10 Things You Can Learn from Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been winning our hearts for decades now. The heartthrob (though he hates being called that) from High School Musical has transitioned from his Disney days to a leading star in Hollywood. Though he is mostly remembered as Troy Bolton, there are some interesting facts about this multi-talented actor which will leave you zapped. The growth from a teenage high school boy to an actor is very evident. He shown his brilliance, taking things a step at a time.

Hey guys, welcome back to Watch Tank, today we are counting down top 10 things you can learn from Zac Efron.

10. Journey from High School Musical

Most of us know him from the High School Musical series, but Zac refused to do a tour for the film even though his shot to stardom came from the movie. He claimed he didn’t want to listen to all the songs over again. We have to agree, the film series had so many musicals and coming from the makers of the film, it can get a bit too much particularly if you have to listen to them repeatedly.

9. An Autograph, a Prized Possession

Zac Efron An Autograph, a Prized Possession
Zac Efron An Autograph, a Prized Possession

Zac has a prized possession which happens to be autographed baseball collection. All of us had some form of prized possession as kids or at some point in our lives. While people tend to be fans of other worldly things, Zac has his precious signed balls for that matter.

8. A Man of Hidden Talents

While most of us know him as just an actor, he has another hidden talent. He likes to paint, and he claims, he can draw well, likening himself to an artist.

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7. A Versatile Actor

Zac Efron A Versatile Actor
The Lucky One World Premiere featuring Zac Efron at Bondi Junction Westfield

He had applied for the role of Peter Pan but was passed off for a much more matured actor. Zac first appeared in a show called Summerland. This first show also saw Zac’s first on screen kiss. At this time he was 16 and he claims he was very nervous on the shot. Zac’s major shift from Disney came in Neighbors beside Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. He also starred in the sequel of the same film, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Other roles were in are 17 Again, Hairspray and Charlie St. Cloud.

6. Co-star Influence

While filming for Paperboy, Zac not only excelled as an actor after the film but also changed as a person. His co-star, Matthew McConaughey, was a significant influence on him. There

were some thought-provoking questions to which Zac had his own moment of self-questioning even after that the movie. Zac said, “During filming, Matthew and I had a lot of time to talk. We talked about life. He got me thinking because, for the past few years, I’ve been so focused on movies and work. I guess I’m compulsive like that”. Matthew was the first person to sit me down like a big brother and ask, ‘Are you happy? What do you want to do with your life, man?’ He’d say, ‘Let’s go do something fun today’, and all I’m thinking is, ‘Let’s go rehearse!’. I realized that there was something else I wasn’t tuned in to.”

5. Entered a Rehab and Fought a Mental Battle

It takes a lot of courage to enter rehab and deal with any kind of obsession and addiction to drugs. Zac dealt with it, he knew he was one of the hottest in the industry and was always looked up to or was surrounded by paparazzi all the time. He knew he had to solve it and do something about it. He knew there was eyes on him even when dealing with his day to day life. He did indulge in a lot of partying; his lifestyle had changed, and he wanted to do something to be more responsible and to become better. He was at a phase in his life where he was not at his best, but he managed to come out of it. He fought the odds and didn’t let that phase pull him down. He rose to become to a finer actor, which is evident today. People are happy to see him hit the big screen again as he keeps inspiring people not just through his work but also the journey, he has undertaken.

4. Turned Down an Offer by Simon Cowell

We all know, Zac is multi-talented, especially in High School Musical, he sang almost all the sing along since High School Musical 2. His singing ability was much appreciated by Simon Cowell, from American Idol. Simon wanted Zac to start his career in music and believed Zac had a voice good enough to do it. He was offered a reasonable amount for a music record, but he turned it down. Zac knew he wanted to excel in his acting career. It takes a lot of thought to turn down an offer by a well-known judge, but Zac knew what he wanted, and his excellence has been proved.

3. He Hasn’t Graduated in Real Life

Quite ironical, Zac made an entire film series on graduation, but the truth is, he hasn’t gone to college. Zac was a bright child and got accepted into the University of Southern California, but he had other plans. And he enrolled himself in an acting career.

2. Only Excels at On-screen Pairing

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens became quite a power couple as Troy and Gabriella after High School Musical. However, the on-screen power couple couldn’t hold onto their relationship in real life. Zac and Vanessa had won an award for the Best TV Chemistry at the Teen Choice Awards in 2006. However, Zac didn’t lose hope, he even tried his hands-on Tinder, but guess what? Tinder didn’t play fair for him also.

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Before we take you to your top 1 pick, here are some special mentions

  • He sang all the songs in High School Musical apart from the one in the first movie.
  • Fixing cars is something he likes besides acting and singing.
  • He learnt how to ride a bike from Tom Cruise. One night at a party, Tom asked Zac if he knew how to ride and he said no. So, Tom offered to teach him how to ride and he was invited the very next day to begin his training.
  • Zac is a part of a travel and food show along with his wellness partner Darin Olien; their show premiered on Netflix, in 2020. The show is named Down to Earth with Zac Efron, and deals with healthy and sustainable ways of life.
  • Zac and his brother, Dylan have a YouTube channel and are making a YouTube series named “Off the Grid”. It’s a travel blog and which is surprising, coming from Zac Efron. We can’t imagine Zac having a knack for vlogging.

1. Apart from being an actor, he is also a prankster

Zac was known to be quite a prankster, but it was a role reversal when he was pranked. A victim on one of the episodes of Punk!d, he featured twice on the show. First, he was pranked by his co-star Ashley Tisdale and a second time by Hayden Panettiere. It was a hilarious scene when he thought he was getting arrested for a hit and run case. Zac surely knew to watch his back since he wasn’t the only one to keep playing pranks on others.

Zac Efron’s growth is something all of us witnessed, not just as an actor but to man we can look up to.

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