10 Things You Definitely Missed in New Girl

sitcoms have their fan base- true, that?! 

If you are all bucked up with the clutching of life, all you need is a good dose of sitcom and relentless laughter. Do try this! 

Coming back to sitcoms, what’s your thought on the sitcom New Girl? Simply Adorkable!! (got the pun?!) 

American TV Sitcom aired for 7 years - The New Girl
American TV Sitcom aired for 7 years – The New Girl

Welcome to WatchTank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the ten things you missed while watching New Girl. 

The show started as an American television sitcom created by Elizabeth Meriwether for the Fox Broadcasting Company originally aired between 2011 and 2018.  

The story revolved around a quirky teacher, Jess (Zooey Deschanel), after she moved into a Los Angeles loft with three men, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris). To top that, Jess’s best friend Cece (Hannah Simone) is also part of the series.  

The show was a concoction of comedy and drama elements as the characters, who were in their early thirties, had to deal with maturing of relationships and career choices. New Girl was a joint production between Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures and 20th Century Fox Television, syndicated by 20th Television. 

On that note, let’s embark on the journey of finding the Easter Eggs and have a good dose of laughter with nostalgia. All set for the road?! 

10. Season 1 showed no physical contact between Nick and Jess 

 Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel as Nick and Jess in the TV Series 'New Girl'
Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel as Nick and Jess in the TV Series ‘New Girl’

Imagine no physical intimacy between the main protagonists of the show for the entire first season. Could you get that?! 

Well, as the show unfolded, Jess and Nick’s relationship eventually became a major focal point of the series. But, initially, at the beginning of the production, the crew knew that they had the special thing on their hands when Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson were cast. The palpable chemistry between the two was much were so evident that they were directed to have very little physical interaction. This was a possible means to tone down until they were all set to embrace it. 

9. Best Friends for both reel and real 

For many a show, the thin line between reel and real gets blurred. New Girl also made its name on the list. Could you guess how?! 

Friends in Real Life Zooey Deschanel (right) and Hanna Simone (left)

Hannah Simone, who portrayed Cece, wanted to grab this chance of using the spotlight to give one of her friends a nice shout-out. During an episode of season 1, when Cece was heading into a club, she is heard shouting out the name of one of her friends. Later, Simone revealed on Twitter that this shout was an ad-lib, and she called out one of her real friends. 

Of course, what are best friends for?! 

8. Personal belongings Of Prince 

If you have been an ardent watcher of New Girl, could you name one of its biggest guest stars to appear on the show? 

Undoubtedly, it was Prince, who got an entire post-Super Bowl episode dedicated to his name. That was a great guest appearance, what say?! 

However, Prince had a number of unusual stipulations, many of which circulated the background details as the paintings hung from his walls, the hairstyles for characters, and even the name for a chef character that had no dialogue. Could you remember some of the artifacts?  

FYI, Prince actually had one of the arts flown in from Minnesota, specifically for that episode. 

Did you miss that?! If you still have the option to watch! 

7. Laughter behind the camera 

Undoubtedly, New Girl is a funny show. The cast members speak of such talented comedians that it is comprehensible that there would be a lot of laughter and jokes going on in-between the takes.  

Even, if heard carefully, the background actors are heard laughing from behind the scenes on a few occasions. This happened quite a lot of times when Damon Wayans’ dialogues were on the shot.   

I mean, do we doubt this?! When we can’t help but break into fits of laughter, I am sure the actors had a troubling time controlling them in real-time.  

6. The loft had several non-functional utilities  

The loft is an integral part of New Girl. Throughout the show, there had running jokes about how nothing ever worked in that apartment. 

In the show, there had been some very extreme ways Nick and the company attempted to create the solutions to these problems. These issues were actually created as a result of Jess’ avoidance of the landlord, Remy, whom she described as ‘creepy’. It’s a lack of sheer clever commitment to the bit that the apartment has fallen into a disrepair state. 

Disrepair or broken, we don’t mind an apartment tour, right?!  

5. The kitchen chairs were mismatched on purpose 

New Girl invoked a kind of fresh air into its viewers’ lives and induces positive energy.   

In the show, the main crux remains living with many new people, belonging to different backgrounds, and with varied personalities. Sometimes it integrates well, while sometimes there are clashes.  

Want a prime example? Have a glance at the show’s kitchen, where every single chair placed on the table is of a different style. Besides, there is also one rolling office chair. The chairs have a subtle yet deeper meaning that every person is different and speaks their voice. What say?! 

4. Jess’s iconic watermelon piece of art   

This one is also about the iconic loft. New Girl’s location had many stories to share.  

Even if you watch the entire show, it is quite easy to miss certain details. For instance, Jess has a beloved piece of art that might be stated as her favorite item from the apartment. Remember, which one? 

It was this quirky piece of art involving a watermelon. Besides, the art piece meant so much to Deschanel that she took it along with her after the show had called a wrap.   

Which was your favorite piece of art from the show?! 

3. ATM pin code had references to past work 

There was an episode of New Girl where Jess had begun to give Nick the PIN for her ATM card.  

Jess couldn’t finish, and the only numbers that she could churn out were a four and a two.  

Now, 42 was a crucial number in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, if you remember. This was one of Zooey Deschanel’s biggest roles before starring in the New Girl

2. Characters got reversed  

It’s not at all usual for series and characters to change with time, in accordance with the response of critics and the audience 

Could you guess the change for New Girl? In the beginning, Nick was surprisingly a somewhat responsible adult, and it was thought that Winston was the most immature of all. However, as the show progressed, the two had their characters swapped, their traits changed. 

This swap was for the better as the energies that Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris got into these roles made more sense for them to play the opposites. 

New Girl is still left with some Easter Eggs. Stay hooked! 

The geography of the Loft is mismatched  

If thought closely, Winston and Nick’s rooms were within the loft and had windows. But keeping in mind the apartment’s floor plan, and the geography that’s been shown, this doesn’t make any sense. Their walls are placed next to one another’s and the hallway, so it is not possible geographically, but at least looks nice. 

Referring to bear in every episode  

Those who have watched New Girl minutely, and endless times, have picked up that every episode of the show had a reference to a bear, be it in verbal or physical form. This became a fun game in itself to catch the reference in every episode. 

Hold your breath for the last one!! 

  1.  The Annoyance Bowl and Jerk Jar 

There’s another running joke hovering around the show, i.e., the characters’ personalities sometimes grated on one another. The gang developed a ‘douchebag jar’ that would keep Schmidt in check during season 1. In season 2, an ‘annoyance bowl’ needs to be fed whenever Jess disturbs someone in the loft. This bowl is only referred once, but both the bowl and jar were present in the other episodes. 

Which one did you like best, the bowl or jar?! 

The New Girl as a show is based on a simple plot. By the way, it unfolds its characters and creates the resonates with its audiences is praiseworthy. Its’ characters effortless comedy made it one of the most famous comedy shows, produced by Fox. 

That seals the deal! Up for some reviews, comments, or suggestions?! Drop them in the section below!