10 Things You Can Learn from Marin Ireland

Marin Ireland

For any actor, theatre is essential as it teaches the techniques. Movies are also equally important as they fetch fame and stardom.  

So, which one to opt for? Theatre or the big screens? 

Wait, we know someone who manages both the mediums with perfect ease and care. Any guesses for the name?  

Ok, a hint for you. We all love this lady as Sissy in the popular Netflix series ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Welcome to WatchTank and today we are counting down picks to reveal the ten things that we can learn from the famous American film, stage, and television actress Marin Ireland.  

Ireland is a polymath who has mesmerized us with her various roles. Be it the Broadway theatres, movies, or television series, we love it all.  

But, before we start, don’t we all want to know more about Ireland? Well, then here we go.  

Marin Yvonne Ireland is an American actress and was born on August 30, 1979, in Camarillo, California. Her schooling was from the Idyllwild Arts Foundation in Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California. Ireland also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Hartt School, the performing-arts conservatory at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut.  

In October 2000, Ireland made her Broadway debut in a play for the American repertory theatre. Right after four years, she appeared firstly in a show titled ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’. Also, Ireland’s first full-length feature film was the ‘Manchurian Candidate’.  

Want to know more about the lady, right?! Well, then here are the ten things we can learn from Ireland.  

10. Age is just a number 

 The ageless beauty of Marin Ireland
The ageless beauty of Marin Ireland

Some people become the living manifestation of this saying. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Ireland is one of those people. The lady is forty years old but doesn’t look a day older. Age has taken a halt in her case. The way she has maintained herself, it won’t be wrong to say that her good days in Hollywood won’t leave soon. Ireland anyway has a smooth career, and the journey would move forward. We wish her good luck to reach new milestones as the years go. 

So, what do we learn from her? Proper maintenance and loving your health are the prime factors in being in good shape. Eat well, sleep right, workout hard, and you’ll also remain as ageless as the ‘Suburban Girl’

9. Keeping the balance between personal and professional life  

A well-balanced personal and professional life
Marin Ireland: Living a well-balanced personal and professional life

Work is worshipping, and family is the essential thing. So, the most important thing is to balance between the two. Again, a great idea to learn from the ‘Good Wife’.  

Ireland maintains a very low-key personal life. Previously, she was involved in a relationship with the stage actor Scott Shepherd. They started dating in 2012 but could not continue their relationship properly. Thus, they got separated. Shepherd was accused of physical assault towards Ireland. But later he apologized publicly.  

Since then, there has been no news of her being committed. Ireland is happily single. Yes, it won’t be easy for her to let go of the trauma. Perhaps this is also the reason that led Marin to concentrate more on the professional front. Besides, she has also been into social activism, protesting against harassment, violence, assault, and beyond. 

So, what is the lesson here? No matter what happens in the personal space, never let your career get affected because of it.  

8. Mom is the greatest supporter 

“Mothers knows best”---Marin’s mom as her biggest support
“Mothers knows best”—Marin’s mom as her biggest support

No matter what we go through or the hurdles we might have to face in our lives, we would always have our mothers by our side. Agreeable, much?! 

Well, Ireland is no exception here. Her social media handles give constant updates about the close bond she shares with her supportive mother. Often, they are spotted together taking part in rallies and events, or indulging in the shopping spree. From social awareness causes to pleasure trips, this mother-daughter duo seems to enjoy it all together.  

7. From supporting characters to the major lead 

Hard work, tenacity, and perseverance are the major components in achieving success. Even Ireland thought the same. She started as an extra or supporting character, and then slowly with time, she emerged as the major lead. 

The journey is not as simple as it might seem. Patience and the tenacity to stick on to something is hard to achieve. But Ireland made it possible for her. Every role she played or appearance she made, showed her background research, blended with the talent she has. No matter how much small the role or how less the screen time is, Ireland nailed her every project, and thus, the result is the success she had achieved today.  

Thus, work hard, do well, and the results will pay-off.  

6. Awards and nominations 

Theatrical world of Marin Ireland
Theatrical world of Marin Ireland

In 2009, Marin Ireland got awarded with the Theatre World Award. The Tony Award also nominated her for Best Featured Actress in a Play titled ‘Reasons to be Pretty’.  Besides, the Independent Spirit Award also nominated Ireland for Best Supporting Female for her role in the ‘Glass Chin’. Ireland is a name that has gained much prominence in all the three mediums of entertainment, be it stage, television, or movies. However, so much fame, recognition, and accolades have only increased her hunger to perform well.  

 So, what do we learn here? Yes, humility is the thing. It needs to be cherished and nurtured well as it helps us to remain grounded.  

5. Ireland has been a primarily a stage actor 

Ireland has blurred the myth that stage actor doesn’t make it to the big screens. She made her Broadway theatre debut in ‘Reasons to be pretty’ (2009). She then appeared in ‘After Miss Julie’ in a Roundabout Theatre Company.  

Ireland’s off-Broadway theatre debut was in ‘Nocturne’ (2001), a play by Adam Rapp, which ran at the New York Theatre Workshop.  

Her off-Broadway work also included Caryl Churchill’s ‘Far Away’ (2002) at the New York Theatre Workshop. She also nailed the title role in Sabina (2005) by Willy Holtzman at Primary Stages. In February and March 2010, she appeared in the New Group revival of ‘A Lie of the Mind’. Lastly, she starred in the Lincoln Center Theatre production of Abe Koogler’s ‘Kill Floor’ in 2015. 

With such a wide career graph in the theatres, Ireland also proved that she is an ace performer. She worked with equal grace and dignity in both the series and movies. 

So, a performer does well irrespective of the medium.  

4. You get to choose your career so do it well   

Can you deny that one of your greatest dreams is to achieve a successful career? You can’t. A career is something which we choose with immense anticipation to thrive success in that path.  

Marin Ireland is also no exception here. To quote her in this ‘It’s such a luxury as an actor to think of your career as something you’re choosing for yourself, because so much of the time as an actor you’re just hoping that exciting projects come your way’.  

3. An actor’s life is not so easy 

Actors are blessed people. They get paid well, travel to exotic locations, and always have their fandom around- a prevalent notion, right?! 

However, Ireland explains the real challenge behind being an actor. Yes, actors do the liberty to choose roles. However, for a major part of their career, the real challenge lies in carving out the best performance in no matter whatever roles cross their path.  

2. Leave an impact with your work 

Work like there is no tomorrow! Work to leave an impact. This is Marin’s favorite principle. She wants people to remember her work and leave an impression. No wonder, The New York Times critic Jesse Green described her as ‘one of the great drama queens of the New York stage’ referring to all her roles.  

 Now, before declaring the finale, a few honorary mentions for you. 

Marin Ireland is terrified of horror movies 

Ireland admits having a hard time while watching the gory stuff and horror flicks. She had said no to some that she was offered. However, it hasn’t ruled out the idea. Maybe someday we can see her in some horror flick is she is convinced enough.  

Interesting characters are the thing she seeks most  

A well-crafted cast and an exciting script- these are the two things that interest Ireland the most. She is quite fascinated by the fact that there is fun in playing a character that implies a lot of authority in her own life. 

1. The story from rags-to-riches 

The story from rags-to-riches of Marin Ireland
The story from rags-to-riches of Marin Ireland

Marin Ireland is the true manifestation of “from rags-to-riches.” This Hollywood star, who initially started as a theatre artist, worked hard, gained, immense success, and became one of the most prominent Hollywood stars of recent times. At present, her total net worth amounts $1 million, counting in all her appearances.  

That was something inspirational. To conclude, we learned that hard work, determination, with favor from luck is the ultimate triumvirate to achieve success.  

So, what are your thoughts on this? 

On that note, we end here. Did you find that insightful? Or did you learn some other lessons?