10 Incredible Things Done by Katherine Langford

We all have our favorite celebs, because there is always something about them that we can relate to or a trait about them we like. However, some of them are very different from others in different ways, and those things set them apart. This is where Katherine Langford makes her place, and no wonder she is loved by so many.

Welcome to Watch Tank and here are 10 incredible things done by Katherine Langford.

10. Managed to Get The O-1 Visa In 10 Days

The American O-1 Visa is a special type of visa for individuals with specialized talent in sciences, arts, business or any such fields, but mostly in television and entertainment. One fine morning at 5 am, she got a call from her managers that she needed to get an O-1 visa done within 10 days. However, it normally took from 6 to 8 weeks to get the visa. Katherine managed to get the visa within 10 days, with the help of her team and she made it to the USA all the way from Perth, Australia.

So, what could have been the reason that she got her O-1 visa approved? Maybe it was her convincing skills coupled with help from Hollywood.

9. Picked Up the American Accent Pretty Fast

Katherine Langford, who was selected to work in the American Netflix series, picked up the American accent pretty quickly. Now it may seem that since the accent is globally known, it would be easier to get the hang of it quickly, right? Actually no! Even when one imitates the accent, Americans can easily tell it apart from the real one. However, being there, helped Katherine to study and understand the accent quite fast, and she picked up the accent like a native.

Katherine Langford wearing black dress
Katherine Langford

Here is some trivia. The standard American rhotic accent is one of the trickiest, since it sounds easy to imitate but is not so easy to get.

8. She Has Read a Lot of Historical Fiction

It turns out that this gorgeous celeb is a book nerd and in the real sense. Admittedly, in one of her interviews, Katherine talked about her love for reading historical fiction. Katherine also stated that she had always been a book nerd and enjoyed reading other types of books as well. Especially, science fiction which comes second on the list. Well, this is a perfect example of beauty with brains. We can guess one thing though, that science fiction and history may have significantly contributed to her getting into acting.

Do you think reading might have played a functional role in helping her become a good artist? Let us know in the comments.

7. Voiced Steffy for Robot Chicken

The famous cartoon show on Adult Swim, based on a photo comic strip of the same name, Robot Chicken gained a lot of fame in the 2010s. Katherine

Langford, in Robot Chicken’s 2018 episode, “No Wait, He Has A Cane”, voiced Steffy, who is the wife or the bride in the show. Let’s also hope that she gets to do some more animation show voice-overs. We love her voice as much as we love her style.

And we would say this is a good thing, since most young actors and new entrants get opportunities to do some voice-overs for popular characters in TV series and animations.

Do you think that Katherine should do more voice-overs along with web series and movies? Let us know in the comment section below.

6. She is very Particular about Mental Health

We have seen fitness freaks who are dedicated to building a healthy and muscular physique. Why not apply the same dedication to one’s mental health? This is where Katherine Langford differentiates herself from other actors. She is very particular about her mental health and ensures that she educates herself more and more about the subject. She even spoke to the representatives of the ‘It’s On Us” program, on the prevention of sexual assault to shed more light on how it affects the victim’s mental health.

Katherine Langford on MTV Movie & TV Awards
Katherine Langford on MTV Movie & TV Awards

5. Acted in a few Indie Films

Before her stint with ’13 Reasons Why’, Katherine had worked in a few Indie movies as well. This includes movies such as ‘Story Of Ms. Oxygen’ in 2015, ‘Imperfect Quadrant’ and ‘Daughter’ in 2016, with the last film being featured in the Cannes film festival that same year.

4. Auditioned for ’13 Reasons’ over Skype

Internet video telephony platform Skype is usually considered to be a more white-collar office job-related software. However, as strange as it may seem, Katherine Langford gave the audition for her ’13 Reasons’ interview over Skype. Auditioning for a role is not something that is usually done remotely. Remote interviews are usually reserved for more office-like jobs. However, being in Australia, Katherine had no choice but to conduct the interview online via Skype. And, her acting was so good that she was able to convince the recruiting team that she was born to perform the role.

3. She was Inspired by Lady Gaga

When she was 16, she went to a Lady Gaga performance in 2012. And although she was interested in pursuing medicine, this all changed when Lady Gaga’s performance inspired her to get into acting. Soon she started learning the piano. She posted on YouTube, a video of herself singing unique self-written songs while playing the piano in the background. Some of these songs were, ‘I got a crush on Zoey Bash’, ‘Youthful and stupid’ and ‘Three words’. Incidentally, the third one was a suicide song which was inspired by adolescent suicides. Who knew that she would go on to play the role of a teenage girl who commits suicide due to relentless bullying? Carry on Katherine, you are doing a good job telling these compelling stories.

2. She Chose Acting over Other Interests

Although we briefly spoke about this sometime before, this point deserves a mention. Katherine had interests that were pretty much very different to acting and art. She was a national level swimmer and wanted to study

medicine later. However, she was inspired to take up acting and music as her full-time career when she attended a Lady Gaga show. Soon, she learned to play the piano and acted in theaters and a few Indie movies as well. This happened before she landed her famous role as Hannah Baker in the series ’13 Reasons Why’.

Before we get to our number 1 pick, here are some honorable mentions.

She Carefully Researched Hannah’s Character

Given the fact that she was to play the role of a bullied and sexually assaulted teen, she carefully studied the part of the character from the perspective of how the character will feel when put through the ordeal. She also met a psychiatrist to understand the mindset of a sexually assaulted girl.

She Has Written an Anti-Suicide Song

As already stated, Katherine is also fond of music and songwriting. One of her song titled ‘Young and Stupid’ talks about how suicide brings devastation to the loved ones of those who commit the act.

1. She Trained to be an Athlete

Katherine Langford trained as a competitive swimmer when she was in secondary school. She was a national-level swimmer and also a sports captain in her high school. She also represented her school in an inter-school swimming competition.

What else do you think Katherine Langford did or does that set her apart? Do you agree with our list? Comment in the comment section below.

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