5 Reasons Why People Love Community

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Community – Cast

We love Community, so? I mean, we all love our communities. What’s so new about that?

Ok then, let’s expand a bit. We love the American sitcom ‘Community’. That’s clearer, right?

Welcome to Watch Tank and today we are counting down our picks to discuss the five essential reasons why people still love the show ‘Community’.

But, before that, we don’t mind a background check, do we?

Community is an American television sitcom that was created by Dan Harmon and aired on NBC (September 17. 2009- June 2, 2015). The story revolved around the adventures of a community college study group. The show became an instant hit with the viewers. However, the production involved a bit of a revamps for its fourth season. Even a cancellation was planned by the end of the fifth season. The show made a revival with in the sixth season on the short-lived Yahoo! Screen. Despite all the changes, the show managed to complete its sixth season, reviving little hopes for a movie.

While we wait for the movie, let’s have a quick run-down of the entire show and look at some reason why the show is still peoples favourite.

Ready for a show-time, guys?

5. The Characters Were Always in Sync With the Episodes

Community Cast at Comic Con

The Community is a perfect representation of various pop-culture references, with bits and parts of meta-humour. Community often roped in of various TV shows and films. The characters overthrew and often paid respect to multiple tropes as episodes being in sync with specific genres. For instance, if there was an ongoing documentary, the episodes would be placed in a documentary format. If the episode was a musical, all the characters would be found singing. There was a kind of self-awareness on the show, which was quite hilarious. The show understood its viewers, when they sometimes wished they could live out moments from the shows and movies, they loved. The makers of Community were much aware of this fact, and desire. They deliberately placed the characters in those situations. Thus, staying completely in sync and connected with its viewers.

Did you also think so?

4. Which Pair Stole the Show?

The viewers were always put in a brain-storming session. Which ship will be better to choose? Jeff and Britta? Or Troy and Annie? Or Troy and Britta? Or Jeff and Annie? Wait or is it, Chang and Shirley? Over time, the pairings which we thought off as naturals seemed wrong. While other possible pairings took their place. However, for the most part of the show, Community did not give much emphasis on who ended up with whom or why they should be togethe. Some sitcoms make the romantic relationships their focal point to an extent that the couple becomes the Romantic Plot turner of the TV Tropes.

However, looking at the grand scheme of things, these pairings didn’t matter. The pairings were only made to add an element of humour to the show. However, they don’t snatch away the limelight and become the central point, as one would generally expect from a sitcom. In this regard, Community became an easy watch for individuals who were sick of watching particular genre of romantic relationships.

3. Consistency and Changing Characters

In the first four seasons of the show, there was no change in the series’ cast. The “Greendale Seven” were pretty consistent. We always had Jeff, Britta, Annie, Troy, Abed, Shirley, and Pierce. In addition, we also had Chang and the Dean as mainstays. However, things took a turn in season 5 when Chevy Chase and Donald Glover left the show. Recurring characters like Professor Duncan (John Oliver) returned after an absence from two-seasons and became a regular on the show. Jonathan Banks, who portrayed Professor Buzz Hickey, brought in a new dynamic to the group. It didn’t remain the same, but again it was decent. In season 6, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) was gone. New characters like Frankie Dart (Paget Brewster), and Elroy Patashnik (Keith David) filled the gap pretty well and didn’t feel like replacements. The cast changed, quite a few times, but every time these changes occurred, it was always for the better. In a way, it became a reflection of real life. It showed us how the friends around us could come and go. In a way, the television show Community helped people to be in touch with change.

2. The Characters Transforming Through Media

Who would have thought the cast of Community transforming through a different media? Remember, the Christmas episode? The makers thought of making it in stop-motion! An episode where everyone was opening up. Let’s transform the entire group into puppets. Or wait! Do you remember the episode about the family fortune that needs to be cracked and won? The makers of the show thought of transforming the group into characters of a computer game. Is Jeff in a coma? The best way is to portray him through a G.I. Joe style, cartoon.

Every now and then, the Community series tried some kind of experiment, and honestly, they never went wrong. The makers were never afraid to try some other form of media. So, after this, when you watch the show again, especially the episodes named above, trust me, you would love them even more. Now, you can easily detect who is whom. Of course, not to mention, the reactions and interactions between the Community show cast, even in their transformed state, they remained hilarious. Even the brief anime-style depiction of the characters of Jeff and Shirley playing foosball made everyone break into splits of laughter.

Now, before we discuss the finale, a few honorary mentions.

  • The Magical Friendship

By now, I am sure who you’re pointing. The friendship between Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), and Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) was magical. Troy was a high school jockey before his stint at the Greendale Community College, but once he and Abed became BFFs, he realized, how geeky he actually was. The two of them went to movies, watched TV shows, spent time in their dreamatorium, constructed blanket forts, pillow forts, and hosted their very own “talk

show” Troy and Abed in the Morning together. Their commitment towards each other was well illustrated in season 4. They played each other when they pretended to “switch bodies” and started acting like each other, revealing their own personal problems. The two had their separate struggles, but people would always remember their bromance.

  • Speeches by Winger

Every sitcom has its talk of the day, and the show Community was no exception. The way Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) delivered his speeches was genuinely entertaining. He nailed all his speeches. The character also poked fun at how they sometimes needed a ‘Winger speech’ to solve issues. Like the characters, don’t you think, we all need that?

1. The Paintball Games

Community Paintball

Paintball games became somewhat of a tradition on the show. The first paintball episode was titled ‘Modern Warfare’ and occurred toward the end of season 1. At the end of season 2, we got a two-parter game. The first one was the Western inspired ‘A Fistful of Paintballs’ and the second ‘For a Few Paintballs More’. The latter was an epic and the toughest one. The season 4 finale was ‘Advanced Introduction to Finality’. The last paintball game, was season 6’s ‘Modern Espionage’ which went with a spy movie motif and ended the tradition.

That’s how we end the list. However, these were only a few things that we loved about the show. The fact remains that Community was a well-crafted show and people loved to laugh at the episodes, as it was timeless. So, it makes sense for the show to be get all the love that it deserved.

On that note, we end here. Did you enjoy that? Or do you have other reasons of your own?

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