10 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Office 

The Office is one of the most famous shows in the history of TV sitcoms, making us spend restless evenings binge-watching the episodes, completely unbothered about our managers we’ll need to deal with the following day, whoare not even close to Michael Scott. The series is considered to be one of the funniest workplace sitcoms ever. The show was adapted from the British series, yet before long found its personality, which prompted an enormous fan base. However, regardless of the amount we love the show, there are certain things which many of you all have not noticed.  The Office features Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, John Krasinski as Jim Halpert and Jenna Fischer as Pam BeaslyThe show finished  its run in May 2013, to the disappointment of its long-lasting fans. The Office had an outstanding  series finales. After nine  seasons, The Office ended with an ending to put to shame to all others.   

Hey guys, welcome back to Watch Tank. Today we are counting down our top 10 mind-blowing facts about The Office. 

Number 10- The Lie 

American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director - Steve Carrell
American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director – Steve Carrell

Steve Carrell admitted that he lied for a considerable length of time – to the press, to the director, to everybody – about his participation in the last episode of The Office. The showrunners even stayed quiet from NBC heads, venturing to such an extreme as to have Creed peruse Michael Scott’s lines at table script readings, even though Michael didn’t have many lines in the finale; his face at Dwight’s wedding was all that could be needed. Carrell’s “That’s what she said,” response to Dwight’s “I didn’t think you would come” in the wedding scene, is probably the best use of his go-to phrase. Fans were grateful that Michael Scott (Steve Carell) returned for the series’ finale. He was the star of The Office, and some would state the series needed something exceptional when his character left the show.  

Number 9 – Who do you think is watching? 

NBC executives initially expected that their crowd would be white-collar professionals. Yet, after the series took four of the five best positions on iTunes, they understood that their segment was, in reality, much more youthful. The series lives on in endless images via online media and web-based features like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It is well known to the point that when a large number of rumours circulated that Netflix might lose the show, they confronted a massive kickback from the fans and needed to take to Twitter to mark an end to all the rumours. 

Number 8- Dunder Mifflin Paper- Staples 

Dunder Mifflin commercial of The Office
Dunder Mifflin commercial of The Office

Right after the production of The Office was wrapping up,  in an advertising ploy focused on youthful professionals, Staples started selling Dunder Mifflin brand paper and office supplies. A solitary way of thinking guided the product offering, “What Would Dunder Mifflin do?” It included kaleidoscopic clingy notes, which were called, per Michael Scott, “Diversity Notes.” Likewise, they adaptedto a game of bean bag toss for Office Olympic, and notepads with checkboxes to record if your associates are ready, sleeping, or doing crosswords during meetings. The product launch was one of the best for Staples subsidiary, Quill.com.  

Number 7- Fifty Shades of Grey Came Full Circle 

The Office “Promos” episode and Phyllis obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey
The Office “Promos” episode and Phyllis obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey

In the episode “Promos,” Phyllis has another obsession with Fifty Shades of Greay and can be seen tuning in to the book on tape at work. With her eyes shut and shaking to and fro in her seat, The Office gets upset by her sexual conduct. Be that as it may, actress Dakota Johnson was in the season finale working in the bookkeeping office in a funny turn. In actuality, she featured as Anastasia Steele in the 2015 film variation of the book.  

Do you think this is a coincidence? Did the producers of Fifty Shades of Grey watch The Office only to get Dakota as their lead actress? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

Number 6 – Paul Lieberstein is shy  

Paul Lieberstein from The Office
Paul Lieberstein from The Office

Paul Lieberstein, who produced the show and played Toby, really has an extraordinarily timid personality and refused to be on screen, regardless of the cast and team praising him excitedly as an actor, which is the reason Toby has no or barely any lines in any episode that Paul composed or coordinated. He once said it was Mindy Kaling, who was really “King of Toby.” 

Number 5 – Jim’s proposal scene 

Krasinski revealed in an interview that his first on-screen kiss was with all honesty Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly. “My first on-screen kiss was with Jenna Fischer in ‘Casino Night’ when I say I love her. It’s a pretty big moment to have your first on-screen kiss, and it’s not one that we wanted to screw up. I don’t think I told her it was my first on-screen kiss,” he included.  

This scene  was of the eagerly awaited parts on the show, and guess what? It was one of the most expensive scenes. It cost around $250,000. The producer, Greg Daniels, disclosed to The Washington Post in 2008 that the 52-second scene appeared to be sweet and necessary, and had been taking shape for nearly five years. He stated, “It was, like, a $250,000 shot or something. It’s the most expensive and elaborate shot we’ve ever done, but it’s also sort of the highlight of five years of storytelling.” The team assembled a reproduction of a rest stop for Jim and Pam’s proposal scene, which burnt the producer’s pocket.  

It is additionally revealed that Jenna Fischer kept Pam’s wedding ring even after the series was over. On the off chance that you’re thinking about whether she wore it, a couple of years back Fischer explained in a tweet “While true that I kept the engagement ring Jim gave to Pam, it was a silver prop ring, not worth $5,000, and I do not wear it in real life”. 

This pair was appreciated by many who loved watching their love story grow on screen. Do you like this on-screen pair too? Comment down below and let us know. 

Number 4 – The cast picked  the theme song 

The show’s iconic theme music, created by Jay Ferguson, was chosen by the cast themselves. In a 2018 interview with Indiewire, Steve Carell shared that  Greg Daniels had given them four alternatives, and this was the theme that they all preferred. Carell stated, “Incidentally, we all voted on the theme song. We had four different versions of the theme song from different artists, and Greg Daniels, the producer, sent us all versions. And as a cast, we voted on what was going to be our theme song. It’s kind of cool.” 

Coincidently, the famous opening credits highlighting Scranton and Pennsylvania were shot by John Krasinski, who traveled to Scranton while researching his role. 

Number 3 – Michael’s kiss with Oscar, improvised 

At the point when we initially met Oscar, he seemed to be straight. It wasn’t until Dwight got him with another man that we learned Oscar was gay. Furthermore, , Michael forced Oscar to come out to the Office when he wasn’t prepared to.  

Michael Scott’s kiss with Oscar in the season three debut “Gay Witch Hunt” was improvised by Carrell. The stunned and shocked expressions of the cast were genuine reactions. In an interview with AV Club, Oscar Nunez reviewed that in the episode ‘Gay Witch Hunt’, Michael was supposed to hug Oscar; however, Carrell improvised it and leaned to kiss. Nunez stated, “And then he wasn’t supposed to kiss me, we were just supposed to hug, and he kept hugging me. And that particular take he came in really close, and I’m like, ‘Where is he going with this?’ Oh, dear, yes, here we go. And then I’m just thinking, ‘Oh God, nobody laughs so we can use it.’ And they didn’t, and it worked perfectly. It was a lot of fun.” 

What are your views about this scene? Comment down below. 

Number 2 – “That’s what she said” 

The Office: one of the most famous TV sitcom showed by NBC
The Office: one of the most famous TV sitcom showed by NBC

“That’s what she said” was said 58 times throughout the series by Michael Scott, and in countless times in our daily lives. It’s a terrible joke, yet it is a silly caricature of all the off-kilter bosses we’ve had who make awful jokes. The series generated an incalculable YouTube compilation of the expression, and even many locales  saidthat the starting point of the joke was initially  in a 1975 Saturday Night Live weekend update by Chevy Chase. The Office, however, made the expression famous. 

Here are some things you should definitely know about The Office before we go to our top 1 pick. 

  • The show seemed almost like some high school reunion as B.J. Novak, and John Krasinski attended the same school in Massachusetts. In addition, Ed Helms (Andy) and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) went to the same school in Georgia. 
  • Wired Props – The computers used on set were connected to the internet. Members confessed that they often surfed the web or answered emails while they were at their desks in the scenes. 
  • The show was initially named ‘The American Workplace.’ The documentary version of the show that comes out in the final season is called ‘The Office: An American Workplace as an homage.’ 
  • The document highlighted in the opening credits scene is a copy of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, Section 12.22. 

Number 1 – The dinner party scene was not rewritten 

The Office: The dinner party episode
The Office: The dinner party episode

The Office is known for its episode ’The Dinner Party’, broadly considered by critics and viewers and even the cast to be the most exciting episode of the  show. Its interesting to find out  that it’s was the only part of the script which was never rewritten.” Most scripts get rewritten, and I think this was the only one ever done that didn’t.The only thing that was changed was that in our first draft, Jan hits the neighbor’s dog and kills it on purpose.” co-writer Gene Stupnitsky told  Rolling Stone. 

The show is full of fun and memorable characters. It is a satire of the corporate structure. Yet we wish we had an “Office” like that. What do you think? Comment down below and let us know.