10 Things You Can Learn from Spartacus

Spartacus show
Spartacus show

Have you ever dreamt of a fight sequence? To be more specific, just imagine an amphitheater smeared in blood. Right in the middle, stands a gladiator, donning his metal drape, and shield, while griping on his trident, and the entire crowd cheering him for his victory.   

Was that exciting?  

Welcome to WatchTank and today we are counting down picks to bring you the ten most important things you can learn from the popular television series ‘Spartacus’. 

But before that, a few words of introduction. ‘Spartacus’ (January 22-2010- April 12, 2013) was an American television show produced in New Zealand, premiered on Starz.  

The television show Spartacus was fictional that revolved around the historical figure of Spartacus, a gladiator from 73 to 71 BC. Spartacus championed the cause of a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic coming from Capua.  

That was the story of the ‘Spartacus show’ in a nutshell. So, today we are dealing with the lessons that we might learn from the Starz television show.  

Ready for some exciting brain-storming session? Here you go then. 

10. Modesty  

Initially in the series, Spartacus was shown as an arrogant and haughty individual, proud of his leadership, and fighting skills. Spartacus thought he could defeat anybody until he met Crixus, who taught him humility. In the series, Spartacus realized that he is practically no one, and wouldn’t be one unless he gave up what he had known.   

While joining any new organization, we all have some previous experiences. Based on that, we act like we know it all. Prior experiences are always helpful but can shift us away from the rest because of this attitude.   

The best way is to stay calm, observe well, and gradually learn the rules.  Take the lesson from Spartacus, whose giant step led to a massive fall at the beginning of the series.

9. Team building is important 

Team of gladiators preparing for battle
Team of Spartans preparing for battle

In the entire series, the Spartacus show had men like Gannicus, Oenamus, Crixus, Agron, Nasir, who were loyal, and made sure that the objectives were well-executed. 

Cut back to present times, and you would not require an entire army to get the work done. Also, you won’t have to seek the permission of your followers on Social media before proposing a change in the workflow.  

Jokes apart, all you need is your herd of trusted and hardworking people, who have a belief in your vision. They should be ready to share your burden, and strict in your guidelines while working.

8. Spot your Crixus 

Honestly, you can’t please all. Try to spot that one person in you who wouldn’t be on the same page with the rest of the team. The person would always have a different perspective and ideas. To a certain extent, this might be a good thing. However, on certain levels, this might be highly dangerous to deal with. 

In the Starz series, remember Crixus, who hadn’t broken off for his selfish reasons, Spartacus would have won the war. 

So, in real life, detect your Crixus, deal with them, and get the things done in order. That was easy, right?! 

7. Be firm

One quality that made Spartacus unique and lovable was his tenacity and persistence. Even while he was in shackles, Spartacus imagined a life beyond this, that lead him to take the plunge and fight for his rights.  

Nothing in life comes for free. If you want to achieve success, be tenacious, stay calm, and get the work doing. This perspective made this Starz series more lovable.  

6. Pump up your muscles 

Spartacus street art
Spartacus street art

Might sound funny, but noticed Spartacus’ muscles? Well, it was not only a day of hard work. This was another sweet thing about Spartacus. While undergoing rigorous training, he refused to be his former self.  

After extensive training, Spartacus possessed the skill that no one else had. The exercise turned Spartacus into a mighty warrior whom everyone feared. 

So, the focal point over here remains to develop the skill sets. Every individual is unique in their way, and so the skill sets would be different for everybody. You decide your strength and weaknesses, seek the remedy, and start working on them to implement success in life. So, ready for some real deal? 

 5. There is nothing treacherous as fake friends

Friendship is a treasured virtue, provided when done with the right people. Spartacus, the Gladiator show by Starz, also emphasized on fake friendship Of Lucretia and Llithyia.  

All of us have encountered individuals who never wait for a moment to think of plots and plans to destroy us, disguised as friends. These a venomous friend are hard to identify, but proper calculation and far-sightedness would help you keep an arm’s distance from these people. The earlier you detect them, the more chances of your getting saved soon.  

4. Finish all your enemies

To be honest, our living and existence does not occur as a pleasant thing to uncountable people. To add to that, they try to pop up opposition in any way possible.  

These individuals seek many ways to destroy us in every way possible. That can be physically, mentally, or financially. Either they would do it themselves or instigate others on our behalf.  

Trouble might find the path in any direction. Whichever way they might take, stand firm, stay calm, and continue your deeds in building success. Once you have reached the ultimate step, keep basking in the glory of success yourself, and see your enemies burn. Your skills would prove them all wrong someday, and they would be ashamed of their limited thinking.  

3. Watch out for signs 

The Starz Show Spartacus has also taught us to seek deeper meanings of life. The Universe sends us signals. We just need to look out for them, understand what they mean, and move forward in life. The signs by Universe are a great way to seek opportunities, take chances, decide, and be more alert. So, watch out, guys! 

2. Choose your representatives well 

Just like your team, choose your representatives with the utmost precision. They would be the ones reflecting your thoughts, plans, and visions. Choose them wise and double-cross their work for a moment of carelessness can ruin their reputation. Don’t choose people for whom you need to do damage control of doing the entire thing again. In short, think wise and act smart.  

Now, while concluding, let us read through a few honorary mentions before we come up with the ultimate lesson.  

  • Andy Whitfield got diagnosed with Cancer 

After the successful completion of the first season of the Starz Gladiator show titled, ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’, the makers thought of another season. However, the production got delayed as the lead actor Andy Whitfield got diagnosed with early-stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma. For this, Starz produced a prequel which was a six-episode mini-series named ‘Spartacus: Gods of the Arena’

  • The change of the lead actor 

After Andy Whitfield’s death on September 11, 2011, Starz gave the lead role to the actor Liam McIntyre. They had the plans for a second season which they named ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’. On June 4, 2012, Starz again announced the third and the final season, calling it ‘Spartacus: War of the Damned’. 

1. Little things matter the most

Many times, the little things in life have a greater impact than bigger words heard or said. But this also states that never take decisions when the little things hurt you. Be calm, think well, and then go on for decisions while you have regained sanity.  

Life is not a bed of roses. However, if we think smart, look straight, and be honest, difficulties will ease down with happier times waiting ahead.  Thus, the Spartacus television series have taught us life values other than providing entertainment.  

On that note, we end here. Have you come across any more life values which we missed? Did you find this insightful? Or, you have something more to add?

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