10 Things You Can Learn from Perry Mattfeld

Perry Mattfeld: 
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Actress Perry Mattfeld

These days, there is only a question attached to the name Perry Mattfeld. Can you guess that?

If you are an ardent follower of the CW series In the Dark, and smitten by the performance of Murphy, played by Perry Mattfeld, the question remains: does Mattfeld has a vision in real life?

The question may sound funny, but that was the amount of perfection to which Mattfeld nailed her role in In the Dark series.

Welcome to WatchTank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the ten things you can learn from the actress Perry Mattfeld.

Mattfeld has charmed us all with her acting chops. Apart from In the Dark, this American actress has been known for her roles in several popular television series, including listing Escape from Polygamy, Shameless, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

This beauty was born as Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld on 29th March 1994, in California, United States.

Mattfeld is a prominent face and is familiar to the majority of the Americans who have her works. She has also made it to the list of the most popular celebrities, a list that contains such names like Julia Roberts and many others

Was that cool enough? Then, here are some things to learn from the twenty-six years old actress. Read on!

10. Career starting at the age of five

Morning shows the day – have you heard this phrase often?! Goes in complete sync with Perry Mattfeld’s life. Yes, she is a wonderful actress, and we love her antics. But, how did she ace perfection?

Many might not know this, but Perry started at the age of five as a ballet dancer. After this, she had spent close to a decade performing strict ballet, until she got introduced to the other dance forms. She had her first public stint with her dance instructor’ original theatre production Alex in Wonderland. After this, she appeared went on to

appear in more than one hundred sixty-four shows in the Los Angeles theatre, the Grove.

To achieve something big, you need to start by taking small steps from the very beginning.

9. Education is a must

Perry Mattfeld is that rare beauty with more than enough brains to match. She has shunned the idea that opting for an acting career means putting an end to education.

Even you don’t agree with that thought, right?

Well, Perry attended the University of Southern California, which is an A-ranked school in the United States. This is a very tough school to get into. She completed her major program of study at the University’s School of Dramatic Arts. Recently, she also earned her Bachelor of Arts in Film Theory and her B.F. A. Summa Cum Laude. Before this, she also graduated from LA Polytechnic Institute with a 4.6 GPA.

That was something impressive. All the budding actors out there – are you hearing this? Complete your education before venturing out for anything else.

8. A multi-millionaire with an affluent background

As per reports, during the years 2017 and 2018, her personal net worth was estimated to be somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million. At the beginning of 2019, her net worth took a huge leap. The current amount is now estimated to be around $2 million. She has made the majority of her fortune by becoming an actress. With her new and successful television stints in lead roles, we can expect her financial rise to continue in the years to come.

But all this success of which she is basking in right now is hard-earned. Perry’s father is a famous and distinguished attorney of the Los Angeles Area. Earlier in his career, he had been a member of several law firms of the area, and became the Deputy City Attorney, which is an accomplishment.

Despite belonging to such an affluent background, Perry is a self-made star and has successfully created her own identity, instead of depending on her father’s wealth.

Do we need more words to describe the learning we can garner from this twenty-six year old?

7. Has worked as a model and cheerleader

Yes, Perry Mattfeld is a multi-millionaire today. But before becoming an actress, she had her part of trouble and struggling days. Hard to believe?

Perry was a cheerleader when she was a student at the University of Southern California. She had also featured in Sports Illustrated as Cheerleader of the Week. In addition, to fend on her own and pay her bills, she tried modelling for few days, as a side profession.

We can’t expect to reach the tenets of success as soon as we kick-start. It takes some time to gear up, and the best way is to get involved in productivity, rather than lamenting in failures.

Did you ever think of any other side profession to help work your way up the productivity ladder?

6. Becoming Murphy

In the Dark series was a milestone in Perry’s career, and we don’t deny that. While prepping for the role, she said that she felt a kind of attachment when she reviewed the character.

It was not something that college had taught her. She would need to learn a lot of other things for the role. Mattfeld teamed up with the show’s blind consultant Laurie Bernstein and went on for training sessions. She took hours of training, just by observing her, watching her do daily chores, so she would have a sense of how to move in her space. She left no stones unturned to comprehend how she could make Murphy’s blindness more realistic for the show.

That speaks of sheer dedication, a much-needed virtue in no matter what we do.

5. Keeping relationships a secret

Perry is happily engaged. Yes, many would not know it as she likes to keep her personal life out of the media radar. That’s how things should be.

Perry is currently involved in a romantic relationship with Andrew Right. Right is a former baseball pitcher who played for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. He has since retired from the sport and is now a member of the TVG horse racing network, which also deals in wagering.

The two make a mesmerizingly good-looking couple, and she is very happy in her current state right now.

Sorry boys! Yeah, I know, that was sad!

4. Perry’s surprising learning from her career

Perry Mattfeld was almost new to the television industry. She couldn’t comprehend the speed of the TV.

The fact that amuses her us that they don’t get the time to rehearse with other actors. Thus, missing out on improvisations during the final shoot. She has to be all set and prepared before entering the set because once you are in, you have to nail it. The director can help, but you can’t opt for a wiggle room.

That’s she feels is the major difference with theatres, where two actors can spend days in rehearsing one scene.

Little experiences from the field help to achieve greater success. At times, they might look difficult, but once accustomed, all becomes easy.

What do you think about it?

3. Recharging after a long day

Busy days and hectic work schedules are a common thing in today’s world. Detoxing at the end of the day is as important as involving yourself in the work culture.

There are many ways to detox: watch a movie, chat with friends, tune into favourite music, sit with the family. If nothing else can be done, you can always go to sleep for ultimate rest and relaxation. As for Perry, on her off days, she’s just too tired to talk to anyone. She has said in interviews that she would rather have her cat clung on to her chest.

Aaaw! That was sweet! What’s your off-day plan?

2. On handling rejections

Rejections come as a part of every profession but is especially prominent in acting. Before heading out towards the final call, it takes numerous attempts to make it to the scene. Agree to that?

But Perry has her own way of dealing with it.

She considers life to be composed of steps, and as things accumulate, there are rare instances when life takes a turn towards positivity. Life is a process and should be considered in the way that is.

That’s a wonderful way to look at it.

Perry has some more to share with you. Stay tuned!

  • Knows more than one language

Acting is not an easy task. It takes years of skill, perseverance, and practice to develop the actor in oneself. Speaking of skills, Perry is a trained dancer, a model, and is an expert of more than one language. She knows English and French and can speak fluently in both.

Atta girl!

  • Keen on becoming a director

Perry Mattfeld has already made a name for herself as an actor. For the entertainment industry, she is here to stay and aspires to donning the director’s hat in the future. She aims to direct a period piece or a true story one day.

That’s impressive! Aiming for higher goals is always appreciated.

1. The similarity between real and reel life

Perry Mattfeld has been unique from the very beginning. She completely disowns the idea that actresses are equivalent to heavy makeup, false eye-lashes, flashy dresses, and perfect hairdo. Her

biggest comfort while playing Murphy is that she doesn’t have to sit for makeup or hair.

That’s the thing we learn, breaking the stereotypes. A much-needed step in society today.

Up for it?

Perry Mattfeld has only just started her career but has already won her hearts with bold and unapologetic image, and skilful acting. Wish to see more of her method acting in the days to come, in every medium.

With that, we end here. Want to add more to this? Was this insightful?

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