10 Things You Can Learn from Spider-Man 3

The Movie - Spider Man 3
The Movie – Spider Man 3

Spider-Man 3 was the most awaited final part of the Spider-Man franchise. This 2007 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man talks about as Peter Parker plans for his future with Mary Jane Watson. In the story, he gets bonded with an extraterrestrial symbiote, which brings out his anger. He faces three villains- Flint Marko, who becomes the Sandman after a freak accident, Harry Osborn, who seeks to revenge his father. Also, Eddie Brock, a competitive photographer who becomes Venom after obtaining Peter’s symbiote. 

Today at Watch Tank, let’s discuss the 10 Things You Can Learn from Spider-Man 3. 

10. Smile please 

A smile can change a person’s life. It is essential to have a perfect smile on your face, even if you’re going through the worst. 

Peter always has a smile on his face, even if he is stressed about his town. Have you seen him not smiling in front of anyone? 

Peter knows how to hide his feelings, especially in front of his Aunty May.  

That’s why people call him the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.” 

9. Make your choice 

It’s always we who create our own identity. 

“Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. It’s the choices that make us who we are, and we can always do what’s right,” this is what Peter’s Uncle Ben told him. 

It’s true, we are the ones who decide our fate or trademark. 

Have you faced a situation where you have to choose but don’t know what to do? 

8. Focus on what you want 

In Spider-Man 3, we see that Peter gets exhausts by the number of crimes that happen in the city. He is fed up with who he is. But, Peter needs to understand that it is who he is. No one told him to be Spider-Man. He was the one who wanted to do betterment for the people. 

Even though Peter is going through a rough patch in Spider-Man2, like his friendship with Harry was worsening, Mary Jane was going to marry someone else. Peter was also managing college with small side jobs. 

Remember when he lost his powers entirely? He was distracted, wasn’t he? 

We even find that his powers were diminishing or have been used for the worse. But all this happened because he was not concentrating on what he wants in life. He lacks the fact that he is a superhero- whose primary role is to protect people in his town. 

7. The darker side 

Black version of Spider Man suit
Black version of Spider Man suit

Who is perfect in life? Who is that one person who doesn’t have a negative side within himself? 

Everyone has a dark side inside them. No one is perfect. Even Spider-Man wasn’t perfect. His dark side was telling him to stop these heroic activities.  

That’s why the extraterrestrial symbiote alien species known as Venom, brought out the worst side of him. Venom gets strong by feeding on the cynical sentiments of the host. This was the time Spider-Man wanted a break from his superhero life. When he reached the new black Spidy dress, he got excited. But, when Spider-Man realized the negative side of it, it broke through it. 

As Spider-Man says in the movie, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” 

6. Sacrifice your principles 

We all have our moral codes in life. The same goes for Spider-Man. He sacrificed his love for his principles. Also, for some time, he stopped being Spider-Man to protect his dear ones. But that does not mean that we don’t perform our duties. 

Family and dear ones are essential in life. But what’s more important is our duties and responsibilities, which we need to perform. 

As the line from the movie says, “We have to be more prominent than what we suffer.” 

Did you sacrifice your duties for your principles? Or is your responsibility more relevant to you? 

5. Ambition is more important 

What is more important to you – your goal in life or a random girl/boy who enters your life? 

For Peter, no one is more important than Aunty May and Mary Jane. But we see that he keeps distant from MJ because he wants to save her life and protect her from the villains who are against him. He has never compromised on his ideology to be the Spider-Man. For his protecting people is more important than his love for a girl. 

Thus, it’s important to chase your dreams rather than leave your goals midway for some random person who hasn’t known you for a long time. 

4. Everyone has a hero in life

Spider Man 3 costume
Spider Man 3 costume

Why do we need a hero in life? Do you have a hero? 

Everyone has a hero in their life. For the people, Spider-Man is their hero who saves them all the evil that comes there way. 

But remember Aunty May’s words, “We need a hero. Courageous, self-sacrificing people, setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them, cheer for them, scream their names, and years later tell how they stood in the rain for hours to get a glimpse of the one who told them to hold on a second longer. I believe there’s a hero in us that keeps us honest, gives us strength, and makes us noble. And finally gets us to die with pride.” 

That’s true. We are the hero for ourselves. We should have the courage to do anything and everything in life and should not depend on anyone. 

3. Face the truth 

We usually find it hard to accept the truth. Telling the truth is seen as the act of bravery. 

In the movie, we find that Peter was bearing the burden of guilt of not being able to stop the murder of Uncle Ben. He knew that if possible, he could have saved him. We find that Peter divulged to Aunt May that he was accountable for the death of Uncle Ben. It took a lot of courage from his side to accept the bitter truth. 

As it’s said, “Living with the feelings of hatred, anger, and revenge in your heart is like a poison. It can take you over before you know it and turns you into something ugly.” 

2. Be Yourself 

We have a lot of superheroes- some with masks, some without- in both the DC and Marvel world. In Spider-Man 3, you will find that Peter finds it hard to be himself. In the mask, he is entirely a different person. Sometimes, it necessary to hide our identity, but that does not mean that you have to cover your personality.  

Like Captain America’s advice to Spider-Man, “the mask is supposed to hide your face. Don’t let it hide.” 

Did he say the right thing? What do you think? 

Sometimes we forget who we are because we are trying to be someone the society wants us to be. 

We think that the people surrounding us is more important than us. But we should be on the priority list then our family. It might seem selfish, but in today’s, it’s essential to be yourself first. 

Let’s just check some other facts or lessons regarding Spider-Man 3. 

  • Persevering 

Spiderman has an ardent life with things never working out regarding his life. He has always ended up losing his near ones because of his super-powers.  

He lost his best friend Harry Osborn or his Uncle, Ben. Everyone near to him is at risk. But Peter makes it a point that these mistakes don’t happen every time. He tries to save them whenever it is possible, even if it means losing his own. 

  • Lustful Revenge 

The film is full of lustful revenge. We see that Harry holds a grudge against Spider-Man, who is his own best friend.  

Peter holds a grudge against Sandman because he killed Peter’s Uncle Ben. All these revengeful stories make the movie full. 

But, revenge doesn’t help anyone. It will only lead to the destruction of any people. 

Mistakes happen in life, and it is all about forgiving them, rather than holding a grudge against anyone. 

Let’s check the number one thing that you can learn from Spider-Man 3. 


Spider Man on small city bridge
Spider Man on a bridge

The most famous line of Spider-Man series is “With great power comes great responsibility.” This was told to Spider-Man by his Uncle Ben.  

It’s true when Peter became Spider-Man, his responsibility increased. He has the power to do anything, and Peter makes it sure that it is for the goodwill of the people. He makes sure that his dear ones are safe, and not even his enemies are harmed because of him. Peter tries his best not to kill anyone. He believes that law and order should make sure that the villains should be killed or not. 

Do you think his thoughts are right or not? 

Peter knows the value of relationships, and he knows how to use it to value and protect everyone. 

Perfection is just a word, and no one is perfect. It all about accepting the faults of everyone. What do you think of the movie? Do share your views on the comments. 

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