.

Other than that controversy, she has mostly stayed away from any negative attention, unlike other Hollywood actresses, who are constantly embroiled in various scandals. This quality has helped her keep her profile clean and stable. She has maintained an air of simplicity and calmness around her personality. This quality can also be attributed to her parents who raised her carefully, keeping her away from excessive limelight which usually attracts paparazzi cockroaches.

4. The Type of Roles She Has Played

Dakota Fanning has mostly played the ‘innocent kid in the midst of something’ kind of roles which people find sweet and amazing. Her roles in films like ‘Man on Fire’, ‘War of The Worlds’ and ‘I am Sam’ are noteworthy. In the film ‘Man on Fire’, she plays the role of the daughter of a wealthy Mexican businessman who gets kidnapped for ransom.

However, despite having a great bodyguard, the kidnappers succeed in catching her. The bodyguard played by Denzel Washington is now out for revenge.

‘I am Sam’ is a simple movie that talks about the bond between an intellectually disabled father and his daughter. Sean Penn’s brilliant acting coupled with Dakota Fanning’s innocence worked like a charm on the audiences. ‘War of The Worlds’ was a more catastrophe-based movie where she plays the role of a petrified little girl whose father is doing his best to protect them from invading aliens who are relentlessly massacring people.

The recurring theme in each of these films was her ability to portray her innocence in the context of all these movies. It was this kind of “innocent charm” that made people like her so much.

Do you think she has been able to adapt her inherent charm to her adult face and personality? Let us know in the comments.

3. Her Simple Yet Charming Fashion

Many Hollywood celebs are always keen to be in the radar of the Hollywood fashion police. However, Dakota Fanning never had to face this kind of trouble since she chose the middle ground, maintaining the fine balance between being called a prude and being a Hollywood ‘Madonna’. She has been spotted wearing simple jeans and a loose top or typical dark winter clothing. And if you want to see what she wears at award events, you can check out any fashion magazine’s online edition.

Her sister Elle Fanning is just as fashionable as she is. What is also notable about Dakota Fanning is the grace with which she carries herself. It is important to talk about that because it is usually something that goes hand in hand with one’s fashion sense. Dakota Fanning carries herself with a gait that is so balanced and natural, she doesn’t even have to try. She looks so natural and legit that it is easy for her to become likable.

2. She Never Had A Major Controversy with Other Actors

Most Hollywood celebrities have sparred against each other for various reasons. These celeb fights make us not only judge them but also show us their true colors. Can’t they resist these instincts, even publicly? They are usually embroiled in scandals and spousal fights, which the media almost always gets to make hay out of. We have never seen Dakota Fanning get into anything of the sort. In fact, she has not only been sober in her personal life but also been a positive example of how young Hollywood actors should conduct themselves.

She also hasn’t shown any tendency of constantly hopping from one relationship to the other. She has had, we guess two stable relationships till now, and she isn’t really known to be keen on going back and forth from guy to guy. Although there are actors who are known to be like her, she is especially known for being a role model for millennials.

Why do you think Dakota Fanning has been able to maintain a mellow image till now? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Before we begin with our number 1 pick, we would like to show you a few honorable mentions.

  • She shares a tight bond with Kristen Stewart:

Being on the sets of the same movie, ‘Twilight’, both actresses developed a good bond over time. Kristen Stewart, a heartthrob among the youth, with her warm reception of Dakota Fanning made the latter even more likable.

  • “Please Stand By”

In 2018, she played the role of an autistic girl in the movie ‘Please Stand By” and thus contributed her bit in spreading awareness about autism.

1. Innocent Yet Charming Looks

Dakota Fanning, without a speck of doubt is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. However, it’s not just her mesmerizing looks, but rather her simplicity that reflects her beauty. To give you some perspective, take the case of an actress like Pamela Anderson, or Megan Fox. They are not just beautiful but also hot, and you can see a tinge of their wild and darker side in their looks. Their good looks also have a hint of

aggression; an example is Milla Jovovich. Dakota Fanning on the other hand is very simple, yet charming and beautiful.

And to be honest, she has the type of beauty that many ladies are missing in this age of plastics and botox. No wonder, it’s due to her personality, which has her attracting more meaningful roles than sexualized roles.

These were our top 5 picks for the reasons why people love Dakota Fanning. If you agree with our list, please comment in our comment section below.

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