10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario

The entertainment industry is full of awesome people, notably, women who are not just smoking hot but also multi-talented and self-made actresses. Alexandra Daddario is one of them, being full of life, possessing the right talent, playing piano, and being a well-trained actress. Most importantly, she is a confident actress without either parent coming from the industry.

Alexandra has been able to nail her roles like a pro and went as far as experimenting in her films, thus making valuable contributions.

Welcome to Watch Tank, and here are ten mind-blowing facts about Alexandra Daddario:

10. Debuted with a Percy Jackson Movie

Alexandra Daddario Debuted with a Percy Jackson Movie

Alexandra’s first feature film was Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. So, what’s so mind-blowing about this fact? The film was released in the year 2010, and she played the role of a teenager. While the film was in production in 2007, she was already 23 years old. And although she was already 23 to 24 years old, she looked significantly younger. This is not the first time we see actors play a role that is ten years younger than their actual age, right? It was most likely not just CG or makeup that made Alexandra look much younger, but the fact that she naturally looks young and beautiful to begin with.

9. Father Was in Law Enforcement

Alexandra’s father served in the NYPD’s head anti-terrorism squad under Mayor Bloomberg. Her father is also an attorney and a politician. Richard Daddario is an accomplished attorney and is well-

known in political circles. What is mind-blowing about this is that her father comes from a very different background that has hardly anything to do with the entertainment industry. And in fact, it is also a coincidence that he is also popular, just like his daughter is. We should thank Alexandra’s parents for not forcing her into their line of work, and allowing her to become an actress.

8. Her Middle Name is Anna

Alexandra Daddario Her Middle Name Is Anna
Alexandra Daddario Her Middle Name Is Anna

Usually, one’s middle-name is their father’s name. Or, in rare cases, people prefer to use their mother’s name as their middle name. However, Alexandra’s middle name is Anna, and it’s quite strange that she was given a middle name that belonged to neither of her parents.

7. Learned Acting Professionally

Alexandra may seem to be eye candy and one may think that it’s because she’s hot that she became an actress. And we won’t blame them for judging her this way since many actresses get roles simply because of their looks. However, Alexandra Daddario is a trained actress who learned acting professionally. She learned the popular Meisner acting method, which is meant to be used only professionally in acting. It’s just too bad that Alexandra is given only roles that portray her as hot and good-looking, which is one of the stereotypes that Hollywood is known for.

6. Venice Film Festival

Alexandra Daddario is not known for working in indie films or art films. She is a mainstream Hollywood actress who has performed for movies that are mostly meant for box office release. However, one of her films titled Burying Ex was shown in the Venice Film Festival. However, her film was not nominated for an award. Let’s hope that Alexandra expands her horizons and tries her luck in content-oriented indie films more from now on. Until now, most of her movies have been mainstream, and she has that image of being “that hot actress.” However, given her fantastic acting skills, she may decide to go for artsy films that are featured in film festivals.

This may be Alexandra’s close brush with indie or art films, but do you think that mainstream Hollywood actors would do well if they were featured in these indie or art films very often? Let us know in the comments section below.

5. Early Decision

If you read about most actors and actresses in Hollywood, they decide to pursue acting in their early to mid-twenties. However, in Alexandra’s case, she was only 11 years old. Although young, that’s indeed a perfect age to know and decide on what she wanted to pursue as her career. However, she must have met some resistance from her parents, both of which were in government positions which is not at all related to the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, she carved a place for herself in Hollywood.

4. Can You Keep A Secret

This is neither ours nor Alexandra’s request for you. It’s the title of her film, where she not only played a role but also co-produced it. Although it is not precisely known why Alexandra chose to co-produce the film, we can at least speculate that this may be her first step towards transitioning out of acting and trying other roles in the entertainment industry. Maybe she will start with directing very soon like many other accomplished actors in the industry. Although co-producing a film may not seem to relate with debuting as a director, Alexandra seems to be moving towards the right direction if trying other niches is her goal.

How difficult do you think being a debut director would be for talented actors? Do you think that they should take formal training before being a director? Let us know in the comments section below.

3. Charitable Birthday

Alexandra Daddario Charitable Birthday
Alexandra Daddario posing with a fan

Having already tasted sweet success, Alexandra took to the path of charity and helping others financially. On her 32nd birthday, Alexandra took time off and decided to involve herself in charitable causes. She participated in the United Nations Foundation’s program called “Nothing But Nets” as well as the “Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation” to provide needy children in Malawi with mosquito nets that can protect them from disease-carrying mosquitoes.

2. Hottest Female

Alexandra Daddario Learned Acting Professionally
Alexandra Daddario in a Photoshoot

In the June 2013 edition of the Cosmopolitan Magazine, she was chosen as the Hottest Female of the Month, and to be honest, this doesn’t come to us as a surprise. Alexandra was bound to be awarded such a title because she is indeed eye candy. Alexandra has been setting fire onscreen with her hot looks ever since the Percy Jackson series. Like her Hollywood forerunners, Sharon Stone, Diane Lane, and Gwyneth Paltrow, she exudes a natural aura of female appeal. Even today, she maintains her hot looks at the age of 34.

Speaking of setting the screens on fire, Alexandra did a steamy scene once in the series True Detective. The scene shocked many viewers, but to be very honest, why should it? Every actress working in Hollywood has done an intimate or steamy scene just like Alexandra. We think she looks quite pretty with that toned body of hers.

Speaking of her toned body, have you noticed that her gray eyes are an addition to her hotness? Her gray eye color is natural, and she doesn’t need any contact lenses to augment her beauty.

1. Gifted Piano Player

Alexandra, unlike many other stars, has another beautiful talent—playing a musical instrument. This takes us “Back to The Future” when Michael J. Fox learned to play the guitar independently.

Whenever Alexandra is not rehearsing or acting, she sets her mind on playing her piano and her favorite tunes. Whether she learned that on her own or whether she was formally trained isn’t known, but for sure, Alexandra might have a hidden musician in her.

Alexandra is not the new rising star anymore because she is already very much active in the industry, yet there is still a lot of distance she will have to cover. Let’s hope that the old guard of Hollywood makes way for the new. If you agree with our list, let us know in the comments.

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