10 Things You Can Learn From Cristin Milioti

Actress - Cristin Milioti
Actress – Cristin Milioti

Cristin Milioti made her debut as the Mother, in the final season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series; she made headlines across the world. Even though she successfully made headlines across the world the actress mostly remained as an unknown face. Even to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fans, she was simply just the Mother.

Having played several roles, Cristin has been working since the age of 19 and has always stood out. She is snappy and quick and full of wit. It is these qualities that give her a lead in Groundhog Day–Esque and rom-com Palm Springs. This charismatic woman has won our hearts and has become one of our favourites since then. If you still don’t know her, we can surely help you.

Hey guys, welcome back to Watch Tank. Today we are counting down 10 Things you can learn from Cristin Milioti

10. Music is her passion

Actress -  Cristin Milioti Singing
Actress – Cristin Milioti Singing

Cristin has been a performer since a young age. She has performed at school plays, and her first Broadway performance was at 16. She decided to study acting at New York University but dropped out precisely a year later. She says, “I was so unhappy there. There were like 30 kids in acting class, half of them weren’t even theatre majors. I was just itching to get out and do stuff and I think I also had done really poor research, like I didn’t know there was a place like Juilliard.”

Her first production was The Lieutenant of Inishmore in 2006 and a series of other plays off-Broadway. Cristin confesses she has been singing longer than she was acting. She was more interested in music and said, “I auditioned for musicals, and no one would have me. I couldn’t get called back for a musical to save my life. The closest I ever got was Spider-Man.”

Her lead role in The Girl in the Broadway adaptation changed everything for her. She adored that kind of music, the indie-folk mix. Cristin has won a Grammy for the album in “Kinky Boots”.

9. Connection with music since a young age

Cristin Milioti playing music
Actress – Cristin Milioti playing music

Cristin belongs to the same place as Christina Lucci – you can check it out. Cristin was also born in New Jersey, Cherryh Hill. Born in 1985, August 15th, Cristin is of Italian ancestry. Cristine’s father, Clark Vincent Milioti has his roots in Italy- Belgium, while her Mother is of Scottish, English, and Irish blood.

Cristin’s father ran an I.T. business and worked as a recording studio engineer. It seems like Cristin was always attached to music, especially while growing up. She mentions how music

was a constant thing at her place. Cristin’s got music in her veins. “It played in the house during breakfast,” she said, “He introduced me to Adele. Like, he knows things before anyone. He’s plugged into that world.”

8. Acting Career

Actress - Cristin Milioti At The Red Carpet
Actress – Cristin Milioti At The Red Carpet

Name all the theatres in New York, and Cristin will know them all. While she has shared a reasonable amount of time on-stage with acting, she spent most of it on stage with musicals.

She began her career in the 2000s, where apart from acting in school or acting as a career, she has also been a voice actor. She’s lent her voice for various roles. One of them being “The Venture Bros,” an adult animated series that aired on Cartoon Network. Though Cristian is known for her role in Broadway, she has also done movies namely, The Wolf of Wall Street and Fargo. And she has worked for a T.V. series, How I Met Your Mother, where she found fame. Other series she has worked on are Modern Love, Black Mirror, A to Z, Mindly Project, No Activity, and Made for Love.

7. Plays the ukelele


If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother, you will know about Cristin playing the Ukulele. When she got the role in the T.V. series, she was still a part of Once on Broadway. And as we already know, she had a knack for music and instruments, she managed to learn the song “La Vie en Rose” in short notice because that is what was asked of her. She had also taken piano lessons for ‘Once’. Cristin claims that she had trained herself for 10 days before signing up as the official cast, with the help of her friend, Santino Fontana, a pianist. Her singing skills were undeniable and have done wonders since her auditions. The multi-talented actress has come a long way since then.

Did you notice her playing the Ukulele in the series? How did you like it? Comment below and let us know.

6. Learnt about a TV series only when she worked for it

How I Met Your Mother - Poster
How I Met Your Mother – Poster

The famous T.V. show ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ was unknown to Cristin till she got an offer for the same. She had to catch up with the plot to be able to play the role, and she used to watch each episode every morning at breakfast. She was given the part of the ‘mother’ in the series. Yes, you read it right. She comes in the series’ final as the person the audience kept waiting for.

It’s funny how she wasn’t acquainted with the series but managed to have a soft corner for it and cried. When Radnor and co-creator Craig Thomas explained Cristin about her role, she ended up crying following the plot. Since then she became the biggest supporter of the series while understanding the intention of the plot and the heart-breaking tale, as it was a tale she had never come across before.

5. You won’t find her on social media

Social media icons
Social media logos

Don’t bother trying to search for her on social media; she isn’t on Facebook or Twitter. Cristin says “I stay very far away from the internet. It started because I was in a play that was badly reviewed — just ripped us apart, ripped me apart. I remember thinking that I never wanted to doubt myself in that way again. I know that I’d worked hard on something and that reviewer didn’t know that. Or they did, but they didn’t care. And from then on, I stayed very far away.”

4. Hard work pays off as she climbs the success ladder

The actress has worked hard and built her career from scratch, following her ambition and dreams to become what she is today. The result of her hard work and journey is known in her current net worth which is $1 Million – $5 Million.

Which of her roles do you like the best? Comment below and let us know.

3. Getting nominations

Grammy Award

The multi-talented actress and singer has been nominated and awarded for her amazing performances. She won a Grammy for The Best Musical Theatre Album in 2013 for ‘Once’. She was nominated for Best Actress in musical in 2012, Best-Supporting Movie Actress in 2016 and Most Frightening performance in 2018

2. Superstitious about acting

Rusty nail through lemon superstition
Rusty nail through lemon superstition

Every actor or performer has their method of working, seems like Cristin is one of them as well. She hass some of her tricks and tips to get into the character she is asked to perform and work it out. However, not much is revealed about it because she has managed to keep it a secret from her audience. Even when she was asked about it in an interview, she refused to answer it. Hence, she seems to have some superstitious belief, and her road to success goes hand in hand. Well, as long as we get to see her doing great on the screen, we are all okay with it.

Here are some things you should know before we take you to our number 1 pick.

  • When Cristin had to audition for a hyper-sexualized female Abby Flynn, for 30 Rock, she was confused about how to dress up for that. She stated – I had no sexy clothes. I had like skinny jeans and like a flannel shirt that I did a ’90s knot with, and like, a ponytail.” She got the part anyway, and it quickly became a breakout role.” That was one of the best working experiences I’ve ever had.”
  • She messed up a kissing scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, a screen test for The Wolf of Wall Street. But she was lucky to get the role anyway.
  • Cristin played for a band called Eelwax Jesus while living in New York.
  • Cristin researched Quantum Physics for her role in Palm Springs
  • Cristin attended a summer camp and decided to be a “hippie”. On meeting a senior, she got so influenced by her that she shaved her head off before her first day at school.

1. Real vs. Virtual

Black Mirror - Logo
Black Mirror – Logo

Black Mirror has quite often been a prime decision with regards to creative story ideas, including the Season 4 opener “U.S.S.Callister.” The Emmy winning-scene stars Cristin Milioti, as one of the few office labourers accidentally replicated an advanced document and transferred it into a virtual world resembling an old-schooled fiction arrangement by their associate (Jesse Plemons). Milioti conversed with T.V. Guide about how she changed her depiction of “Nanette” by whichever world she was acting in, seeing her “real world” persona as somebody constrained into “holding her head down,” yet getting caught in a computer program “delivers this tiger inside her” to lead the insubordination to her captor.

There are a bunch of things to learn from Cristin and a few to incorporate in our lives. Which aspect of hers do you appreciate and like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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