10 Things You Can Learn from Suits

Corporate bosses with laser-sharp intelligence and Machiavellian tendencies are themes that Hollywood loves to exploit. And now, after the film ‘American Psycho’, this has spilled into the American TV entertainment world. After the show ‘Billions’ now we have ‘Suits’ where Harvey Specter makes a huge dent as a corporate lawyer through his extraordinary intelligence.

Harvey Specter is on the point, no-nonsense and result oriented boss. He has played a lot in the cut-throat field of the corporate world, and the secrets behind his success are his several mantras. We can say that the rules define the entire show.

Welcome Watch Tank and let’s have a look at 10 things you can learn from Suits.

10. Study your competition

Your competition is the biggest threat that comes in the way between you and your success. Always study your competition for key traits such as demeanor, tendencies, behavior, intelligence and personality. This will enable you to understand their strong points and their pain points.

Once you know and understand your enemy or as we will call them, your competition, you can either quickly bring them down or circumvent them, if they are too dangerous. Also, when they try to bring you down, you know how to turn the tables. Let that be a lesson for all, especially those in competitive fields.

9. Reading people

Being able to read people is way more important than being able to read some books. People come with their weaknesses and their strengths, and their insecurities. This gives them their characteristics; these things define them as a being. When you read people, you come to know how to tackle them.

This protects you from any attacks and offenses from their side. Also, this can help you gain contacts. We have Harvey Specter always trying to understand his surroundings and the beings in it. It helps him stay one step ahead of everyone and manipulate them.

8. Emotions have no place in making judgements

According to Harvey, your emotions stem from your basal tendencies, while your judgments are based on your logic. Harvey once said that he is not against using emotions, but he is just against having them.

The Machiavellian and borderline psychopathic tendencies enable him to circumvent emotional responses and make intelligent choices rather than go by emotions. We can’t tell now if this guy even has any emotions. Let’s hope he has.

Throughout all the seasons, Harvey Specter has shown that he makes his moves based on his cold and calculated thought process.

7. Appearances matter

If you are an intelligent and charming personality, who comes packaged in goofy and lousy clothing and a messed-up way of introducing yourself, your intelligence and charm matter for nothing.

Harvey Specter usually says that one has to make sure he is in the best of his looks because people treat you the way you keep your appearance. You will never see him in a messed up clothing or lousy way of dressing. Every minute detail about his fashion and his hairstyle will be impeccably maintained. This adds to his charisma.

They say ‘what’s there in looks’? Do you agree or disagree with that, let us know in the comments?

6. Calmness is the key

We all face tough situations in life, and especially if it is our doing, we are the first ones to get tense and stressed out. Anxiety gets the better of us, and we feel that things are haywire. However, this is where Harvey lets us know that maintaining composure works miracles, not just to solve situations but also in keeping people’s trust in you. When things go bad, a calm demeanor helps you show that you can be trusted and that you can bring situations under your control with ease, thus establishing that you are the true alpha, the leader.

5. First impressions matter a lotLo

They say that the first impression is the last impression and they are not wrong on that. A particular character named Louis Litt was seen as a jealous, miserable being, and his image of that was burned in their minds.

Later, no matter how much he tried to improve the situation, things did not change, and he has still seen as pain the backside because of what people thought of him. Remember folks; you need to be careful about what the first impression you are making on the people you meet. It can go a long way.

Do you think that first impressions matter a lot? Let us know what you think in the comments.

4. Having contacts matters a lot

When you have contacts, you have an army of experts to rope in to help you when things go south. Harvey Specter has connections who owe him a lot. To repay him, he asks for favors.

These include doing background checks, tapping a phone line, or even threatening; Harvey knows well how to use people for this benefit. However, this wasn’t achieved overnight.

Harvey cultivated his contacts through dominant and intelligent social communication, thus establishing himself as a ‘pack leader’ and someone you cannot take lightly. Throughout the series, you see how Harvey leverages these contacts for his benefit.

3. Hard work doesn’t always matter

Hard work can take you a long way if you are consistent. However, there are limitations to hard work too. If people don’t like you, your hard work will be hardly recognized, and people will rather hate you for it than respect you.

This is one of the biggest lessons that Harvey has taught Mike. The base of this lesson is the fact that people love someone who they can relate to. If they can’t relate with you, your achievements are likely to evoke resentment or plain apathy.

2. Emotional intelligence matters more than raw intelligence

Harvey mentioned that it is not just your logical intelligence that works for your success with people, but it is your emotional intelligence that is counted.

Always talk and behave to make people feel at ease. This helps you to gel well with them and ensures that you can do can great stuff for them and that you are the right man who they can approach. This will immensely help you succeed in achieving your goals.

Before we go for our number 1 pick, here are some of our honorable mentions.

  • Be A Risk Taker

Taking calculated risks goes a long way. If you keep on trying to play safe, you can never discover hidden opportunities and unseen venues of life.

  • Following Every Rule Gets You Nowhere

Now this is just paradoxical. But the truth remains that if you follow all the rules, you will make it to success. Sometimes, break a few rules to get there.

1. Lost trust is never gained back

If you betray someone’s trust, it never comes back, but results in hatred and resentment. When a person invests their trust in you, they are leaving themselves vulnerable, thinking you will never betray them. However, when they are proven wrong with this, they are naturally inclined to feel angry and thus develop hatred.

These were our top 10 things you can learn from Suits. If you agree with our list, comment in the comment section below.

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