10 Things You Can Learn About Elisabeth Shue

Hollywood Actress - Elisabeth Shue
Hollywood Actress – Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue is an American actress and is popularly known for her roles in movies and TV series, and especially known for her roles in The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting and The Saint. These have made her a nominee for Golden Globe awards. But Elisabeth is undoubtedly more than that.

Hey guys, welcome back to Watch Tank. Today we are counting down the top 10 things to learn about Elisabeth Shue.

10. Background and family

Actress Elisabeth Shue and her husband Davis Guggenheim
Actress Elisabeth Shue and her husband Davis Guggenheim

Elisabeth Shue was born on October 6, 1963, part of the Baby Boomers Generation. She was born to James Shue and Anna Harms. Elisabeth’s father was a lawyer and a real estate developer. Sadly, her parents were separated when she was 9. Additionally, she has three siblings – Andrew, John, and Willi. She is from a mixed background, comprising of French Huguenot. German and English. But, she is an American by nationality. She also has two half-siblings, Jenna and Harvey Shue, from her father’s remarriage.

9. Education

Actress Elisabeth Shue wearing black blouse
Actress Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Judson Shue attended Columbia High School, Maplewood, New Jersey, USA, and Wellesley College, Wellesley, USA (2000).

She almost Ggaduated from Harvard University in June 2000 However, Shue j had her last semester left to complete but did not because she decided to leave it only to pursue her acting career. But, she did return to Harvard a decade later to complete her BA in political science.

8. Early career

Elisabeth Shue at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival
Elisabeth Shue at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival

Elisabeth was attracted to the world of the big screen early on. Her first step towards furthering her acting career was when she had minor roles in commercials. Her first commercial was in 1982. She was commonly seen in advertisements for Burger King, Hellman’s Mayonnaise and DeBeers diamonds ads.

7. Personal story experience on the big screen

Elisabeth decided to present an incident in her life on the big screen. Elisabeth and her brother Andrew came to fame for casting in a TV show in the 1990’s and independently producing a film called Gracie. The plot revolves around a young girl who lost her older brother in a car accident. She also takes his place on the school soccer team. Andrew and Elisabeth acted in the film, which is based on the part of their late brother, William. Since Shue was married to Davis Guggenheim, director, he helped her in direction and wit as further co-produced by her brother, John.

After this personal film, Shue acting in several different projects. She starred in a horror flick called Piranha 3D in 2010. She played the role of herself in 2008 offbeat comedy Hamlet 2. She also tried her hands on TV crime drama CSI playing the role of Julie Finlay in 2011.

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6. TV series

Jonathan Dayton, Elisabeth Shue, Andrea Riseborough, Emma Stone and Billie Jean King at Battle of the Sexes
Jonathan Dayton, Elisabeth Shue, Andrea Riseborough, Emma Stone and Billie Jean King at Battle of the Sexes

She played a minor role in The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana, for her first TV series. She also appeared in Somewhere Tomorrow. She is also was seen in Jackie Sarnac’s Call to Glory. Her other works include – Wonderful World of Color, Curb Your Enthusiasm, American Dad!, The Boys, Blunt Talk, and Dream On, to name a few.

5. Films

Actress Elisabeth Shue with Bttf2cast
Actress Elisabeth Shue with the Back to the Future 2 cast

She had started her journey from commercials to TV series, and then made it to the big screen, like she always wished for. Her famous films include The Saint, Molly, Hollow Man, The Trigger Effect, Twenty Bucks, Jane Jones, Walking Madison, Behaving Badly, Death Wish, and Greyhound, to name a few. Elisabeth also appeared in hit science-fiction comedy Back to the Future in 1989 and 1990, respectively. For the next five years, her career was facing a downfall until she got a role in Leaving Las Vegas in 1995. She made a brilliant comeback as she played the role of a hooker named Sera, who is involved with an alcoholic player played by Nicolas Cage. In an interview, Elisabeth said, “If you’re not a star, you usually don’t even get to read for a role this complex and beautiful, let alone get it” and explained how lucky she was.

4. Grabbing those awards

Oscar Statue Award
Oscar Statue Award

She was nominated for an Academy Award in 1996 for her fantastic performance in Leaving Las Vegas. She won the ‘Los Angeles Film Critics Association’ award for ‘Best Actress’ as well as the ‘Independent Spirit Award’ for ‘Best Female Lead’ for the same film.

She has won the Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Actress in a motion picture, musical, comedy-drama. Elisabeth was awarded the Best Actress in Award Circuit Community Awards, Best Actress for National Society of Films Critics, to name a few.

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3. Personal life experience that later influenced her work

Elisabeth Shue married to famous filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, a commendable director and producer. The couple’s first child was named Miles, who was followed by two daughters, Agnes and Stella. It is said that Elisabeth named her son after she lost her brother, William. He passed in an accident while vacationing with his family. Andrew, his brother, was a witness to this accident. William’s rope broke on the tire swing and was thrown into tree branches leading to his death.

2. Charitable Works

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

While we know her mostly for her on-screen excellence and the plethora of roles she has played, most of us are unaware of her active support of numerous charity organizations. She is not someone to sit back and see the world suffer; she felt it was her time to give back to the people from her years of work. She has been active with Friends Animal Society, a team trying to make sure every pet has a loving home. She is also helping out in Children’s Ddefense Funds to ensure each child gets enough support and resources until adulthood. She also supports Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Chris Evert Charities, and the Mia Hamm Foundation.

A few special mentions before we take you to our top 1 pick.

  • Sports freak

Elisabeth and her brother were sports freaks and involved in various activities in school. Elisabeth was involved in gymnastics, which is one of her most accomplished talents. She excelled at it to at a point that she became the captain fofher team and competed against Columbia High School at the state championships. She continued pursuing this talent even as an adult, until she ripped a tendon, which prohibited her from practicing gymnastics.

  • Luck favours big roles

Elisabeth replaced Claudia Wells as Jennifer Parker, Michael J. Fox’ girlfriend, in the movie and two sequelsl of Back to the Future (1985). The recasting was necessary as Claudia’s mother had cancer. The creators of the first sequence weren’t ready to do the sequal, but the former’s success made them work on their next project. However, the producers wanted someone like Jennifer Park. Elisabeth took the role and became famous from the three-part films.

1. Climbing up the ladder despite issues in career

Actress Elisabeth Shue Signing Autograph
Actress Elisabeth Shue Signing Autograph

Elisabeth has been a reasonably successful actress, despite various issues in her career. She was replaced in several films, but it seems like nothing could stop her from reaching the top.

This is exactly why her net worth today is around $12.5 Million.

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