10 Things You Can Learn from Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Cast

Very few shows can deliver the triumvirate of popular culture, entertainment, and wise learnings at your doorstep.

Thanks to NBC, we got to witness a few such shows. Can you remember the names of those shows?

One such show was Parks and Recreation, which became the number one television series of that year.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the ten most important life lessons that we can learn from Parks and Recreation.

Were you an ardent follower of the show? Then do you also feel that the show was more of a political satire blended with a sitcom?

Parks and Recreation, as a television series, was created by Greg Daniels, and Michael Schur. The series aired on NBC from April 9, 2009 to February 24, 2015. The show had 125 episodes that went over seven seasons. Also, a special reunion episode was aired on April 30, 2020.

The series revolved around Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, a vivacious, mid-level bureaucrat from the Parks Department of Pawnee, a fictional town of Indiana. She had an ensemble cast to support her, featuring names like Rashida Jones, Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, and Billy Eichner.

Political satire is no easy deal to crack, but the makers of the show did a brilliant job by researching through local California politics, and also by consulting urban planners and elected officials for more insights.

The show became a hit and gave some valuable life lessons tucked under the garb of comedy. Care for some of these lessons? Here you go then.

10. Opposites attract for real

If you take a closer look, the Pawnee Parks Department has the most random assemblage of co-workers. All of their personalities differ

from one other to great extents. We have personalities from the cool and sassy Mercedes-driving Donna, to the positive, strong, and determined Leslie. Then we also get to learn from an entrepreneurial-minded Tom, who thrives with his swag.

That’s the true picture of unity in diversity! They are different and don’t agree with each other at times. Still, they thrive on their strong friendship, which is again a delight to watch.

Colleagues turned into friends are hard to come by. Do you remember any such people in your own life?

9. Stick on to your dreams

Never give up on your dreams! Remember how Andy never gave up on his dream of being a rock star? Or the way Leslie worked until she won her campaign to serve on the city council?

That’s an important lesson that the cast of Parks and Recreation teaches its viewers. They encourage people to follow their dreams

and never give up. It’s true that failure is inevitable, but characters like Andy and Leslie also teach us to walk our way through the failures. These will help us to come out stronger.

How much did this lesson influence you?

8. It’s ok to indulge in small pleasures

Don’t we all have our own guilty pleasures? Also, don’t we all like to indulge in them at times? Well, everyone has their guilty pleasures while it comes to food as well.

Want to follow the rule of Parks and Recreation? For them, it is completely fine to indulge occasionally. Leslie Knope loves waffles with whipped cream. Ron Swanson loves red meat and breakfast foods. Their guilty pleasures might seem silly and petty, but that’s okay. No one is perfect, and even the hot-shot entrepreneurs have their moments of weakness for their guilty pleasures. Now, that

could be anything, from chocolate bars to a pile of waffles topped with whipped cream.

What’s your guilty pleasure, by the way?

7. Find love in whatever you do

Love presents its share of difficulties, but it’s also worth going through. Would you agree? The cast of Parks and Recreation teach us to love our work and enjoy life. For instance, Leslie Knope is the perfect example of an individual who loves and is passionate about what she does. She derives immense pleasure in doing her job.

Parks and Recreation shows us that you can opt to do something you love for a living. Furthermore, we also have Tom Haverford who loves and is passionate about what he does, like Rent-a-Swag. He enjoys doing it, and thus, is successful at it.

6. Family is the prime essential

This lesson is subtle. Parks and Recreation worked well in displaying the importance of family life.

The first example is from Jerry, who is shown to have an ideal marriage and family with several daughters. But we also have other examples of family being the prime source of happiness. Leslie and her mom hit a tough spot when it comes to relationships. However, they make it a point to come back to each other whenever they need mental support. Furthermore, when Leslie and Ben get engaged, they worked immensely hard together to make sure that both sets of parents like each other.

A strong, supportive family is something the show intended to portray. Don’t we all share that feeling that family is truly important?

5. The value of friendship

Friendship is one valued virtue in our lives, and this lesson is brought up time and time again in Parks and Recreation. The show teaches us that friendship is a valuable asset to one’s life. The biggest example is Anne and Leslie’s friendship, which was a constant hit throughout the show. They showed us friendship goals, being the kind of friends that stuck together through thick and thin. Apart from these two, all the other guys who worked together in the office seemed to be great friends as well.

Friendship is a cherished possession, and we hope to maintain all our good friendships.

4. Choose a lifestyle that you can afford

Different people have different ways of dealing with life. Yes, there are a few things laid out in the list of things we’re “supposed” to do, like working out, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep, but those things just don’t apply for all people. Some people prefer waking up at five o’clock in the morning every day to go for a run, while others might wake up around eight o’clock, rushing to work. You don’t need to choose a lifestyle which you don’t find feasible, interesting, or fulfilling. The primary objective is to be happy with yourself, instead of making someone else happy with your life choices.

That reminds me, what time do you wake up, generally?

3. Set realistic deadlines

Dreaming big is good, but it is also important to view life from a realistic perspective. Nobody has ever achieved their big goal overnight. Everybody has had a starting point, and then they have worked their way up from there.

The best way to start is to focus on short-term goals, especially goals that would be achievable in the near future. This would enable us to reach our long-term goals eventually. It’s good to have a vision of the future, but more than that, it is important to have a realistic plan that would help you navigate the vision.

2. Prioritization of things

Multi-tasking and balancing many different things are what we are faced with each day. It might be possible that we forget our primary activities and shift our focus onto something else, something less important. In doing so, none of the activities receive our full attention. We might feel like we’re productive, but if we’re not prioritizing the important things, we might fail and end up being left behind. It’s good to be active and to try to get many things done, but it’s also important to prioritize and focus on the more important things to ensure that we don’t get all confused and spread out too thin.

What’s your mantra in multi-tasking?

Don’t go away just yet! More lessons are on their way!

  • Breakfast is the most important meal

No, this is not a health blog! But Parks and Recreation has taught us time and again that that skipping breakfast is not a healthy habit. Of course, don’t have breakfast twice like Ron Swanon, but don’t skip it at all, too.

  • Be cool and confident

No matter what happens, confidence is the key. Be a go-getter if you want something! Trust yourself, build your confidence, work hard, and wait patiently for the results. Haters gonna hate!

1. Nerd is the new cool

Consider Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation.

The next time you are called a nerd, don’t consider it an insult or a derogatory term. Rather, think positively about it and don’t let it affect your self-esteem. Be like Ben and say, “nerd culture is mainstream now.” It’s cool to be a nerd and be proud if you are one.

Parks and Recreation was a sitcom filled with life lessons. Each of the characters was crafted in a way that would make the teachings and lessons easy to refer back to. A surprising element of the show was the real-life politicians. Doing cameos in the later episodes were Senator John McCain, Vice President Joe Biden, and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. In 2013, after receiving four consecutive nominations, Parks and Recreation won the Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy.

With that, we conclude this list. How did you like the lessons? Would you like to add something more?

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