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The Entourage boys were crazy and fun-loving yet gave us some of the best life lessons to follow. Do you agree?

Welcome to WatchTank, and today we are counting down picks to reveal the ten most important life lessons that we got from the comedy series Entourage.

Series are known for their entertainment value and how they reflect our lives. Entourage is one such comedy-drama that tickles our funny bones while compelling us to think hard.

Want a reminder of the show? Well, Entourage was an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on HBO on July 18, 2004, and last aired on September 11, 2011, after eight seasons. 

The story revolved around the ups and downs from the acting career of Vincent Chase, a young movie star, and his childhood friends, Ari, Turtle, Drama, and E. They are all from New York City, and the series shows them as they attempt to proceed with their careers in Los Angeles.

Entourage gained much popularity as it focused on a new celebrity on every episode while providing important and detailed on the everyday life of the actors, their managers, and their agents.

In each of the episodes, the characters faced new challenges, were opened to opportunities, and got their friendship tested.

So, liked the flashback? Now, time for the lessons. Get your eyes glued and read on.

10. A person is known by the company he keeps

An old saying but much true while passing the phases of life. The entire theme of the show is summed up in this one line. Vincent is the star, and after all of them have worked harder, they share their goals and never let Vince fall off his track. They divide the day-to-day responsibilities and ensure that Vince’s confidence, and image, is never low.  

In season three, we see their childhood friend, Dom, attempting to join the group. Though he tried every trick he knew to fit in, he couldn’t succeed as his goals didn’t match theirs. He affected Vince’s career with negative light.

Friends who think alike are more likely to bond well. So, keep your friends close, and choose your group well before starting any venture. How did you like that?

Birds of a feather flock together – remember?

9. Dream big and think well

Set a fixed goal, and work hard to succeed in reaching that goal. In Entourage, Turtle didn’t show his entrepreneurial side for an awfully long time in the show. He always had bigger dreams but they were always on the social side of things, whether it be a party or a new house for the boys.

Later in the show, he changed this mindset to explore bigger business ventures. There have been numerous scenes where he had called the celebrities for financial aid, and for marketing the products. Many times, he even had to use Vince’s name to crack a deal.

Whether Turtle could succeed or not is another discussion altogether. But he taught a valuable lesson: to dream big and never put any limitations on the path to achieving those dreams.

Just for a change, what was your dream as a child?

8. Invest in the right thing and the right people

Do you follow that rule as well?

Vincent was making money and had loads to hire professionals. However, rather than spending it all, he spent it wisely. He hired his four basic employees, namely his agent, accountant, a publicist, and a manager. Out of his friends, Turtle had done the driving, and Drama did the cooking.

Vince taught us to think wise and act smart. Money is hard-earned but easily lost, so spend it only on the basics.

7. Get up even if it’s a defeat

 ‘Aquaman’ took Vincent at the helm of success. Feeling good and confident, he pursued ‘Medellin’, which tanked at the film festival and didn’t even hit theatres.

His career hit rock bottom. None of the directors wanted to work with him, and no studios wanted to hire him. The rejection was new for Vincent, and he was broken, yet he decided to fight it back.

How? Well, he started fresh, and this time even started taking the second lead roles. He kept his ego aside, and these sacrifices got him back to his feet. He recovered back his gains and position.

So, what was the learning here? Life won’t always be fair. The troubles situations would demand tenacity, patience, and the spirit to be back with a bang!

6. Stay connected to your roots

It is a common tendency among successful people to hide their background or never speak about where they came from. They are so busy getting caught up with their glorious life and current image, their originality gets blurred and dishevelled.  

Vince is just the opposite. He is completely aware of his roots, knows exactly where he came from, and is immensely proud of it. He had worked hard to gain a lot from having little, but he still didn’t let go of his humility.  

What’s the summary then? No matter how much distance you have travelled, or which sky of success you have touched, stay firm and grounded to who you’ve always been.

5. The first impression is the last impression

Dress to impress – have you heard of this before? This is absolutely true. Of course, dressing doesn’t mean showing off your brand, but ensuring that you are presentable in the right situation.

Now, in Entourage, Ari was the most well-dressed of the lot. Think of attending a professional meeting. Dressing well boosts up your confidence, strikes the correct impression on the investor’s mind, and you get your deal done. That’s the mantra.

Simple, right?

4. Show love to your family

At times, this is also important. How many times do you take off a minute from work to exchange pleasantries with your family?

Learn from Ari. In every scene of the show featuring Ari and his family, he didn’t pause to express how much he loved them. 

It was clear that he didn’t get much time to spend with them. But at every moment he had, he didn’t leave any chance to express the love he has for them.

Working around the clock often creates a distance with the family, and we tend to neglect them. Family is also important, and with them by your side, your motivation increases.

3. Fight until the end

Johnny Drama’s acting was non-existent in the show. Throughout the series, he had a tough time finding agents and work. However, that didn’t stop him from giving his hundred percent in his every audition. He fought until the end and finally got his show with other multiple deals.

Almost all of us have faced a situation like Drama. But what we can’t lose is our determination and tenacity.

What’s the solution then? Fight until the end – even if it means getting knocked over and over again.

2. Follow your instincts

Many people might not believe in this, but gut feeling is a thing that keeps people going. Eric, or E, from Entourage always listened to his gut feeling.

Didn’t get that? If you feel a decision is right while others might oppose it, listen to your heart once. If you fail, learn from it and move forward.

Till now, the boys were great. But, we have more from their story!

  • Confidence is an important virtue

Vincent was the most confident character of Entourage. Though he would hear comments from time to time to change his way and thoughts, he believed in himself and stayed confident to who he was.

That’s the confidence we all should possess, right?!

  • Time is the greatest wealth

So, use it wisely. In the show, Ari was always seen running here and there. He knew the value of time and used it effectively. He made his days productive and made sure that every opportunity is made good use.

Here comes a famous dialogue by Vince, where he says, ‘Why hold off on something until tomorrow that you can accomplish today?’

 Now, let’s discuss something on the lighter note!

1. Sometimes it is necessary to have fun

Be happy in whatever you do – that is what matters the most. No matter what the boys did, they were having fun. None of them forced themselves into working in industries or jobs that weren’t appealing enough. They were happy with their lives.

Entourage is quite a take on bromance and real-life situations in present-day Hollywood. It gives us the fun element underlying the basic essential skills of existence. No wonder people still the boys and their hilarious activities.

That’s all, folks! How did you find the life hacks? Share your comments and reviews in the section below.

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