10 Things You Can Learn From Tom Hopper

Tom Hopper
Tom Hopper

In the entertainment industry, you can have heroes with heights between 5.10 to 6 feet, and then there are superheroes like Tom Hopper, who measure well above the norm, with a height of 6.5 feet.

Tom Hopper is an absolute behemoth of a human, or shall we call him ‘superhuman.’ Although he hasn’t been much in the spotlight, he is becoming a well-known name in the entertainment industry with the passage of time.

Known for having a big frame and unconventionally tall height, Tom Hopper is making a big dent in entertainment.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and here are 10 things that you can learn from Tom Hopper.

10. Have A Kickass Workout Routine

It is hardly a surprise that a tall and athletic guy like Tom has a strict and regular workout routine.

However, his health and overall robustness shouldn’t be solely attributed to his height or genetics, but rather to his intense workout sessions. This can be an inspiration for the rest of us who are not vertically as blessed as Tom.

Therefore, it’s not just enough to admire and praise him on your phone screen, but instead, put the phone down and plan your daily exercise regimen right away. Pump that iron and work out those muscles.

9. Cut The Sugar

Doesn’t this sound like generic advice? Well, that’s because it is. While there may be good reasons for it to be ignored by many others, but Tom Hopper isn’t one of them.

Tom, if he is telling it right, has cut sugar out of his life. According to him, most of what he consumes either contains less sugar or no sugar at all. This helps him keep all that visceral fat at bay. If anyone of you guys wants to get a slim and fit body like this ‘The Umbrella Academy’ actor, you better begin by removing sugar from your diet. No muffins, no donuts, and no pastries.

8. Consume Only Organic

Consume Only Organic
Consume Only Organic

Organic food has been in vogue for a decade or so, and many celebrities have adopted the organic diet so far. However, only when someone like Tom Hopper goes fully organic do people start to understand the importance of organic food.

According to sources, Tom has said that all the vegetables and meats he consumes are organic because he believes that foods have to be free of artificial substances, like certain chemicals that wouldn’t be naturally found in these sources or are beneficial like certain GMOs.

If you want to want a build like Tom Hopper, you can begin by ordering that organic fruit basket or that organic sausage to fill your plate with healthy foods.

7. Struggle And Keep Going

Tom had to begin acting in theaters and plays before he could land a role in a series.

Tom is a tall, muscular hunk, but there are quite many who are like him in the west. So you can reasonably assume that he had to jump through his share of loops and hurdles to get to where he is. After a lot of hard work, rehearsals, gym sessions, we have the Tom Hopper we know today. Whatever our trade or discipline is, most of us have to start from the bottom. So be persistent and keep working hard.

Do you know the struggle story of an aspiring actor or actress who took the hard way to success? Let us know in the comments section below.

6. You Can Be A Beast But Also A Family Man

Tom Hopper is not your stereotypical party-going, socializing, womanizing hunk that you might have thought of him as.

He is married to British actress Laura Hopper whom he met on the sets of a TV series they shared. Tom felt Laura was great for him, and soon they got married on 7th June 2014.

Today, they have two children together: a son called Freddie Douglas Hopper and a daughter named Truly Rose Hopper. Tom Hopper regularly posts pictures of him and his family on his Instagram and ensures that he spends some quality time with his wife and two children between all his other duties and scheduling.

5. You Can Be A Versatile Actor

Due to his body frame size and his height, Tom can be easily cast as a villain or someone who is boisterous, brawny, and aggressive.

Although Tom has leveraged greatly on his body dimensions and height, he did not set himself in a typecast role. Spanning across series, Tom wears many hats. He is popular for his role as Luther in ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ Billy Jones in ‘Black Sails,’ Dickon Tarly in ‘Game of Thrones’ and Sir Percival in ‘Merlin.’ Each of these roles are different and not just some generic version of the other.

Do you know any actor who did not let themselves cast into a stereotypical role and were truly versatile? Let us know in the comments section below.

4. Do Not Be Afraid Of Doing Embarrassing Scenes

For those of you who are aspiring actors, whether it be theater or electronic entertainment, always be ready to do scenes with fart jokes. And we are not even kidding. In a scene from ‘Umbrella Academy,’

Tom’s character Luther farts in the elevator, much to the dismay of his colleagues/team members. Tom may have been a bit apprehensive, but eventually, he did the scene without giving a flying fish about it.

For those who are not into acting, just be yourself. Although, we aren’t implying that public flatulence is a good idea either.

3. Have Opposing Sports Interests

When you look at Tom, his intimidating body frame and height can be overwhelming and may even be scary. He looks like your typical Rugby or wrestling champion who will lift you and slam your body like crumpled paper on the ground.

However, Tom’s sports preferences have a softer side too. Apart from rugby (yes, you were right), his main sports interest lies in golf. However, while he has not delved deeper into his liking for golf in any of his interviews to date, we can at least say that he enjoys swinging the club now and then.

2. You Can Be A Giant And Have And Artistic Background

Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin used to be WWE wrestlers who made their way into Hollywood. Some of you might have thought that our new hero, being British, might have some British underground wrestling background. And, of course, you’re mistaken on that because he comes from an artistic background. Although his family has no record of working in cinema, he decided to shape his career as an actor when he joined the Rose Bruford College for Dramatic Art and Acting.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions.

  • Inspired By Actors For Fitness

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a fitness inspiration for many, including Tom Hopper. According to sources, in various interviews, Tom has revealed that it was none other than Arnold, who inspired him to become a fitness freak.

  • His ‘Friends’ Inspired Him To Become An Actor

Tom Hopper is a great fan of the classic American sitcom ‘Friends,’ and it was the series that inspired him to take up acting, as per his admission in a couple of interviews.

1. Be A Hunk, Yet Have Humble Beginnings

Tom Hopper, despite being tall and good looking, began as a theater actor after graduating as a professional actor from the Rose Bruford College. His first role was in the musical, ‘Return To The Forbidden Planet.’ Later, he began doing side roles in various TV series like ‘Casualty’ and ‘Saxon.’ His effort and hard work earned him roles in popular series like BBC’s ‘Doctor Who.’

We hope Tom goes from strength to strength in his career and wish him and his family all luck. If you agree with our list, let us know in the comment section below.

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