10 Things You Can Learn From the Twilight Saga: New Moon

Twilight Saga New Moon
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Remember Edward Cullen? Yes, the topaz-eyed, dense looking Vampire?

Yes, we are talking about The Twilight Saga.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and today, we are counting down picks to reveal the ten most important life lessons you can learn from the movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Don’t we all love Edward Cullen, who was played by Robert Pattinson? Of course, we do!

I am sure there are a lot of fans of the Twilight books reading this, but a brief intro would surely still be welcome.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the second movie of the franchise. Directed by Chris Weitz and released in 2009, this movie is the sequel to the 2008 release The Twilight. New Moon stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, respectively.

Films are a reflection of our lives and are sometimes enriched with perspectives worth learning. This movie is no exception.

So, are you all set to learn? Let’s start then!

10. Unimpressive Parenting Skills

When Bella disappeared for a few days, her dad Charlie, who is also the police chief of the town, didn’t even care to put an amber alert or even look upset. Instead, he was seen repeating the words, “You’re in trouble, young lady! You’re grounded! Well, okay, you can go out a bit.”

The way her dad reacted was okay for a fantasy drama, as Bella was rescuing her boyfriend from a pack of vampires. But this isn’t proper behaviour for a parent when a son or daughter disappears for days without leaving a trace. From a realistic point of view, this part of the New Moon was simply unacceptable.

What’s your take on that?

9. Rejection hurts (a lot!)

Bella was completely smitten by Edward and the fact that he was “devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful” when she saw him for the first time. She got another chance to sit next to him in Biology class, but sadly, Edward didn’t even steal a glance at her. Rather, he showed utter disgust when Bella sat beside him. Also, at the sound of the bell, he bolted, leaving Bella dumbstruck. On her way back home, Bella couldn’t hold back tears of humiliation.

Humiliation and ignorance aren’t very nice, but to all the girls out there, that also doesn’t mean you should feel sad and rejected about it. If a guy rejects you once, then there’s a chance he will back for sure. Just look at Edward!

And if he doesn’t, then it’s time to move on!

8. Stay away from the bad beast

It is always necessary to have a good understanding of human beings. In New Moon, Edward loves Bella, but also has the ability to kill her as he is still a dangerous beast. Just for the sake of the movie, we can believe that Bella’s natural human instincts didn’t work while she was with Edward. She couldn’t solve the mystery of Edward. Maybe she felt certain that Edward would never hurt her or maybe she was also blinded by her desire for him.

No matter what be the reason, blindly believing any person without knowing their background is not advisable.

Prevention is always better than cure, isn’t it?

7. Girls love to be wanted

To all the boys out there, this advice is for you! Edward Cullen and Bella Swan were a total mismatch. Suddenly, the shy, timid, depressed girl with a lonely life, Bella, was swept off her feet by Edward, the most popular, incredibly handsome guy in school.

New Moon was a fantasy movie, and such love stories are hard to find in the real world. But, boys, no matter what, girls love to be wanted, pursued, and treated well!

So, the next time you want to pursue a girl, you know what to do, right? Make her feel special and on top of the world, and she’ll never leave your side.

6. Loneliness is bad

Bella is a young adult in the story, the most vulnerable age for anyone growing up. This is also the age when children need their parents the most, but in the movie, Bella is lost, isolated, depressed, and always sulking. She doesn’t expect anything from life, her flaky mother, her confused father, or her friends. No one can see through the real Bella, and thus, she’s kind of disconnected from love. Her feelings of alienation state her human condition.

If you are a parent, listen to this advice. Never leave your child alone when they need you the most. Be their guardian, refuge, caretaker, friend, love giver, and confidante. That’s the thing they value most in life.

5. Being committed is a hard task

In New Moon, Edward decided to leave Bella for her own good. In most relationships, the space between two people can be filled by a third party. In this case, the third party is Jacob, who turns out to be Bella’s new best friend and potential love interest.

Jacob is charismatic and had charmingly impressive antics that wooed Bella. However, he didn’t succeed. That is the power of love. Even after Jacob’s repeated attempts to woo Bella, she couldn’t leave Edward.

That’s what you call commitment!

4. Age gracefully

From the moment Bella falls in love with Edward, she starts panicking because of the reality of her biological clock ticking. Edward is a vampire and will be forever seventeen, but Bella’s human genes will make her age. She has nightmares where she is a horrifyingly old person with wrinkles, life experiences, and “probably enough forethought to not make any major life decisions based on hormonal emotion.”

It’s entertaining, and we can sympathize with Bella. But in real life, aging is a natural occurrence. There is nothing wrong or illogical about it. So, age gracefully and with pride.

3. Being ambitious is not evil

Victoria is the quintessential villain for almost half of the Twilight cycle, and she is the polar opposite of the saga’s heroine. Unlike the monogamous, family-based, perpetually passive Bella, Victoria is a globe-trotting, focus-oriented go-getter, who has a string of powerful yet submissive men to woo her.

Contrary to the story, being an ambitious person doesn’t make you a villain. Rather, it shows the confidence you have in yourself, and your desire to have a secure and independent life.

2. Domestic abuse is not applicable

Remember Sam’s fiancée Emily, and also the scar on the right side of her face? That was a reminder of the moment when Sam lost his cool and became a werewolf.

If not for the movie, the best decision for Emily would be to leave Sam and obviously search for better options. Domestic abuse is a crime that is never acceptable.

Apart from these, were you aware of the following facts?

  • Stick to one man

In the end, Bella chose Edward, leaving Jacob disappointed. But Bella explained to Jacob that she loves him, too. It’s just that she loves Edward more.

That logic in real life is actually infidelity. Don’t even try that. Stick to one love and be happy.

  • Age difference between life partners is good

Edward and Bella were centuries apart. Of course, you can’t expect that in real life, but a gap of a few years between partners makes for a healthy relationship. That strikes the perfect balance between maturity and childlikeness.

1. Sex doesn’t immediately lead to pregnancy

As kids, we were led to think that sex immediately leads to pregnancy, but reality is different. Bella becomes pregnant on her honeymoon, which was incredible for the sake of the movie, but in reality, it’s a very rare occurrence.

The main lesson we can glean from New Moon is to wait until the perfect timing for something. Never let a person rush you into something or do something when you are not ready yet.

With that, we conclude this list. Which of the life lessons were the best in your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below.

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