10 Things You Definitely Missed in Once Upon a Time

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Would you agree that troubled times compel us to take refuge in the fantasy world?

On that note, dramas filled with fantasy and adventures have a huge fan base among the adults. Still finding it hard to believe?

Then turn your heads and attention towards the American television series Once Upon a Time.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the things you have surely missed while watching the television series Once Upon a Time.

Aired within seven seasons on ABC from 23rd October 2011 to 18th May 2018, the story takes place in a unique backdrop that showed two alternate settings. Care for a recap?

There was a fantastic world where fairy tales occurred and a seaside town in Maine, which was the real world. The real part of the world features the characters of Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and her ten year old son, Henry Mills, as protagonists. Henry discovers that the other inhabitants of the town are fairy-tale characters.

The audience gradually discovers the backstory of the town’s inhabitants, later on revealed as fairy-tale characters, integrated with their real-world stories.

The seventh season of the series moves the real world part of the show to Seattle, Washington, with the narrative led by an adult Henry, his wife, and daughter.

While getting engrossed in the series, you might have missed a moment or two. But fear not. You are lucky we are here to reveal all.

Sit back, relax, and let’s start the magical journey!

10. A show filled with hidden references

When it comes to hidden meanings and references, Once Upon a Time, or OUAT as the fans like to call it, had quite a few of them. Can you guess some?

To give you a hint, start with the names of the characters. Most of the main characters’ names have a deeper meaning behind their fairy tale counterpart. For instance, Mary Margaret Blanchard

(Ginnifer Goodwin), who portrays Snow White, has the French word “blanc,” which means white, in her name. Also, Mary Margaret is derived from Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina Freifraulein Von Erthal, who was believed to be the real woman behind the original character of Snow White.

Do you find this amusing? Same goes for us as well.

9. No heels for the Snow Queen

While watching Once Upon a Time, did you ever wondered why the Snow Queen was always barefoot?

Well, there was not any particular reason behind it, but the actor who portrays Snow Queen, Elizabeth Mitchell, found it impossible to wear high heels while walking through the woods.

There was no particular reason, but she convinced the writers of the show to incorporate always being barefoot in her character. Mitchell

couldn’t do her job in heels, and this was the only reason we could find on why she was always barefoot.

Girls, we understand that pain, right?

8. Almost became like a reunion of Lost

If you take a closer look, you will find many of the cast members from Lost have made an appearance in Once Upon a Time. Could you recall some of them?

We saw Lana Parrilla, Emilie de Ravin, Jorge Garcia, Alan Dale, Rebecca Mader, Patrick Fischler, Daniel Dae Kim, and Elizabeth Mitchell. Also, supposing you carefully watched the first season, in which case, you might have seen an Oceanic Airliner flying overhead, and the time that Storybrooke got frozen was 8:15, similar to the Oceanic Flight 815. That reference was subtle enough to detect.

Lastly, Regina’s house address is one hundred and eight, the number of minutes shown on the clock in Lost‘s hatch.

Missed them? You can still grab the chance to see them.

7. Why is Peter Pan evil in the series?

We have known Peter Pan as the cheerful boy throughout our entire childhood, and the boy “who never grew up.”

Our perceptions and fantasies about Peter get crushed in Once Upon a Time as he is portrayed as a cruel and ruthless character.

As per the original screenplay by J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan is a bad guy. The story ends with Pan killing the Lost Boys when they got too old. In an interview with Edward Kitsis, the show’s co-creator, he added that, “Peter Pan was very mischievous in that book. If you think about 12 year old boys, we think back to our youth. To want to be that for the rest of your life is dark! What happens to somebody who wants to cling to youth at any cost? For us, that is a villain. “

That was logical. Still, Peter Pan as a villain? Hard to digest!

6. Captain Hook is a mixture of characters

How well do you know the character Captain Hook?

If you are into sci-fi series and fantasy heroes, you might recognize that Captain Hook from OUAT is directly inspired by the character Westly from The Princess Bride, and Han Solo from Star Wars.

Hard to believe? It becomes obvious when Hook comes back to help, right at the end of Season 2 just like Han Solo, and hearing him say to Emma, “As you wish,” just like Westly did to Buttercup in The Princess Bride.

5. Dismantled historical facts

History lovers might not like the way OUAT has loosely retold certain historical facts as they are filled with inaccuracies.

Sometimes, the fairy tale timeline doesn’t add up. For instance, in one episode, the characters talk about using a guillotine. The problem is that these fairy tales were set sometime between the 1200s and 1500s, and the guillotine was not discovered until the French Revolution in 1792.

We can ignore these small details for the love of the show, right?

4. Disney appearances syncing with the New Disney Movies

Did you observe something closely?

The Disney characters who made random guest appearances on OUAT also got featured in a new Disney film at the same time?

No, right? For example, the casting of Ariel and Cruella was no coincidence. Ariel appeared when The Little Mermaid was recently released, and same holds true with Cruella, when 101 Dalmatians was re-released. The Wicked Witch was there on the anniversary of The Wizard of Oz and just a year after the release of Oz the Great and Powerful.

This was not very surprising since Disney owns OUAT’s network, ABC.

3. Coma instead of death

In the first episode of OUAT, remember Charming being wounded by a nearly fatal stabbing while trying to reach his daughter to the Magic Wardrobe?

The makers originally thought that Charming should die in that episode. But showrunners thought that his character was essential to the overall storyline, and it would have been difficult to continue without him. So, rather than his stab wound being fatal, Charming ended up being in a hospital with a coma.

It’s better than nothing, at least!

2. Onscreen pair and off-screen romance

Die-hard fans of Once Upon a Time might be aware of this, but for those who didn’t, Ginnifer Goodwin got married to her onscreen husband, Josh Dallas.

The two met on the set while working together on the show and got married in April 2014. Just a month later, they welcomed their son Oliver. In 2016, they had their second son.

That was so sweet! Don’t we all love their onscreen chemistry?

We have more Easter eggs to reveal!

  • Lady Gaga could have been part of the cast

Imagine a fantasy show like Once Upon a Time and a dynamic personality like Lady Gaga being part of it. As per sources, Lady Gaga was offered the role of Blue Fairy/Mother Superior. However, her team failed to respond in time, and Keegan Connor Tracy grabbed the role instead.

A sheer miss, I tell you!

  • Rebecca Mader used her personal experiences to get her wicked vibes

Who can forget Zelena, the Wicked Witch? Actress Rebecca Mader was so convincing as Zelena and for good reason. The actress drew inspiration from her real-life pain and used her past to enhance Zelena’s anger and angst.

Despite the show being a hit, Robin Hood was not happy with his fate. Want to know why?

1. Robin Hood was unhappy with his fate

I meant in the show! Sean Maguire, the actor who played Robin Hood, was not at all happy the way his character took a turn for the worse in the end. After he was perished on season five’s final penultimate episode, Maguire, the man who brought the mythical thief to Storybrooke, sacrificed himself for his love, Regina. However, as per reports, Maguire wasn’t expecting this fictional couple’s love story to end so soon, and even more, he didn’t like the way it ended.

He felt that the character’s end was too abrupt and was not carefully crafted.

Though dealing with drama and fantasy, Once Upon a Time had a deep message that spoke of hope and optimism. We enjoyed the show while appreciating all its messages and lessons as food for thought.

We conclude here. What are your thoughts? Do comment below.

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