10 Things You Can Learn from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

 Indy, as he is known fondly, has been kicking the ass of the bad guys for years. Indiana Jones has been a successful phenomenon over the years, with so many successful deliveries. 

Thanks to Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones has become a legend who plays the role of the said hero. Ancient temples, rituals, spirits, and energies there is so much in the world of Indiana Jones that we would never want to miss it. 

Welcome to Watch Tank and here are 10 things that we can learn from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull: 

10. Too Much Greed Kills

Greed has been known to mankind as one of the vices that can be harmful to the person and others around him. As shown in the movie, Spalko, the Soviet military agent is greedy for all the knowledge that the alien or the inter-dimensional being has. As a result, her mind gets overwhelmed with all the experience, and she is gone in a jiffy. Indiana Jones teaches us that too much greed can be a danger, and hence one must always keep it to the limit. Imagine if agent Spalko had not blundered. 

9. Don’t Underestimate Your Foe

The Soviets in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Soviets in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The Soviets make it successfully inside the American territory. They mix up with the civilians; they even raid the famous Hangar 51 that contains all the military ammunition and weapons cache. But what they fail to do is to tame Indiana Jones and his “team”. Why you ask? That’s because Indiana Jones might be better trained in combat and uses his intelligence to tackle intimidating Soviet soldiers. As a result, the Soviets cannot keep him as a captive for long, and soon he has turned the tables. The Soviets should have known better who they were messing with. 

8. The Enemy Could Be Lurking Anywhere

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Although it is entertaining, it is equally scary how Soviet soldiers are also found in the United States. The soldiers and the agents have become so much a part of the civilian life that they are unrecognizable. The Soviet infiltration deep into the heart of America taught that your enemies could lurk anywhere. They reached Hangar 51, a repository of advanced weapons, without getting caught or suspected. They even knew the whereabouts of Indiana Jones when they were assigned to capture him. No matter who your enemy is, never underestimate them. They could lurk somewhere around you. 

7. Nature Has Brutal Surprises

Siafu - dangerous carnivorous ants
Siafu – dangerous carnivorous ants

The movie shows several scenes of these dangerous carnivorous ants known by the name of ‘Siafu.’ These ants are fast, intelligent, and agile. No sooner a human falls into their swarm, they cover him up like a sheet and eat him chunk by chunk of his skin. In particular, a scene comes to the mind when Irina Spalko jumps on a vine, and the ants climb one upon the other to reach her. The scene was unnerving since ants are never known to have this ability to jump one upon the other. That’s nature for you! 

6. History Hides Mysteries

This one might be very obvious, but many will just brush it away, considering it as a fiction, but applies to real life. In the film, the ancient structure contains the inter-dimensional beings’ spacecraft, which emerges at the end of the film before flying away. We can create analogies for that in real life when path-breaking archaeological discoveries have been made that have changed whole beliefs about the origins of cultures, their end, their lives, etc. However, there always be some aspects of history that will remain a mystery forever. 

What part of human history do you think needs to be revealed? Let us know in the comments below. 

5. Always Stay Alert

Mutt Williams in the coffee shop
Mutt Williams in the coffee shop

This important lesson comes from only two scenes in the film. First, when Indiana is talking to Mutt in the coffee shop, two Soviet agents have already entered there and are on the search for Jones. But since he is Indiana Jones, they cannot catch him or Mutt. Why? Because Jones was alert and knew what was happening. In a second scene, when Jones and his former girlfriend are captured by the Soviets and put into a truck, they fight to distract the soldiers and eventually overpower them set themselves free. Why? Because two bickering Americans are silly and possibly cannot do any harm. 

4. Do Not Mess with The Supernatural

Agent Irina Spalko
Agent Irina Spalko

At the end of the movie, when the inter-dimensional beings emerged from the ancient structure, agent Irina Spalko goes up to one of them and talks to him in an intimidating and arrogant tone about wanting to have all the knowledge he has been hiding. For those who have watched the film know what happens next. She gets disintegrated or blown away by a white light because her comparatively feeble and primitive mind cannot handle the information overload that happens because of the alien being sharing with her. 

3. Practical Experience Is Better Being Bookish

Soviets chasing Indiana Jones
Soviets chasing Indiana Jones

In a strange scene from the film, while the Soviets are chasing Indiana Jones, he somehow gets into the college library. He is asked by a student something about archaeological analysis of ancient objects. To which Jones nonchalantly replies that it would be rather better than he would learn it from experience rather than from the books. This lesson is very helpful to us, especially learning a new discipline that one has to get into the practicals rather than referring everything from the books. 

Why do many prefer to go for the books rather than preparing practically even later in their tenure? Let us know in the comments below. 

2. Even the Closest Allies Can Turn Against You

Jones with his British friend
Jones with his British friend

One of the most shocking scenes in the film is when Jones’s British friend turns against him and helps the Soviets to capture them. Although the movie was mostly in a light vein, the film drops a bomb of surprise at the audiences when he turns against Jones’s and changes sides. This would come as a rude shock for someone watching the movie for the first time. 

While the movie was made with great excitement and hopes, director Steven Spielberg didn’t want to bring in the Nazis since he had already done that with the last part of the film, and before that, he had done ‘Schindler’s List,’ the Oscar-winning masterpiece. And also, it made sense to have the Soviets since the War was long over. 

Also, what we learn from the film is that Spanish isn’t the only language spoken in Latin America. They speak Portuguese in Brazil; we are talking about the indigenous languages. In a scene, Mutt complains to Jones that he took Spanish classes and cannot understand a word of what they are saying. In reply, Jones tells him that the language they speak is called ‘Quechua’ and is one of the many indigenous languages spoken there. 

1. We May Never Know What Lies Beyond

Mutt asks whether the "aliens" went to space in their crafts
Mutt asks whether the “aliens” went to space in their crafts

When Mutt asks whether the “aliens” went to space in their crafts, Dr. Oxley answers that they went to the space between spaces, which could mean extra dimensions or higher dimensions. Being confined to the current level of technologies, we may never find what lies in other dimensions. 

Let’s hope that another talented director (Spielberg will do too) creates another Indiana Jones movie, starring someone else, because maybe the all-time protagonist is finally bored of the role. These were the 10 things that you can learn from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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