10 Things You Definitely Missed in the Flash

The Flash | Opening Logo
The Flash | Opening Logo

Flash is one of DC’s superheroes and the fastest man alive. Initially, the views were on two minds regarding the CW’s announcement about The Flash, a series which is based on Green Arrow. However, you don’t need to know the source of DC comics to get the show. It is a good watch for someone who hasn’t been into reading much of the comics. But for the ones who have followed the Flash and its 90’s version, you are surely going to do so more. The Flash became one of the most popular series of its time. Comic books have come alive because of adaptations like these and history spanning itself. The Flash has reached great height by DC comics.

However, many aspects have taken place too quickly to catch them properly. We can help you go back to some events to refresh the memory or make you re-watch certain scenes to make a careful observation of the areas discussed here.

On that note, welcome back to Watch Tank. Today we are counting down our pick for top 10 things you definitely missed in The Flash.

10. New flash suit each season

Cisco introduces the Flash suit
Cisco introduces the Flash suit

Costumes make an integral part of a superhero. It is often that suit that gives them an identity and makes them stand out from their otherwise usual self. Heroes and villains who are given a particular costume don’t change very often. But it seems like Flash follows a different style altogether. In Flash’s universe, his costume receives an upgrade each season. To make the comic accurate, the change had to occur, especially after the Flash vs. Arrow clash. The suit was initially created to replace the fire-fighter look designed by Cisco. At the same time, the look was kept in mind to give hope to the community. The suit was heat and abrasion-resistant from reinforced terpolymer and built-in sensors. You must have observed Barry removing a mask and goggles during a fight with Clyde Mardon, aka Weather Wizard. Well, the gas mask and the goggles were a part of the suit. Hence, throughout six seasons, you’ve observed the costume change.

9. The Perfect Zooping

Flash Lightning on Road
Flash Lightning on Road

The coolest and the best production element that becomes a trademark of The Flash is capturing the lightning streak or the iconic blur as you may call it. Speedsters generate this, and the effect is seen when Barry speeds through the scenes. This effect has been in DC films as well, but it is much better in the series due to colorful streaks. The cast and the crew gave an actual name to the effect of blurring with the flying PF paper and people’s hair in the scene while The Flash makes his in and out gesture, soon this became a trademark, and it was named Zooping. The successful effect was brought out with the help of an air cannon and a red lightning effect that eventually worked out pretty well.

8. Who started Flash?

Actor Grant Gustin as The Flash
Actor Grant Gustin as The Flash

Though the CW is known for a viral trick of picking up a character and introducing it in some show, it successfully runs shows before dedicating an entire show on the new character.

The Flash was seen one such show earlier in Arrow’s run where we could see Barry’s feature. At that point, there was absolutely no written plan for The Flash. The popularity of Grant Gustin’s Flash on Arrow gave the show a kick-start. It seems like the testing ground worked pretty well for the producers and now we have a hit show.

7. The hidden significance of 52

The Flash Logo
The Flash Logo

There are hidden aspects in the series and the hiding of 52 is one of them. The comic books have some hidden Easter eggs we have to crack. The number 52 is a pretty big deal for the DC universe, especially to the new 52 runs. It’s challenging to locate these hidden eggs, 52 being one of them. On observing, each episode of season 1 has the number 52 in them.

Have you observed the 52 yet? Let us know in the comments below.

6. The weddings

Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings

Even though this is a superhero series, we audience still like to watch our favorite superheroes enjoying and expressing their moments on screen. One of the best moments was in season four of The Flash, in a crossover event when Barry and Irish get married during ‘Crisis on Earth X.’ Candice Patton, who played the role of Irish, was given a chance to pick her wedding dress up. She flew to Los Angeles out of Monique Lhuillier to pick her dress up. By doing this, the series gets its level of realism and genuine emotions expressed.

5. Ferris Air testing facility

Star Labs
Star Labs

A constant reference is made to DC superhero Green Lantern in The Flash. In the final series of Arrow, he alludes to Green Lantern, but before this, we could see Flash hinting at Green Lantern quite often in the series. But it seems like Green Lantern fans had picked up the reference. Ferris Air was a fictional airline company where Barry Akken got his speed tested, but most importantly, it was the place were Hal Jordan, aka the Green Lantern, got employed. When Flash realized how fast he could run, he wanted to be tested, so Barry went to the STAR Labs to get his speed tested. This is how DrWells brought him to Ferris Air Testing Facility.

4. An alternate title

Silhouette The Flash
Silhouette of The Flash

In the first draft of the series, The Flash had to undergo several changes. One of them was the titles of the episodes. The first episode is now called ‘Pilot, but it was initially called’ “City of Heroes.” Since Oliver was working for The Flash while simultaneously working for Arrow, they got team members who later were based on fan reception, and that was how the story headed. So the title of the episode was based on the audience’s idea of heroism from the beginning. That is how the writers named each episode.

3. Who will play the Flash?

Actor Grant Gustin at SDCC 2017
Actor Grant Gustin at SDCC 2017

Like any other show, The Flash also needs a perfect fit for the character. After several rounds of auditions for the role, they finally found Grant Gustin, who played Barry Allen, play the role of the Flash. No other actor can take his place as he has justified Flash’s role well enough to have any other actor replace him. But Andy Mientus had also auditioned for the role, and even though he didn’t get it, we could see him a couple of times as the Pied Piper. Since we have witnessed Gustin in the role, it is difficult to imagine Mientus in the same place.

But the role of young Barry was played by Logan Williams who passed away in April 2020. Though the character was not there throughout, we got a glimpse of him in flashbacks or the pilot episode. He shaped the way we see Flash today. While 2020 has been a year of terror for all of us, we can’t imagine anything happening to our favorite onscreen characters. After all, they are the reason for our solace in these difficult times.

Do you like the actor playing the role The Flash? Could any other do justice to Flash’s role? Comment below and let us know.

2. Linda Park

South Korean actress - Linda Park
South Korean actress – Linda Park

There is quite a discrepancy between the comic series and the TV series of The Flash, one of them being his love interest. Linda Park is the lover, wife, and mother of Wally West’s children, but in the Flash, Linda is Barry’s love interest that lived short. There were also issues with the character playing the role of Linda Park. Linda Park had appeared in season 1 episode of “Crazy for You” in Arrowverse. But here she was performed by a different actress, and in the Flash, while we were expecting the same Linda Park from the Arrow, the actress is different, and ten years younger than the earlier Linda Park. Moreover, she is a newbie in the industry. Malese Jow now plays the character.

Before we take you to our top 1 pick, here are fun facts you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • The line “My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive.” is directly taken from the comic, which is heard via a voiceover by Grant Gustin.
  • Flash’s father was the original Flash. The followers of Flash of the 90s on CW will be able to recognize him immediately. In the new Flash series, he has appeared as Barry Allen’s father and Golden Age speedster Jay Garric. The new Flash series also got Mark Hamill from Star Wars as the villainous Trickster. While both these series are of different versions and different periods, the characters were shown in flashback. That is how the two characters were paid homage to.
  • A Batman Beyond reference is brought out by a character called Nora, who comes down from the future. The only word she has from the past is a slang word “Schway” which means fresh. But it is taken from another DC project, an animated series, Batman Beyond.
  • Flash’s suit was designed by the maker of Arrow, Colleen Atwood.
  • Behind 90210, the Flash is the most-watched CW’s premier series.

1. Contrary logic of time travel

Flash deploiement
Flash deployment

There are fundamental theories on time travel, which are mainly of two kinds. And both contrary ideas are mixed in The Flash. One idea is that time is always in the move, and things will keep changing, resulting in different timelines. At the same time, the other theory states that time is circular in motion, and everything that has happened in the past is still present. The fact that Flash has mixed this idea makes it very strange. This is because Barry shows two different time travel in two separate episodes. While in one, he goes back in time into the past, in another event, he goes to the future and erases the ‘past’ Barry. There definitely are some time travel goofs in the Flash series. Maybe we can let the idea go by coming up with our theory that The Flash doesn’t have any rules of time. Perhaps we could just enjoy his travel experience rather than trying to get what all of this means for a more enjoyable experience.

Have you noticed any other goofs like this? What do you think of the time travel goof? Let us know in the comments below.

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