10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t know Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character. The film was released in 2017 and was produced by DC Films and directed by Patty Jenkins. The story revolves around the Amazonian princess, Diana, as she sets out to stop World War I. To Diana, it’s believed that the conflict was started by the Amazons’ long-time enemy, Ares, after American pilot and spy Steve Trevor crash-lands on their island Themyscira and informs her about the ongoing conflict – something the Amazons had been unaware of as they remain virtually cut off from the rest of world.

Today at Watch Tank, we take you through the 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wonder Woman.

10. Justice Society’s Secretary

Did you know that Wonder Woman was actually created to share awareness amongst youngsters about Gender Equality?

Being a feminist icon, Wonder Woman was introduced to teach Gender Equality. However, everything turned out to be just the opposite after she joined the Justice Society.

In 1942, when the team of heroes went to fight against Nazis, Wonder Woman was set to reply to their mail and answer the phones. Thus, she ultimately became the secretary of the Justice Society. However, now she is one of the top lead members of the Justice League.

9. Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Justice Society secretary
Wonder Woman Cosplayer

Do you remember the costume of Wonder Woman?

William Moulton Marston was the person who co-created Wonder Woman with the help of 61-year-old artist Harry G. Peter. When Wonder Woman was actually made, she was called Suprema.

But Wonder Woman never actually wears a skirt.

DC Comics archivist and librarian Benjamin LeClear says, “It was never a skirt. But it’s so flowy and loose on the bottom that it flows in the early versions very much like a skirt.”

William’s wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston always thought that it was impractical to wear a skirt, especially during combat. So, they ended up choosing shorts, which are similarly flowy in nature.

8. Clay Model

Did you know that Wonder Woman is actually made up of clay?

Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother, made her out of clay and then gave life to it. The Queen describes Wonder Woman “as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury.”

Later on, as the story progresses, we see in the comics that Wonder Woman was actually the daughter of Zeus and is said to be part of her rebirth story.

But a daughter made of clay! How amazing is that?

7. First Wonder Woman

Do you know who played the role of Wonder Woman for the first time on-screen?

It wasn’t Lynda Carter! It was Cathy Lee Crosby.

Cathy Lee Crosby played the role of Wonder Woman in a TV film, but the film wasn’t a hit, because the story or the costume did not do justice to the comics.

Later, another TV series was made in 1970, and Cathy Lee was approached once more for the role. But she backed out, so Lynda Carter ended up playing the role of Wonder Woman for 4 years.

The actress is still remembered for playing the Amazonian Princess in the series.

6. Lasso of Truth

What do you think of the Lasso of Truth?

No one can escape from the lie detector weapon that Wonder Woman uses. William Moulton Marston, the co-creator of Wonder Woman, was a psychologist who invented the lie detector test in 1913. He created this weapon to help courts solve cases easily. But in real life, the courts did not accept his invention, so he moved forward and used his invention in the comics, albeit in a much more creative manner.

In the Wonder Woman comics, we can see her get disclosures made with the help of her Lasso of Truth relevant in court.

5. Kill the Enemies

Wonder Woman Kill the Enemies
Wonder Woman Movie Poster

Being a woman does not mean that she has a problem killing her enemies.

Remember any of the antagonists’ Wonder Woman killed?

Her killings were for noble reasons only.

Wonder Woman once killed Lord because it was the only way to free Superman of his mental control. Lord told it to her when he was bound by the Lasso of Truth. This was the time when even her fellow Justice League members had also turned their backs on her.

Way to go, girl!

4. Smallville

Do you know why Wonder Woman did not appear in Smallville?

Wonder Woman never appeared in Smallville alongside Superman because of the director Joss Whedon. Joss thought of making a Wonder Woman film separately and didn’t want to involve her in any other film.

However, those plans collapsed, and she was ultimately named unavailable to The CW series. She was even dropped out of George Miller’s Justice League, and the CW series on Amazon.

Later, we saw a completely different movie on her name in 2017, which was directed by Patty Jenkins.

3. Wonder Tot

Can you imagine a younger version of Wonder Woman?

Wonder Tot was the younger version of Wonder Woman.

In 1950, DC Comics decided to tell some teenage stories of Wonder Woman, and the company created Wonder Tot. She is adorable and seems like Wonder Woman as a baby, just a little kid in a costume. It was called The Wonder Girl Idea and was similar to the Superboy series. Superboy was the teenage version of Superman.

Can you imagine all the superheroes having their teenage versions and come together in a film?

2. Wonder Woman without Powers

Wonder Woman losing her powers?

Yes, for some period, Wonder Woman did lose her powers. In 1968, Wonder Woman surrendered her powers and wanted to live in the Mans’ World. She didn’t even join her Amazonian sisters in traveling to another dimension.

Thus, this gives a pretty different dimension to Wonder Woman’s character and how she wore all the glamorous clothes during that period.

Before moving on to number one, let’s check what the other facts related to Wonder Woman that did not make its way in the top 10 are.

  • Wonder Woman had many roles

Did you know that Wonder Woman is not just a superhero?

She has assisted Steve Trevor and worked in fast food and as a singer. She has also been serving in the Justice Society of America as their secretary.

Even people were asked in the comics that ‘Should Wonder Woman be allowed, even though a woman, to become a member of the Justice Society?’ and almost everyone wanted her to be allowed for the role.

  • U.S President

“Wonder Woman for President” was the tagline for the July 1972 cover of Ms. magazine after they got permission from DC.

Gloria Steinem put the favourite comic star in her classic bathing suit and tiara look. They decided that Wonder Woman can stand for the US Presidential Election because Wonder Woman was living the life of a normal individual at that time.

Imagine Wonder Woman as the President of the United States?

Let’s check the number one on the list.

1. Gender Equality

The main reason why Wonder Woman was created was to speak about women’s rights. During that time, there was no one who spoke for the rights of the women. So, William Moulton Marston hired a woman, Joy Hummel, who could help him make the book more friendly for all the genders.

Do you remember any such instances?

Earlier when the comics were published, you would find Wonder Woman frequently bound in chains by men. It was said that the stories were inspired by suffragettes who chained themselves to buildings during protests. However, the series got banned in the 1940s due to the skinned outfits that Wonder Woman wore.

Wonder Woman will always be remembered for her powers and the Lasso of Truth. What are the facts that were new to you regarding Wonder Woman? Do let us know in the comments.

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